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3 Habits for Your Success

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"The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential… these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence." – Confucius

We all have hopes and dreams. We all have goals that we want to complete, however some of us feel dragged down and exhausted because other people tell us that we can't achieve something. Trust me; as a business owner, I have had my fair share of people who told me that I  am an idiot for starting a business and not going after a regular ole' job or my favorite "you're going to fail."

3_habits_for_successAlthough I hear these comments a lot, I have practiced a few habits  to combat the negative things people say to me…

  1. Telling myself that I am capable of achieving anything I want
  2. Preventing myself from talking negatively to myself, and if I do talk negatively about myself, then I correct myself quickly
  3. Meditating to refocus my energy on the things that  truly  matter to me  

So, what's the point?

These habits have taken me from being a depressed and angry individual, to a man of respect, love, compassion and passion that works every day towards achieving more in my life.

I know at times it can feel like the world is against you and that you don't know where to turn; I had those same feelings.

However, I am sure that these habits will help you out as much as they have helped me with transforming myself to the person I am today.

With this in mind, let's dive into these 3 habits.

1. Tell Yourself that You Can Achieve Your Goals

I know it sounds rudimentary, however we sometimes forget to believe in ourselves. Even the most successful people in the world sometimes forget that they can do something; I remember reading Seth Godin's blog and he had a post admitting that he even deals with self-doubt. (In case you don't know how Seth Godin is; he is a entrepreneur and a best selling author who made a killing with Squidoo.)

Anyways, I like to pull out my journal and write to myself whenever I feel like I can't do something; in my journal I write to myself, "how can I reach my goal? or I write down the qualities that I like about myself in order to snap myself out of a negative rut.

I find that it is important to get into the habit of recording how you feel and what your thoughts are and then realizing that you can achieve your goals.

It really comes down to you and finding a method to realize how great you are and what you are capable of; for me it is grabbing a journal and writing down my feelings and thoughts. However you might like meditating (I will explore this habit a little further in the post), having a video diary, etc.

2. Correct Yourself Whenever you Talking Negatively About Yourself

When I was younger I always told myself that I was a stupid loser; looking back on this, it pisses me off because I know now that I would never say that about myself,  or  if I did say something along those lines I would correct myself immediately after doing so.

You have to think of it this way; the more times you say something, the more you will believe it. For example, the more you say that you are beautiful, the more you begin to believe it because of repetition. I know it sounds silly, however it's true.

"We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves." – Buddha

It comes down to whether or not you want to change how you talk to yourself; if most of your conversations with yourself are negative, then you will be think poorly of yourself. Vise verse for positive conversations with yourself.

3. Meditation – Refocusing Your Energy

I am a huge advocate for meditating; it has a ton of health benefits, such as…

  • Reducing stress
  • Reducing negative-emotions
  • Increasing self-awareness
  • Refocusing your energy and emotions on positive things
  • Lowering blood pressure

It took me a while to get into the habit of meditating; sometimes it seems like a waste of time or it's hard to get into the groove of attaining a meditative state, but after I meditate I always feel  way  better!

Meditation has been around for centuries and is a great remedy for relieving stress and boosting overall wellness; personally I like to meditate in the morning as soon as a I wake up or after I workout.

Although you can utilize meditating when you are feeling stressed by, stepping away from your stressful situation, closing your eyes and focusing on your heart rate. Try your best to cancel out all of the other distractions in your life or that are occurring around you; this will keep you focused on only you and your heartbeat.

After reaching your quiet or meditative state, I suggest staying there for at least 2 minutes; you will feel relaxed and calm after you leave your meditative state thus making you feel less-stressed and potentially more happy.

It is easier said than done, however you can get into the groove of meditating on a regular basis by just doing it. Don't hesitate; don't put it off by saying "oh, I can do it later," because later never comes. In fact later just becomes  later.  

Wrap up and my New Book Coming Out

If you want to boost your overall wellness, then you need to pick up habits that will push you into the right direction; meditation, limiting negative self-talk, hanging around positive people, etc.

I am going to be publishing a book soon about how to limit your negative self-talk and beliefs; if you are interested, then you can sign up  here .

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