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4 Key Points to Tell Yourself a Different Story

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A belief is only a thought that you keep thinking. A belief is only a thought that you keep thinking. A belief is only a thought that you keep thinking." (repeat it until you believe it) Abraham Hicks

Many articles read, many days passed, many desires not manifested.

What am I doing wrong? – I asked myself daily, watching how my dreams "successfully" remain only as dreams.

I am doing it all wrong and it will not work as usual! Oh no, I just had a bad thought! I am so bad for having bad thoughts! Oh no, that was another one! Oh c'mon Yuliya, you know how this stuff works, you have just created a disaster!

Luckily for me, I have confused the Universe so much, that disaster did not come. But so did my desires – they refused to materialize too.

So what's wrong? – I asked the Universe, and soon enough, trough other articles, my own thoughts and new experiences, I found the answers.

I am not a bad person for having bad thoughts.

Criticism will never bring anything good into my life. It's not my fault that I have "bad" thoughts. It's years of conditioning of upbringing, society and all the people and events which crossed my life. What I've created before – is not my responsibility, in a way that I simply couldn't know that I'm creating it.

What I'm creating now is my responsibility, but i have to give myself some credits. Coming from poor, victimized Eastern Europe country and family. Generations of "being under" and feeling superiority from other nations. Years of shame and fear of others. That does not go away over night. That requires work. I'm doing that work daily, and Ive made huge progress since I've started. I'm doing great.

Criticism attracts more criticism. If I keep on beating myself up – I will only attract punishment and more reasons to be criticized for.

I've decided to accept who and where I am, and just work on myself from there.

A belief is only a thought that you keep thinking

My beliefs of unworthiness of love, abundance, beauty and happiness – is only the story I told myself for nearly 30 years. It's the story I saw in my parents, grandparents, relatives and friends. It's the story I watched in school, TV, social and other media. It's the story that does not serve me any longer.

Time to tell myself a different story.

  • I am loved, and I see the proof of it daily
  • I am capable of creating long-lasting, healthy and passionate relationship
  • I deserve to have a lot of money as a tool to do the things which bring me joy.
  • Money come easily to me
  • I love my job and I wake up very early because Im excited to go to work
  • All people I meet are nice to me
  • I have many talents and I'm not afraid to show them to the world
  • I am fearless and confident
  • Magic is all around me

And the main one:

  • My beliefs are only thoughts that I kept thinking. I can change them.

I don't lose anything if it doesn't work

What if it all won't work? – background fear popped up each time I tried to tell myself a positive story.


I had destructive thoughts for years, and it did not bring me any good. To get different results – I need to try different approach. Dreaming big is not causing me any troubles, at least I will feel good during the process.

After all, isn't it what the life is about? To get things, events and people to make us feel good? So I'll go ahead and dream, feel good about it and see what happens.

And what if it WILL work?

I know it will. I've already manifested things hundred of times. I just have to remind myself about it.

From as simple as new cosmetics and other beauty products, to new job positions, to new boyfriend, to salary increases.

  • I only had a thought – "Hm, being a Business Analyst sounds like a good next step for me". And in few weeks I had a promotion.
  • I only had a thought – "I really want to date hot muscled guy". I did date such guy for 3 years.
  • I only started to feel – hm, my expenses have increased, I need bigger salary! I went and asked for it, and I NEVER heard "No".

Those wishes have manifested easily because I did not obsess about "When is it finally coming??". I've offered no resistance. It came in a matter of days or weeks.

My emotions are indicators of resistance

If I feel bad when thinking a thought – I'm blocking my desire to come to me. If I'm feeling good and excited – it's on its way to me. Sounds simple, but took me months to understand and believe it.

I want to go for that vacation.

But: I have no money, it's huge investment. I am scared to go to new place. What if it's just a disappointment. These thoughts feel bad and offer resistance.

Instead I could say: Great! I'll have amazing vacation, unforgettable experience, I can afford everything related to it! Feels good. If I don't believe it, I'll repeat it until I do.

This is the way how we've got all our beliefs as children.

We didn't know that we need to earn love, that we need to be good to be loved. We thought we just have to be. But our well-meaning parents, grandparents and teachers told us a different story, over and over again, trough tears and resistance, until we finally believed them.

Now, as we grew up and became conscious , we CAN rewrite our stories the way we want them to be, and rewire our brain to believe in magic again.

We really can.

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