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15 Ways To Instantly Leave Your Comfort Zone

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Coming out of your comfort zone can be an arduous process for most of us. It takes a lot of guts, determination and willpower to put ourselves in the situation where we don't quite know what we're doing.

Yet, on the other side of the threshold is where everything we want to achieve exists. When it comes to your comfort zone, the grass is greener on the other side.  That doesn't mean taking those first steps is any easier.

So, for those of us who are struggling to take that first step outside of your bubble "“ here are 15 ways to instantly find a way to step outside and achieve what it is you want:


1 "“ Close Your Eyes and Take the Leap "“ That first step can

be just the domino effect you need.

2 – Take the Dr Pepper Approach "“ Remember, What's the worst that could happen?

3 "“ Become Accountable "“ Tell everyone what you're about do. Whether it's taking a spider out of the bath, or going to the gym for the first time. The fear of not doing it becomes worse than the fear of actually doing it.

4 "“ Understand Your Fear "“ Take the fear and pick it apart. Break it down to it's fundamental parts, and see if it's still rational. Jumping off a cliff won't ever be rational, but not going for a run because you "˜might look silly' just might.

5 "“ Join a Forum "“ Find other people who have your fear, and see how they got over it. Join the Toastmasters to tackle your fear of public speaking, the T-Nation Forum's over your body issues and Tribe Writers to tackle your fear of posting your writing. You're not alone in your fear "“ their support will help.

6 "“ Read a Book "“ This comes back to understanding your fear. Find an author who tackles your issues and read what they have to say. It just might contain the gem of insight you've been looking for.

7 "“ Act Like You Know "“ The power of acting goes far beyond the silver screen. Pretending that you know what you're doing can go hand in hand with your fear of leaving your comfort zone. Ask yourself the question, "˜What would I do if I knew?' and see where it takes you.

8 "“ Find a Friend "“ Support can take you beyond almost any fear. If you need someone there to hold your hand or sit in the crowd, find someone you can trust and bring them in on your challenge.

9 "“ Meditate "“ The relaxed state of meditation can help you confront your fears with a clear head. The inflated assumptions your brain makes can be put to one side and you can take on the task with clear, rational thought. (It can't make spiders look any less creepy though).

10 "“ Get Drunk "“ There's more to the power of "˜Dutch Courage' than you think. Now we're not saying become incoherently inebriated every time you want to tackle something scary. But it can help to remove some of the limiting belief's holding you back.

11 "“ Tackle a Smaller Fear First "“ Got to give a speech at a dinner party, that you're absolutely dreading? Or submitting a blog post to an author you really respect? Tick a box of something smaller first that will give you the self-confidence to know you can do it.

12 "“ Exercise "“ The boost of happy endorphins from a good session can carry over to the rest of your day. It can improve your self-confidence, make you feel better about yourself and give you the incentive to take action. The stronger you are, the stronger your resolve.

13 "“ WWYMD? "“ Ask yourself, "˜What Would a Younger Me Do?'. Think back to the time when you used to tackle everything head on "“ climbing trees, throwing touchdowns and going on adventures. When you were a kid, nothing could stop you, so why should it now?

14 "“ Turn the Tables "“ Try and think of what you're trying to take on, in another light. Most of the time when we go into something we're scared of, we think in worst-case scenario. Instead think of what could happen in the best-case scenario and everything goes better that it was supposed to. Chances are, what will actually happen sits right between the two.

15 "“ Help Someone Else "“ Coach someone else out of their comfort zone. See the steps they take, how they act "“ and how everything is perfectly fine on the other side. It's a somewhat outer-body experience where you can see what your process is going to be life. Plus, they might return the favour when you need them most.

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