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17 Signs You're Trying Too Hard

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There is no state of being called "trying." ~ John Yokoyama.


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  1. You're taking yourself too seriously.
  2. You've become to rigid in your thinking.
  3. You've lost perspective of the big picture.
  4. You're overly concerned with what others think.
  5. You're pretending to be someone else.
  6. You're afraid to fail.
  7. You're constantly stressed.
  8.  You're losing sleep.
  9. You've stopped praying for guidance.
  10. You've lost your patience.
  11. You've become angry and bitter.
  12. You take shortcuts to get ahead.
  13. You're constantly comparing yourself to others.
  14. You've become entitled and ungrateful.
  15. You think you have all the good ideas.
  16. You're too proud to ask for help.
  17. You're either thinking of quitting or feel too invested to quit.


So, why are you trying so hard? I think of the great German composer Robert Schumann. His first goal in life was actually to become a concert pianist. In order to compete with the likes of Chopin and Liszt, he over practiced and used a device meant to strengthen his fingers. Instead, he permanently damaged his right hand and his dreams of becoming a famous pianist died. Only then did he decide to become a composer. Only then did he find himself.

If you are fortunate to catch yourself trying to the point of injury, whether it be physical, emotional, or spiritual, consider it a moment of grace. Stop. Think. Pray. Surrender.

If Schumann did not become himself, the world would not have known his music. Stop so that you can be yourself. Do not deny this gift to the world.


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