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3 Things You Need to STOP Wasting Your Time On

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I've always been told that my mentality is that of someone much older. Being in my early twenties, my mom just recently told me she always knew I was way more mature for my age than any of my peers, even as a child. I agree. Whenever I meet someone, they always think I'm much older than I am simply because of the way I act and my attitude toward life.

While my looks tell a different story (I look young), my attitude tells another. It's a fact that happiness and positive thinking is more common among the elderly. It seems like you need years upon years of experience to finally come to a realization that life is wonderful and it is too short to let it waste on negative things"¦ or negative people.

stop_wasting_your_timeHaving learned a lot from my peers' mistakes, I've changed my attitude toward life early on and have lived a more fulfilling life ever since. I won't get into my self development progress cause that would take much more than a simple article, but trust me "“ the process is complex and ongoing.

Hopefully this article inspires you to re-evaluate your priorities and makes you realize that life is a wonderful thing we have to learn to appreciate, no matter what it throws at us.

Life is simply to short to"¦

1.       Feel sorry for yourself

More often than not, you don't even realize you're doing it "“ but every time you mope and feel sad and you beat yourself up for whatever reason, that's you feeling sorry for yourself. Is this benefitting you in any way?

No, of course not.

Now that you see it as feeling sorry for yourself, the answer is clear, isn't it? But it's often so hard to realize that our moping is really that. There is nothing that feeling sorry for yourself will change. The negative energy you emit when you feel sorry for yourself and feel down on yourself will only increase and will therefore make things even worse. This is not the kind of energy that will help you get motivated to change. This energy will help you find excuses to continue doing what you were doing and continue feeling bad for not accomplishing your goals.

2.       Spend time and energy on drama

When I graduated high school, I made a conscious decision to leave drama behind me. I was done with the stupid young issues that everyone seemed to stress about. Some people create problems for no reason, only to make their lives seem more exciting.

Instead of making your life more exciting in this negative drama-filled way, get rid of the people in your life who keep dragging you down and throwing these issues your way. Rather than spending time on drama that is frivolous and unimportant, spend time on finding new friends who care more about leading a life worth living. Be with people who will lift you higher, not drag you down with them.

3.       Worry about things we have no control over

I don't watch the news because I know it causes me worry. I don't get angry because the train I am on is delayed.

How is this helping my situation?

The only thing that these negative feelings are creating are MORE stress and worry in myself. These emotions are not making the world a better place. Me watching the news and feeling anxious and sad for the terrible things that are happening is not making the situation better. I KNOW I have no control over these things and so I choose not to overly expose myself to them.

These things will happen whether or not I worry about them. If the train's gonna be late, the train's gonna be late. Me being angry at it will not change the outcome. If I have no control over the outcome, then what's the point in making my personal situation even worse? I'd rather stay relaxed than anxious.

Once you start breeding negative energy, it will follow you into other areas of your life. Be mindful of this.

There are many things in life that are worthy of experience and worthy of our time, but there are also so many things we spend more time on than we should. Rather than creative negative energy in our lives, let's all make a conscious decision to spend more time on the positive things instead.

Let's stop and smell the roses. Let's watch the clouds move in the sky. Observe the miracle of life. Be grateful for what we DO have rather than focus on what we don't. Or in simpler terms, when life gives you lemons, make some damn lemonade!

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