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10 Comical Things You May Hear an Introvert Say

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We all know that being an introvert is something special all in itself. Introverts have been labelled the social outcasts but we all know they are more than that, yet not that at all. They are quite happy being who they are and they couldn't care less what the world thinks of them. As a matter of fact, introverts would just wish the world would leave them alone. Really. Ok well maybe not all the time but you get the point.

So do you ever wonder what goes on in their minds? They rarely come out, they would rather observe than talk. What on earth are they thinking about anyway?

What other random thoughts do introverts have?

1. If I like you when I first meet you, believe in miracles.

We already know introverts will give you the once over about 10 times before they decide if they like you or not. Like at first sight? Yes that's a miracle. Don't fuck that up.

2. Hanging out, with all my friends, all night, on FB is perfect.

This way I don't have to actually get dressed and go out and be uncomfortable the whole night. I can have a fun time from the comforts of my own home and still be alone.

3. I'm not hiding. I'm detoxing from all the social interactions I had to endure today.

I had to actually leave my zone today and talk to people. Ok I had to go to work. It was hard. Why don't they put a door on my cubicle?

4. The less I see you the more I will like you, trust me.

No really. Just text me. That's cool. We can get to know each other better that way too and maybe I will like you even more. I don't have to be around you all the time.

5. Sure I'll come to the party with you but make sure there's a free corner for me.

I don't mind parties. They're ok. I just don't always want to go to one every weekend. If you want me to come to a party don't hang on to my arm all night and expect me to talk to people. It ain't gonna happen.

6. I'll admit it. I like your dog more than I like you .

There, I said it. Your dog doesn't force conversation out of me. He's happy with me just pet ting him and talking puppy talk to him. There's no pressure here. Do you get that?

7. I really am not happy to run into you at the grocery store, I'm just pretending to be happy.

Seriously. You want to talk about the weather and what you did last weekend and why you are buying that bag of whatever and I really don't care. I so don't care so much I would rather poke my eye out than continue this conversation.

8. When I say "I'm fine" I really truly mean it and the conversation is over.

The end. There's nothing more to talk about. Please shut up. You trying to drag something out of me that isn't there is really just annoying me and soon there will be something wrong. Go to bed or something.

9. Yes I know more than you do.

I know how to shut up and listen while you just talk and talk and talk. If you would just stop talking for one minute and listen to others you might learn a thing or two as well.

10. If you call me out in front of your friends one more time I will never go out with you again.

Ever. I don't ever need to be in the spotlight. Really. Don't do that to me. I fake smiled that whole night and it kinda hurts my face to have to do that.

Does any of this sound like you (if in fact you are an introvert)? They are a unique breed indeed. The strong silent types.

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