5 ways to make money without selling your body

Steven Aitchison
Written by Steven Aitchison

No need to sell your body

Selling your skills can be one of the quickest and lucrative ways of making some more money. Before you say you don’t have any skills to sell, everybody has something they can do that someone is willing to pay for. Now before you go selling your body take a look at your talents.

Your skills

Write down everything you are good at. This includes what you currently do for a living, what your hobbies are, what other people say you are good at, what your mum says you’re good at. Now look at how you could market what you are good at. There will be people out there who say they just don’t have any skills at all. Let’s look at an extreme example: A couch potato (euphemism for someone who lies on the couch watching TV all day and night). What skill does he or she have? TV; they watch TV all day, why not write about it, blog about it, write to the local paper and become their resident TV critic. Everybody has a skill or talent they can market. Even if you don’t you can acquire one in a matter of days.

money_onlineI was speaking to someone about this a while ago and he said he couldn’t think of anything he was good at. I knew the person quite well and advised him he sold telecommunications equipment for a living! He still didn’t get it. He was the perfect candidate to set up selling telecommunications equipment as a reseller for the company he worked for. He looked at me a little blankly for a bit and suddenly got it. He is now selling broadband, telephones, business telecommunications products and making a tidy sum, he has gone part time at his place of work. Is this ethical? I would say it is as he is still selling and making money for his company.

There are a hundred ways to sell yourself and your skills and get paid for doing it. If you don’t feel confident enough to sell your skills for money start it of by volunteering your skills. When you have acquired enough experience then start selling your skills and marketing yourself.

5 ways to make money

  1. Set up a course. Now chances are if you are reading this blog, then you have a fairly good grasp of how the internet works and how to find information. You could set up a 4 hour course for internet beginners and teach willing learners at community centres and charge $25 per person, which is not a lot of money for someone looking to gain some knowledge. If you get 10 people per week signing up that’s $250 every week or $65 per hour.
  1. Teach your skills. Teach your skill at your local college of university on their evening or weekend courses,this is ideal for a Saturday morning course at your local college or university. Colleges and universities are always looking for tutors and you don’t necessarily have to be a qualified tutor, you just have to know what you are talking about and put forward a proposal. I am about to start teaching blogging at my local university for 5 weeks, 2 hours per week. This may open up other doors. The pay from universities can be good as they are partly funded from the government, it can be as high as $50 per hour.
  1. Write for money. There are pleace like and looking for article writers for their blogs all the time. The money is not fantastic and it may be a little difficult to get a reputation, but once you have a good reputation you can start charging more money. For example someone may be looking for a blogger to write 15 articles for $100, not great but not a bad start if you consider an experienced blogger can write a 500 word article in about 30 – 60 minutes depending on the topic and amount of research required. This equates to nearly $7 per hour to start with and can go up to $14 per hour the quicker you get and more experienced researcher you become.
  1. Cold calling. If you are good on the phone and don’t mind cold calling you could become a reseller for the big telecommunications companies. This can be very lucrative as you get a percentage of repeat business. So if you sold a business a communications package and they kept this package for a few years you are making money every year by making and selling one package. Cold calling is not everyone’s cup of tea but if you consider someone who makes 100 calls per day and the take up rate is 2% for a $5000 telecommincations package you have sales of $10,000 for that day and a commission of between $100 – $500 depending on the company. Work very hard at this for a few months and you have a tidy sum of money in your bank with the option of taking a break for a few months before starting again.
  1. Become an estate agent. I don’t mean work as an agent for an estate agents, I mean become an estate agent yourself. In the uk under the ‘estate agents act 1979’ anyone can become an estate agent unless they have been banned by the office of fair trading or are bankrupt. Undercut your local estate agents and charge 0.75% per sale or even 0.5%. If you are selling a house for $200,000 you are making £1000 on that sale. There will be charges involved like advertising, signage, leaflet printing, lawyers and solicitors, however after a few sales you could be making a fair bit of money. If you wanted to do it part time; 3 sales a month could bring in anywhere between £1500 – £5000 per month.

I am constantly looking at ways of making more money and I constantly find new ways of doing it. I make a little here and there from the blog, I make it teaching basic IT, I make it teaching blogging, I write for other bloggers, I host websites, I occasionally build websites. If you want an easy way of making money there is no easy way. There can be some quick ways with a little effort at the beginning.

How do you make extra money?


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  • I also agree with you.It is really helpful post.If you have the good earning capabilities why do you wait for selling goods.Keep going for writing something very special for people and write what they want.

  • All doable opportunities but first you have to commit yourself to doing ‘something’ and then you have to ‘do it’. Not always an easy thing for most people.

    If you have a natural entrepreneurial spirit, a skill, you’re a self-starter and you have the will to be successful, you’ll be on your way 😉

  • Ok so I’ve just stumbled across ya site mate..and it got me thinking…and it hurt. I’m 28, just got married, 1yr old little girl…and loads of debt.things ain’t looking good so I’m always on the lookout for money making ideas. Your idea about blogging got me interested, I can use a computer but when it comes to blows and advertising…I’m blank. Any1 help me out please? Be much appreciated, thanks

  • I want to know how to make money off my writing that makes me happy. But I don’t want to work hard or anything like that and only using my I touch while sitting on my butt doing nothing. That is what I want to have done to me.
    ThAnk you

  • Apologies for resurecting an old thread with my comment but I just wanted to add that cold calling is one of the most soul destroying jobs that you can possibly EVER do.

    I did it for 2 years and although it was an experience, it is one that I never want to repeat. And I guarantee that the take up rate on a product that sells for $5,000 is not 2%. You would be lucky to make that in a week with 500 dials.

  • I feel you can sell ebooks on skills or interests that you have. I wrote a tantra ebook and I sell a few copies each week using clickmank.

    • Hi Maurice, thanks for visiting the blog and your sugestions. My plan for the blog is to build a readership before attempting another ebook and get to know my readers much better. thanks again.

  • Hi
    I did sell my body for a little bit
    and I made money I only worked 15 mins – 1Hr a day
    and I made at least 180$ a day
    but if I worked 2Hrs every day I would make 500 in a day!
    It sounds great but some how that money never stayed in my pocket
    hair nails beauty products just keeping up to looking good cost so much
    the lifestyle starbucks every morning eating out every meal
    at the end of the day Id be broke agian,
    so now I am trying to find new ways to make money
    Im finding it so hard, this life to the one i had are so different
    I often think of going back, so thank you for your thoughtful ideas!
    They will help me keep my life straight!

  • I spent about two years creating a system that generates backlinks in a natural way and then multiplies them on industry related sites. I thought I had a winning idea and I would be able to generate some additional income. But no one wants to use it. That’s really hard to understand. It’s also harder to let go because I invested some much of my time and energy. Well, at least I learned how to use php.

    Always be training.

  • Very nice list. The “selling your body” and making money drew me in! Nice title to catch your readers. I like your second option, “Teach your skills.” I’ve found everyone has something to teach. I’ve had employees teach other employees the character qualities they are good at. Nice! ~ Colleen :o)

  • Good stuff here, I aam going to get my agent lisc tomorrow.

    But seriously, there are so many ways to make money online you would be foolish not to at least do it as a side business.

    I started it as such and now manage to surf everyday while my boys are still at my old corporate finance job. The whole world is going this way anyways, better to be out in front.

    I spend a lot of my time now helping people determine what online job is best for them, even made a Free Audio Series
    to help people find what they are looking for.

    Hope it helps

  • That’s a quality post dude. I especially like the estate agent idea…i love how anyone can just become one. I might try that out haha. Keep up the great work buddy, your blog is excellent!

  • The part about being an estate agent is a joke. The exspences just for advertising can be upto $6000 per week, don’t be fooled into thinking they all make a fortune. The staff only get a normal wage and 1 in 10 agents make it through the first year intact.
    That is why there are the same names on the high street year after year.
    Don’t forget people don’t trust them anyway so why would you trust a person who only wants to have 3 houses on their books at a time.
    You don’t get paid until the sale is complete could be two years.
    So you sell 3 but pay for the advertising of 100 houses not good odds unless you already have the cash.
    My mate lost a fortune trying to start on his own because he thought he could set up using only the internet, The complaints about not being in all the local papers started a week after he took out the bank loan, so not enough money for the advertising.

    Best of luck if you try it.

  • Nice list. I completely agree with the part about taking inventory of your skills. This should be the absolute first thing you do. You need to leverage whatever knowledge and expertise you already have. At the same time, it wouldn’t hurt to make sure that you’re actually interested in the subject and not just doing it for the money. This will get you through the tough times.


  • Hi Steve,

    I found this article very interesting and affirms what I already do. I don’t understand people who go to work everyday in a job they hate when as you say you can create your life with talent.

    It takes time but it actually is not that difficult if you have a passion and desire to change your life.

    I did this and now offer a training program called 11 month milionaire which you can find out about at my site at Millionaire Anonymous.

    Thanks for a great article and I will be checking back often.

  • OK Steven, This was a very good article. Very useful.. I never even thought of starting up a course. How many of us out there know how to do awesome things that we just don’t tell anyone?! That’s a great idea. Thanks.

  • Great post. There are tons of ways to make money, personally I make money online with websites, both buying and selling. But in the past have done the same with domains, affiliate marketing and all of the usual suspects. I think the biggest factor to being successful is your creativity, if you can come up with fresh ideas you can make money.

  • Hello There,

    Excellent and informative suggestions. Enjoyed.

    Because you asked for opinions, do you mind if I bring a typo to your attention? Under #3, “Write for money” you have a typo. You wrote “pleace”, instead of “places”.



  • As for “writing for money,” It depends on how fast you can whip out articles. If you’re fast enough, it’s not a stretch to be able to make a living at it. If you’re slow though, article writing for a living might not be your calling.

  • Just discovered a complete list of all marked down products at Amazon, sorted by category
    and % off, ranging from 50% off to 90% off (thanks Sonja for the effort).

    Actually I never thought Amazon would have articles with 90% off, but only in the category
    Electronics there are more than 3000 of them – look for yourself, the list is on
    Bargain Hunter (which is a blog of a woman who specializes in finding good deals at
    Amazon, like Britain’s “Jeanie”).

  • Hi Rose, Thanks for your comments and thanks for the link.

    Hi Alan, that’s a great strategy to begin with however I would always advocate going the extra mile and getting your own domain and setting up wordpress.

  • I’ll suggest start a free blog using to write about the topics you like and monetize the blog with AdSense and other advertising programs to make money online.

  • The title of this article was so great! And then I read it and then I posted a link to it from my own “Working From Home” blog.

    I truly believe that each and every one of us has our own unique talents even if the person doesn’t believe it themselves – but we all do!

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  • […] Ask yourself everyday how you could make more money. I wrote a post a few days ago 5 ways to make money without selling your body giving tips on how you can market yourself. There are a million ways to make extra money. If you make an extra £100 per month then you can double it to make an extra £200 per month and you can double it again. The more money you make the easier it gets to make more money. You might have heard the saying ‘money goes to money’ this is because people who are in the habit of making money expect more money to come in and think of more ways to make it and they naturally attract it. […]

  • Great Article. This should be a good realization for those people who fail and refuse to identify their skills and would rather do things the other way.

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    Hi Matthew

    Your wish is my command. I was in the middle of taking of snap links and kontera ads as i was re-evaluating the blog again.

    I have only made about $30 from Kontera ads and snap links just do not appeal to me any more and I have had about 10 people write to me to tell me how muh it bugs them.

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  • Thanks for the great tips. I’m reading the “Four hour workweek,” and it’s got me thinking along the lines you describe.

    P.S. The multiple pop-ups (mouse overs) on your site are killing me! I’m not a Snap fan, as you can guess :-)

  • […] I think the best post this week has to be 5 ways to make money without selling your body. The posts shows a few ways to market yourself and I enjoyed writing it and doing the research for it and it got me fired up again to look at new ways of earning money. […]

  • I agree. It would be a waste of time if we don’t make use of our talent. There are certainly lots of options for us to choose. And if we still can’t find the area we are good at, there are lots of development programs for us to develop certain skills.

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  • Great tips. I also believe that there is a specific job for all of us aside from selling our body. Those who do it just need more time to assess their self and think about what they really want.

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