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15 Surprising Reasons Why Female Solo Travellers Got Their S**t Together

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Travelling isn't for everybody. Some people are quite happy to stay in their own backyard rather than jump on a plane and take off on a worldly adventure. They are fine with watching The National Geographic Channel and getting their fill of landscapes that way. Other people are in complete awe of the solo female traveller. She's got it going on. Here are 15 reasons why it's awesome to be a solo female traveller.

1. She's got the best stories.

If you like interesting conversation and like to be mentally stimulated then you might want to hook up with this gal. She has the best tales to tell about fun and crazy things and even scary and not so fun. Her stories are full of life and colour.

2. She's fiercely independent.

She doesn't need anyone for approval or otherwise. If you don't want to go somewhere with her she's perfectly fine to go on her own. She doesn't need her hand held, even when she's back at home.

3. She's inspiring.

You know you want to be just like her. You are in complete awe of her. She inspires you. Maybe one day she will ask you to join her on an adventure and you can pick up some tips from her.

4. She doesn't need a schedule.

Who likes schedules anyway? The only schedule she ever has to check is the one at the airport and for buses. Other than that, life moves on her time and she never wears a watch.

5. She rarely says no.

To anything really. She's always up for some new adventure or a little fun. If you are looking for someone to try something new with call her up. She'll be there in flash.

6. She's warm and friendly.

She has met so many people from around the world and has experienced many different cultures and she realizes one thing, people are people, no matter where you go. They are warm and friendly and she understands respect and being non-judgemental.

7. She's probably pretty patient too.

She's had to wait for hot water, taxis, rain to stop, cancelled flights and bank machines to work. She isn't frazzled too easily by little nuisances anymore. She's been through a lot and has the patience of an Angel now.

8. She can balance fun and work.

She knows when it's time to have fun, and how to have fun, but she can quickly switch to work mode if she has to. She's had to offer up some skills in her travels and jumps in when she has to.

9. She gets your space.

She knows you like your space too. She absolutely knows what it's like to be alone and have your space and not have anyone interrupt it. She respects you and your space and has no problem letting you have it.

10. She has a genuine sincere heart.

Chances are wherever she was, she probably had a hand in some volunteering with the local community. She gives easily and freely and totally loves it. She's definitely one to be admired.

11. She's pretty spontaneous too.

Though she will have to plan, slightly, for her overseas trips, if you're looking for an unplanned road trip she'll be the one to go with or at least, give you some advice on if that's what you're looking for. She's never been any good at planning anything.

12. She's a great cheerleader or team captain.

If you a re looking for some help on your next big adventure look no further than her. She's got all the information and if she doesn't, she'll tell you where to find it. She will encourage you to the very end to go on your own adventure.

13. She's got all the answers.

Ok well maybe not all but a lot of them. She's like a walking Wikipedia but better. If you need advice or solutions or answers, call her. Chances are she knows them or she can find them in a jiffy for you.

14. She's a pretty tough cookie.

She can handle herself in tense situations (and really bad ones too). She's seen a lot and been through a lot and has proven time and time again that she's a true warrior.

15. She gets her intuition.

You have to.   If you're going off on zany adventures alone you need to listen to your gut. It will warn you of dangers that are not to be ignored. She pays close attention to her intuition. Solo travelling isn't for everyone but if you are looking for a fun friend who's a great conversationalist and one who will always encourage you to live fearlessly, then this is the gal you want around.

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