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10 Critical Tips From Highly Intuitive People That Everyone Should Follow

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Wouldn't it be great if we were all super intuitive and knew how to avoid danger, toxic people and situations that are not in our best interests? Many, if not most, of us come with some level of intuition but still to this day, we end up ignoring it. Our intuition tells us that something isn't right but our egos often get in the way and we want what we want when we want it and no amount of intuition is going to stop us from having it. Ego wins, gut instinct lose s and we suffer the consequences of yet another wrong move.

And then there are the highly intuitive people who seemingly breeze through life and always manage to escape things that are bad. What is it about them that makes them so different? The better question here might be though, how can we be like them?

highly_intuitive1. Don't act so fast.

Too many of us rush into decision making without thinking things through. This doesn't always end up bad but sometimes it does. Be fore you are quick to say "yes" listen to the inner voice. It may be telling you no. If it says no, then no it is.

2. Pay attention.

Wherever you are, stop and pay attention to your surroundings. Do they feel wrong? Do you get a bit of a sick or uncomfortable feeling where you are? Listen to that. It's warning you of something.

3. Pick up the vibes.

If you get a strange feeling from someone don't brush it off. It's their vibe or their aura. Your intuition might be trying to tell you that this person is toxic. If you feel a vibe, a bad vibe, don't ignore it.

4. It's not all bad.

Not everyone's aura is bad, obviously, so when you pick up on a good one go with it. Find out more about the person. Spend some time with them. They could very well end up being your soulmate.

5. Be free. Highly intuitive people are very creative and expressive.

Don't bottle that up. Dance, sing, draw, paint, whatever special gift you have, do it, often. Be your creative self. It will help heighten your intuition too.

6. Be sensitive to others too.

Highly intuitive people are very sensitive souls but they are also very sensitive to others too. Because they can easily pi ck up on everyone's vibe it's easy for them to pick up on whether or not someone is down or sad. If you come across someone like that, stay with them and console them. Chances are they just need a hug.

7. Take time for you.

Try to take some time every day to either chill or meditate. It's very important to decompress every day for at least 30 minutes. Quiet your mind, shut out the noise and breathe. If it's too busy in your head all the time you will never hear your intuition.

8. Eat right and exercise.

This may sound like a bit o f hogwash but you must take good care of your outer health as well as your inner health. If you don't eat properly and get some exercise in, you will feel like crap all the time and will threaten the health of your intuition. The better we feel, the more energy we have and the clearer our head is , the easier it will be for us to tune into our intuition.

9. Listen listen listen.

That voice is telling you something. Stop trying to shut it up. Remember that whole ego thing? Get your ego out of the way and listen to what your intuition is telling you, warning you of.

10. Relax.

Try to relax when you are put in a new situation. If you are too tense or nervous you won't hear your intuition. Not everything or everyone is bad but if you are anxious or uptight, you may miss out on something really beautiful too. Just relax and let the situation unfold. But not too much. You still want to pay attention to what's going on around you, just don't be so tense about it. It isn't a CSI TV scene.

Being highly intuitive can not only save you from making poor choices and being with the wrong people but it also has the ability to bring you closer to great things and beautiful people. Pay attention.

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