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10 Signs it's Time to Change Your Life

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Quite often, it takes a major shakeup or catastrophe for us to wake up and change our life. We recognize that something isn't right. We know it. The sad part is that it's so much easier to keep living this life rather than do the work to change it. You're pretty comfortable being miserable. It's become a part of you every day. Even though it really isn't any fun, it's safe.

But there does come a time when change is a must and that's before a tragedy hits. There are danger signs that shouldn't be avoided. If you see any of the following signs in your life, it's time. Time for change.

You need to drink every night after dinner and before bed.  

Obviously this is a bit of a touchy one. Plenty of us like to enjoy a few glasses of wine or a couple of bottles of beer in the evening so when is it too much and a danger sign? When it's a must and it's every night. Know the signs. Try and go a few days without and try to do that each week. See what happens and watch your mood. This will be a sign for you that something isn't right and change is necessary.

You aren't happy for your friend's success.

Your friend  just got a promotion and you would rather chew glass then congratulate  them. The very thought of having to recognize their  achievement and wish them  good luck causes you a great deal of grief, anxiety, envy, anger and resentment. Somethings gotta give here.

You're calling in sick more than you ever have.

You are making up new excuses to not go into work. You hate it, you hate your coworkers, you hate your boss, it's all just one big hate fest and it's actually physically starting to make you sick. You can't live like this much longer my friend.

Everything is getting on your nerves.

Little things that used to roll off your back are now a major point of contention. You are irritated easily and often. You have little patience anymore and it always seems you are just angry or annoyed most of the day.

You daydream more than you are present.

Ok so daydreaming is definitely a fun thing to do. The point here is that you can't do it all day. When you find yourself doing this more than normal, it's time to take a deep look inside and see what's missing.

You start saying bad things about your coworkers.

Better known as gossiping. Your life is in such a state of chaos right now, you can't bear to discuss it with anyone so you talk about everyone else and how bad they are or how stupid they are. You'd rather talk about them then think about your own life and problems.

You're starting to lie.

When people ask you if you are ok you always say yes. You lie about your health, your job, your emotional state. You just maintain that everything is fine, all the time. You are hiding behind your own lies.

You cry more than you should.

We all deserve to be happy and have joy in our lives. If this is not the case for you and you are crying more than you are smiling then something has to go.

You avoid phone calls.

You don't want to talk to your sister or your friend. It's easier to avoid the call and return the call when you feel like it or never. You know they'll keep calling and one day you will have to answer. Just not today. And maybe not even tomorrow.

You know there is something better than this feeling.

When you recognize the feelings of gloom you have and know that it isn't normal to feel like this all the time, you are ready to change. When you've just about had enough of angst, fear, frustration and anger then you know it's time.

Changing our lives is never easy and no one can say it will be. Trust me when I tell you it is so worth it though. Wouldn't you rather be happy and smiling and bringing more things in your life to be grateful for than always living in sadness and fear?  

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