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10 gratitude truths that will change you forever

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In case you hadn't noticed, there is a huge wave of gratitude sweeping the world lately. People are saying thank you and being more grateful than ever before. Is it because there are more things to be grateful for these days? Probably not. They finally understand that in order to be happy and have more happy things come into our lives we need to be grateful for what we have. Did you miss that memo? Fear not, you're not alone.

The grateful person is a happy person. Everyone wants their fair share of blessings. Gratitude brings blessings and lots of them. But wait, there's more. Did you know……?

gratitude1. Gratitude helps us forgive.

Let's face it, we've all been burned. Some of us pretty bad. We can carry a grudge and be filled with hate and anger forever or we could say thank you for the experience and send it away. Hurt and all.

2. Gratitude leads to kindness.

When we are sincerely grateful for what we have, it makes us want to spread kindness so others can feel this gratitude too. The more people have a grateful heart, the happier this world will be.

3. Gratitude keeps us humble.

Expressing gratitude for the things we have, no matter how big or small, reminds us of the things that others have or don't have and puts us all on the same level. There is no one above or below us. This is what gratitude can do.

4. Gratitude garners respect.

People will see that you are sincere in thanx and will appreciate and respect you more because of that. Some people are not very gracious in accepting blessings and gifts. When you show you are, others will be more apt to continue to bring blessings to you.

5. Gratitude leads to appreciation.

Appreciation of the all things you already have in your life. You will see your things in a whole new light and realize that your life is full of things to be grateful for. You'll see.

6. Gratitude brings joy.

It sure does. When we look at all we have in our life, job, family, good health, prosperity, etc. we feel great joy. How on earth did we get so lucky, right? How can we not be filled with joy from all the great blessings in our life?

7. Gratitude helps us enjoy today.

We are so busy being happy and joyous about today that we forget the hurt from yesterday and don't worry too much about what may show up tomorrow. None of that matters when we are happy for today.

8. Gratitude is contagious.

In a good way of course. You can spread gratitude just like you can cheer and love. When others catch on to this gratitude wave you have going on, they will want to make it part of their lives too.

9. Gratitude brings peace.

And we all need a little peace in our lives. When we have a grateful heart there is only love and joy. There will be no room for worry, sadness or stress. Peace is definitely the way to go.

10. Gratitude makes the bad days ok.

Not every day is going to be a good day but when w e stay in a state of gratitude, we can handle the bad days with more patience, love and understanding. It keeps us aware of all the things in our life that a re going good. When that happens, that bad thing is more tolerable and isn't so bad after all.

Who knew? Gratitude isn't just about saying thank you when someone holds the door open for you or accepting a gift from someone. No, it's much more than that and it's absolutely brilliant how gratitude can completely reshape your life and your attitude. Remember, maintain an attitude of gratitude and watch good things come quickly your way.

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