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Guided Meditations How They Can Help You And Top 20 Free Ones

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If you've never used Guided Meditations before you're in for a treat.

Over at  we are looking at making every single on our meditations absolutely free.

What Are Guided Meditations?

Guided meditations are essentially visualisations that will help to change your thinking, your beliefs and ultimately your life.  They do this by taking you through a guided scene in your mind whilst in a relaxed state.  This essentially creates a memory in your mind.  The beauty of your mind is that it cannot tell the difference between a real memory and a created memory, and a guided meditation will create a new memory in your mind.  Once this new memory has been created it alters the way you think in a small way and changes the way you think.  If used often enough it will go on to change your beliefs.  When you change your beliefs you can literally change your life.

Guided meditationsWhat's really exciting is that studies have shown that when we are trying to get better at sports and we imagine practicing the sport in our mind, the muscles in your body are being activated and actually strengthen as a result. This has huge implications in the field of personal development as there is really no limits what we can achieve.

What guided meditation does is give you an new, better experience by having a narrator guide you through a scene in your mind. These scenes are always positive and will change your brain's neural pathways to install a great experience for you.

So here is a list of 20 Meditations you can use today to help you change every area of your life including helping you to lose weight, using the law of attraction, creating an abundance mindset, meeting your spirit guide and much more.

Top 20 Guided Meditations

Click on each of the links below to be taken straight to the meditation of your choice.

  1. Lose Weight
  2. Speed Up Your Metabolism
  3. Positive Money Beliefs
  4. Millionaire Mindset
  5. Attract More Money
  6. Attract Your Perfect Partner
  7. Meet Your Spirit Guide
  8. Self Enlightenment
  9. Spiritual Healing
  10. Elixir of Life
  11. Opening Ajna Brow Chakra
  12. Increase Productivity
  13. Believe in Yourself
  14. Positive Thinking
  15. Learn to Say NO
  16. learn to Forgive Yourself and Others
  17. Be More Assertive
  18. Boost Your Self Esteem
  19. Develop Your Intuition
  20. Heal Any Relationship

If you've use any of the meditations please leave a comment below and let us know how much you enjoyed them.


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