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13 Little Tweaks To A New You This Year

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You've just undergone some major lifestyle change. Either you left a job, a bad relationship or you've simply had enough of the old you and you are ready for a new you.   There are certain unhealthy emotional and physical habits you are ready to drop and replace with better ones. Whatever the case may be, one thing is certain, you are ready for a change.

Where and how do you start is the next step. Change is scary for anyone, even the adventurous type. Here are a few little tweaks to your daily routine that can get you off to a flying start in the process of becoming a new and improved you.

1. Smile more.

Sounds simple enough but most of us just don't do it as often as we should. When we smile more, we feel happier. Isn't that what we want anyway? We all want more happiness in our life but don't take the necessary measures to change that, smiling being one of them.

2. Complain less.

No really. Stop complaining altogether if you can, just stop doing it. It's negative and won't move you ahead. It will just give you more things to complain about. Besides, complaining sounds a lot like whining and no one likes to listen to a whiner.

3. Give more.

More time, more donations to a shelter, more love, more friendship. Just give more of whatever it is you have to give. Just make sure you give from the heart . Don't expect anything back in return.

4. Drop that one negative person from your life.

You know who I'm talking about. The one who has been sucking the positive life force from you for the last 5 years. Get rid of em. It's time.

5. Get outside more.

Even if you really don't like the outdoors. Do it anyway. Nothing like some fresh air and some vitamin D to recharge you. You'll surprised at how much better you feel, how happier you will be and how much more energy you will have. Try it.

6. Do one bold thing a week.

Something you have always wanted to do but too afraid to do it. Yes, that one thing. Go do it. Face a fear a week.

7. Start exercising if you don't already.

I don't mean hit the gym and pound weights but if you want to then go for it. Small steps always. Start with 2 or 3 times a week and work your way up or stay there. It will feel good.

8. Journal.

Write out your feelings, thoughts, ideas, anything you want . Journaling is a great way to express yourself especially if you struggle with expression now as it is. Grab your pen and away you go. Get it out.

9. Practice gratitude every day all day.

You should do this often throughout the day, for anything and everything. Gratitude gives us a more loving heart and makes us happier and feel more blessed.

10. Hug more.

Now I get that not everyone is huggy but you should try it. Hugging releases the happy endorphin. So does kissing by the way so if you have someone to kiss you should do that more often too.

11. Small acts of kindness.

Do them. Lots of them. Go to a homeless shelter and volunteer some time, visit a lonely senior in a nursing home, bring flowers to a neighbour who is recently widowed. The possibilities are endless. Be kind, daily.

12. If you can, lose one bad habit.

Maybe biting your nails, or smoking or whatever it may be. Pick one and work on getting rid of it and replacing it with something good. Something that will make you happy.

13. Give up gossiping and judging.

Those two should just be dropped immediately if you want to be a better version of you. They are horribly negative things to do and no one should engage in this type of behaviour. If you do, get rid of those now. You will be a nicer person for it.

If you seriously want to be a better person, you can see how easy it is to become one. Drop bad stuff, pick up good stuff. It s that simple. We can all do it if we want. The world needs more loving, caring and happy people. Be one.

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