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8 Life Changing Reasons Why You Should Sit in Silence Everyday

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Did that just scare you? Sit in silence? How is that even possible when you're a very busy person? Work, family, kids, activities, friends, errands and the list goes on and on. There certainly is no time to sit in silence at all at any given moment of the day. Sure it's life changing. You believe it, you really do. You just really wish you had the time to do exactly that, sit in silence. You would give anything in the world for even 5 minutes of silence, alone.

Well how about we have a look at the reasons why you should do and hopefully you will take the time and make the effort to find 5 minutes a day to chill, alone, unplug and totally decompress.

1. Mind dump.

There is such a thing as information overload. There is also such a thing as information dumpload. Ok maybe I made that one up but you really need to dump some of the garbage in your head and the only way to do it is to sit in peace. It's almost impossible to release what's inside of us if more is coming at us from all angles. You need to Zen out and dump it. At the very least, once a day.

2. How can you hear anything?

With a head full of stuff. Are you listening? What do you hear other than noise and more noise. When you take a minute or two (or 10) to sit in silence you will notice how your mind will calm down and then you'll truly be able to hear things. Your mind and heart try to tell you things all day every day but you can't hear it ever. Sitting in silence will help you not only listen, but truly hear.

3. Nature hike anyone?

If you're going to be in silence you may as well pick an awesome place to be, right? There's no better place than a tree lined walking trail, or maybe a river bank, or how about a pretty little lake. Go out and take in some beauty of nature. You will see things you never saw before because you were too busy in your head.

4. How do I love thee, let me count the ways.

When you are able to sit in silence you appreciate things, everything anything and nothing so much more. This appreciation opens your heart to emotions you never knew you had, one of them being love for silence and the beauty around you. You can't help but feel love.

5. Think to yourself.

Though we like to share our thoughts with friends and family, sometimes sitting in silence with your thoughts makes you re- evaluate them and process them better. You won't have all the distractions of noise and other people. Just you and your thoughts. You can thoroughly check them and see if they require further thought or if they should just get tossed and filed under G. The things that we once thought were mountains might very well just be molehills.

6. How lucky am I?

Sitting in silence gives you a chance to think about all the people in your life, the good, the bad, the beautiful and the not so welcomed. When you sit and think about all the ones you love and adore you will gain a stronger appreciation for them and feel more gratitude towards them. Even if you never thought you took them for granted before, thinking about them in silence will almost guarantee you never will.

7. Focus focus focus.

What's working and what's not. Take one thing at a time and feel your feelings about it. Are they good or bad? Take another thing and see how you feel about it. When we can be silent with our thoughts we can think more clear about any issue that arises and can make better decisions about them.

8. Who am I really?

If you ever wanted to figure out y our life purpose, sit in silence and see what answers come to you. This is the best way to figure out who you are and what on earth you are here for. Many of us still don't know. We're too busy to find out. So many lives wasted doing things we don't want to for people we don't even like. Find your purpose. Sit in silence.

Try to find at least 5 minutes, to start, in your day to be alone and in silence. Maybe at lunch time, early in the morning or even bedtime. You owe it to yourself to do this. Make an effort to change your life. Change begins with you.

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