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14 Fascinating Things You Should Know About Star Children

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You've heard the term before but most of us don't really know what Star Children are. In a nutshell, Star Children are extremely unique in the fact that they have been sent here by the universe to help the people and the planet. They have chosen their parents. These children have psychic gifts and are highly spiritual beings. They are here on a mission to bring global peace and to bring the world to a higher more conscious dimension. If you think your child is a Star Child, chances are he or she probably is.

In the last 40 years or so, the earth is experiencing a new wave of energy, a wakeup call if you will, that will bring us to a new dimension of existence. One of higher awareness and greater spirituality. Star Children play a big part of this collective wave, this energy shift. Star Children are well aware of why they are here and have many abilities that the human doesn't have. I've listed 20 of them for you. If you recognize your child in any of these, chances are, he or she is a Star Child and should be nurtured to grow and maintain their uniqueness and their gifts.

a beautiful child enjoying winter1. Clairvoyance– the ability to mentally see things in distant time and space.

2. Levitation– some Star Children have the ability to levitate simply using their mind. This will be something that they practice to maintain this gift.

3. Clairsentience– they will be able to easily read people's energy and aura. Younger children may not understand this energy.

4. Tripping electricity– power may flicker, fuses may blow as they walk by. Their energy is super strong.

5. Mental influence (slight manipulation) – manipulate someone to something they want to do, with their mind.

6. Telepathy– mental communications.

7. High intuition– They know many things and have clear feelings towards things and people.

8. Teleportation– they can mentally move things or themselves just with their minds.

9. Bio energenetic healing– helping people heal by sending them healing energy.

10. Premonition of danger– they sense danger such as natural disasters.

11. Astral travel– out of body experiences.

12. Channeling communications– they can channel message s from those not here.

13. Energy adjustment– they can adjust the energy of the earth to bring peace and harmony

14. Information download– they can download information from other planets

While some of these gifts may sound a bit "far out" , talk to a parent of a Star Child and compare the notes. They will tell you of the great gifts and abilities their child has. Star Children can be broke n down into 2 categories. Indigo and Crystal, each with their own unique abilities and challenges. The Indigo child will be recognized as the child that might possibly have ADHD, dyslexia, autism or other disorders. The Crystal child is the psychic and highly sensitive Star Child. They may have tendencies of being more withdrawn simply because they don't understand their sensitivity and would rather avoid situations that will provoke it.

There are also the Walk-Ins and the Wanderers. They are the drop in Star Children that are here either in another form or from another planet. Their sole purpose is to bring peace and healing on earth.

Do you know of a Star Child? Maybe yours is one and you didn't realize it until now? Share your experiences with the readers. We love to hear other people's stories.

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