22 Of the best motivational videos online free

UPDATE: There was a problem with this post for the last few days but it has now been rectified. It seems that tables cannot be put into the database, even though it has been there for 4 months, I think another problem with the server.

For the last week or so I have been scouring the internet for free personal development videos, one of them I showed you yesterday; Steve Jobs. Well I have finally managed to get 22 great videos from some great personal development speakers and inspirational figures. I could have spent weeks doing this as I watched videos until my eyes were square.

you will probably notice there is a lack of female speakers in this. This was not deliberate there were not a lot of female speakers out there, the ratio was about 20:1, that’s 20 men to every 1 woman. Not a good statistic.

Anyway I have spent all day putting this together and I am proud to present 22 of the best personal development and inspirational figures of today.

bob proctor video science of getting rich

Bob Proctor – The Science of getting rich: 1 Hr 47 Mins

deepak chopra video way of the wizard

Deepak Chopra – The way of the Warrior: 1 Hr 8 mins

jim rohn video your best year ever

Jim Rohn – Your best year ever: 10 mins

tony robbins video interviewed by chrlie rose

Tony Robbins – Interview with Charlie Rose: 55 Mins

oprah winfrey david letterman

Oprah Winfrey – Interview with David Letterman, Part 1: 10 Mins

the secret the movie

The Secret – The movie (with subtitles). 1 Hr 29 Mins

nick vujicic video

Nick Vujicic – Speech Preview: 24 mins

malcolm gladwell video ted talks

Malcolm Gladwell – Authors at TED Talks: 18 mins

joe vitale video

Joe Vitale – Portable empire: 9 mins

james arthur ray video

James Arthur Ray – Live Presentations – 28 mins

cement speech at stanford

Steve Jobs – Commencement Speech at Stanford: 14 mins

mary foley video bodacious

Mary Foley – AOL retiree at aged 33, turned Author and speaker: 6 Mins

paul mckenna accelerated learning

Paul McKenna – Accelerated learning: 50 Mins

ross jeffries advanced speed seduction confidence

Ross Jeffries – Speed Seduction 1: 1hr 54 Mins

brian tracy video sales mastery

Brian Tracy – Sales mastery (part 1): 17 Mins

les brown video psychology of success

Les Brown – On Mastery TV: 44 Mins

tim ferriss video speaking about 4 hour orkweek

Tim Ferriss – Authors at Google with Marci Alboher: 56 Mins

michael beckwith video heaven and earth

Michael Beckwith – Bridging heaven and earth show: 58 Mins

J K Rowling – Autobiography Part 1 of 5: 10 Mins

jack canfield video story

Jack Canfield – The success principles: 5 mins

wayne dyer the power of intentions

Wayne Dyer – The power of Intentions: 2 Hrs 15 mins

tony buzan video mind mapping

Tony Buzan – Mind Mapping: 6 mins

If you have any videos you would like to share then leave a comment with the link and in a few months time I can hopefully make a top 50 list.

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  1. Thanks for sharing videos.

    i am feeling motivated after watching those.

  2. Some great videos there Steve. I particularly like the Nick Vujicic video. The guy is a real inspiration.

    Will :)

  3. A great post. However, I found some videos not playing.

    This is a list that I will definitely share with other leading motivational speakers in Africa

  4. Hello steve,

    your weblog is excellent. thanks.

    Sad that, “The Secret – movie ”
    is Dead link..or No video on that
    link http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/7YOU9u

    kind regards

  5. The Chopra video is Way of the WIZARD, not Warrior. FYI

  6. I was just looking for this information for some time. After six hours of continuous Googleing, finally I got it in your site. I wonder what is the Google’s problem that does not rank this type of informative sites closer to the top. Generally the top web sites are full of garbage.

  7. are there any copyrights on the videos

  8. Great Blog and thanks for this list of videos – really useful to have them all in one place (your list of the top personal dev sites is also great).

  9. dear steven,

    you have done a great job. keep it up and we are always with you and best of luck for the further development of your career.

    steven “the science of getting” video is not working please help mee…..

    thank you..

  10. so far i like it but it did not showed me names of the movies

  11. Hi!

    Thank you for sharing this. I’m going to write about motivational post and your post here is very useful. Thanks again!

    Thumbs Up!



  13. prasad jachak says:

    really nice source of motivation at one place…thanks steven for making this available…..

  14. Hi, Derek Potocki here,
    Thank you for this compilation.I’m bookmarking it now to watch it gradually.
    First time at your blog. Looks promising.

  15. Steve, when I go to YouTube this is the sort of thing I look for! While my friends are looking for stupid stunt videos, I am looking for every opportunity to grow! Thanks so much for the list!

  16. Very useful blog. Thanks.

  17. o my god ……. . unbeliveble …………..
    today is 1st day of my on this blog . I am sooooooooooo much happy for this blog thanks alot ……..
    ……………………………………. sir.

  18. I don’t know why but I’m still a sucker for Tony Robbins. Just to see where he comes from and where he is now. Simply amazing! It might also have to do something with the fact that I think he’s cute and has a sexy voice haha. Respect for Nick Vujicic btw.

  19. Wow. You have really put a lot of work in to finding and uploading these video links. I appreciate it.

  20. Thanks for pulling these videos together and posting them! I’ve added the link onto a post on my blog. What a resource you are!

  21. Hay… Can Anyone tell me how to download these videos.. please help me!!!

  22. Thank You! Even though this update is over 3 years old, most of the videos are still up and running. I was searching for something to motivate me, to help me lift myself from my inner funk – THIS IS IT!

  23. Check out Robin Sharma on youtube Steve. He has some outstanding videos… very basic yet profound… just like your blogs.

    Alternately, check out robinsharma.com…

  24. Hi Steve,

    Great Blog and thanks for this list of videos – really useful to have them all in one place (your list of the top personal dev sites is also great).

    I tried the link that you provided above to “The Secret” on Google Videos and it doesn’t look like it’s up there anymore, but I found a full version of it on another site and thought posting it here would be a better way to let people know about it than just post it on my blog – so here you go: http://v.ku6.com/show/68l4FTFqkVZhWcvX.html

    Hope this helps!



  25. Its my first visit on your blog and I must say I’m loving it ! The collection of videos is excellent . Will tell to my friends about it . :)
    Well I know of a personality test which I took sometime back . It’s a good one . Your visitors and readers would find it useful . Here’s it –
    5 Factor Personality Test – Personality as per the 5 most telling factors.
    .-= Tasneem R´s last blog ..Are you on Diet??? =-.

  26. Great list,thanks for putting the effort in to do this. It’s good to have a cross section of some of the best speakers and motivators to go to. love your site,see you again.
    .-= Sean Durham´s last undefined ..If you register your site for free at =-.

  27. I know it’s a bit of a divergence from the speakers listed here but Douglas Adams have very inspirational and motivational speeches even though they aren’t intended to be so.

    His quirky stories about life and the universe gives you this overwhelming joy that there is so much wonder out there. The words he speaks come round full circle and motivates you to seek the impossible.
    .-= Murlu´s last blog ..A Crash Course On Holding Your First Blog Contest =-.

  28. Nilesh Babar says:

    Hi Steven,

    Thanks for making such a great collection.

    Actually i was searching Motivational videos for kids and i got this site, and its really helpful for all of us for growing professionally as well as personally.
    I am looking for motivational video for kids which i am planning to show kids in India. I am a part of community called Aksharbharati.org who works for developing reading habits of kids basically in rural india.
    It would be great if you could add one motivational video for school kids in this list.


  29. I have looked at many sites but this is one of the most comprehensive that I have found.I have bookmarked the site to keep up with the content. Can anyone suggest other sites that may also offer me useful content?

  30. Hi,
    Thanks for sharing,you might be interested in the video section of my website.
    All the best

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  32. Nice list. I’ve got my time cut out for these!
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  33. hi this is really nice video, thanks for sharing here.

  34. Great video collection. I am very motivated thank you

  35. Some videos are not available!

  36. this is awesome video’s in the world

  37. http://www.SelfImprovementTV.com
    ^^^^—- Free Self Improvement TV – thousand of self improvement, personal development & nlp videos all for free!

    SelfImprovementTV.com’s great blog post..I dont love my husband anymore What should I do

  38. Great collection but a fair few of them are no longer listed at those sites?

  39. Daniel Mckay says:

    Fantastic videos, thanks alot!

  40. Thanks a lot for this valuable post.

    Zig Ziglar said, “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.”

    You’ve given us a great collection of videos that will inspire our soul daily.

    Tohami, author of “The Pharaohs’ Code”

  41. I can’t watch all these video clips right now so what I’m gonna do is just bookmark this page and view each one at a time for the real message to sink in.

    shinn’s great blog post..The Sweet Hereafter (1997)

  42. check out this website http://www.motivate365.com, also very inspiring!

  43. really motivating.

  44. Thank you so much.

  45. Really awesome video. Thank you so much for the links. really needed to find some free motivational videos. Love Steve Jobs video. Certainly makes you think about life.

  46. Thanks for the amazing life. I think its always nice to listen to such great people and know their perspective. Their journet to the top is full of experience and there is too much to learn from them.

  47. Download Ringtones Hi, I am writing comment this blog first time. I like this site so much. kind of site is so good.

  48. Very nice read (ahem… viewing instead). But I cannot see the motivational Guru Deepak Chopra anywhere here!

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  50. Great videos. Inspirational writings/books/videos help motivate me to keep working hard. Thank you, I have bookmarked this page and I look forward to reading the rest of your site.

  51. Those are nice inspirational videos, especially in a time where the global economy is so bleak.

  52. Wow, those are some really inspirational and motivational videos. Just the exact thing people trying to lose weight need to see. thanks for the list. Appreciate the trouble.

  53. this is by far the best ever video collection ever. Which are really useful and needed. Thanks a lot. appreciate the effort.

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  55. Now that’s some awesome videos. Motivation at its best. Just what most people need to get things done. Especially dieting and stuff. Great resource. Appreciate the work

  56. Great list. Motivating videos. Simply great. Loved Oprah’s video though. Seen it before. But having few problems with some videos. any idea how to get them? Thanks again.

  57. Wow, that’s an awesome set of videos. It will take a lot of time to view them but its worth every minute with the people you’ve got there. any idea on how to download them? Thanks for the awesome post.

  58. Wow, as awesome list you’ve got there. Most of the people would need to view these videos. I came across Oprah’s interview with David few weeks ago. And damn it was awesome. Too bad they have removed the video from YouTube. Anyway, good stuff. Keep it up. Cheers

  59. Can someone please tell me how to download a video. Thanks alot!

  60. Can I download any of these? I would love to watch while on the treadmill but no computer in the room.

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  62. norman swarn says:

    I really never expected Bob Proctors video to load. Like all of the secret personal.He is too much into making a profit. Then to offer up anything for free.

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  64. Great videos, can I use them on my website – http://www.newscrybe.com

  65. Wow, that’s a lot of videos. I only got time to watch 3 last night. I’ll be checking out the rest in the next few days I hope. Nick Vujicic’s video is truly amazing and what an amazing attitude he has.

  66. This is an awesome resources, it’s going to take time to watch them all but amazing people you had there…


  67. can someone send me the video THE SECRET, i am unable to download it.

  68. It is easy to browse the stuff on blogs and to enjoy all the videos etc but it is far difficult to collect all that. I am wondering how you will be able to manage all this and how much bandwidth you have been using to entertain all the world. Thanks buddy for sharing all those wonderful videos.

  69. superb work! I like the Tony Buzan – Mind Mapping video. Its something related to my field and interest. Keep up the good work.

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  70. rajjjjjjj says:

    well can anyone tell me how to download them

  71. Great videos!! Thanks, this site is very helpfull for me

  72. Wow. I found this page from google and have gone throught a few of the videos. Thank you Steve for this excellent resource.

  73. Awesome! Thanks so much for sharing! I’m looking forward to watching these videos!

  74. Hi and thank you so much for creating this blog. I am always wanting to learn new ways to enhance my life in every way possible.

    I hear there is a new movie called The Compass that has teachers from The Secret and The Opus. I don’t know why, I just have a good feeling about this one.

    I found it at http://www.thecompass.tv

    Does anyone know anything. I looks pretty cool. Cannot wait!

  75. Back again….and now I have seen complete collection of the movies..Its was a great experience. Thanks

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    I am glad I stumbled to your site. This is a amazing list of videos. Am adding this page to my favourite as well. Thanks for the list. Great effort.

  77. I am here first time and thats really good…good collections…I think I should also tell to my friends about this…I will.

  78. Great collection of videos, I’ll be sure to inform my website visitors and mailing list subscribers about this site. Thanks for making these videos available.

  79. Great collection…I especially loved the J K Rowling videos. Thanks!

  80. You really took your time, did a lot of research and pulled everything together in a brilliant way. Thank you for sharing all of this, you are a gem in my eyes.

  81. What a collection!
    Thanks for these.

  82. Great resource on motivational videos.

  83. the Charlie Rose video was a great piece (as usual with his interviews)!

    thanks for sharing!

  84. Hi. I’m a newcomer / visitor to this site. What an interesting site. Thanks

  85. Hello Steve,
    Change your thoughts videos are fantastic. I particularly like the Secreat and the one by Nick Vujici.
    I can say that they are very inspirational and have helped me to change my way of thinking as I go about my daily routine but also helped me in planning for my future goals. Keep up the good work.

    A big big thank you

  86. Hey Steve! Thanks for the great video. Was wondering what I was going to do since I turned off cable due to lack of anything good. Now I’m sitting in front of my monitor with my popcorn and getting educated. Thanks!

  87. Excellent list, thanks for sharing.

  88. Please can you put Paul McKenna back again? His audio/video is no longer there. I am a fan of his!

  89. Sorry guys, I don’t know what’s happened here. I am working on it. thanks for highlighting it.

  90. I have also only just discovered this. What happened to the other 20 videos – only 2 are left ? Any chance of putting them back please – I am dying to watch them all as I enjoy motivational talks.

  91. I think I arrived a little too late. But these two videos are good.

  92. I shouldn’t be “22 Of the best motivational videos online free”
    It should be “22 Of the World best motivational videos online without paying penny :)”

    Keep it up! will come when you update your blog entries !

    Keep Blogging

  93. Do You Feel You Can Then

  94. I’ve bookmarked the page so I can watch each video. Awesome list!

    Another video I would suggest is “how to achieve your childhood dreams” by Randy Pausch. You can find it on google video.

  95. Awesome collection of videos. Will watch each one of them !

  96. Its a fantastic site…Stumbleupon…3 Cheers to U guys who brought abt this site
    Change ur thoughts…has helped me so much…these are the things we need to apply in our life in order to live happy an successful lives an we forget to do that…

    Thankyou Steve …Good Job…God Bless..

  97. I haven’t seen anything, but I hope you will get some things from Maya Angelou, as she is an icon in motivational speaking. Every word that wonderful woman utters is motivational & inspiring. This site is a great idea! Found it Stumbling, so thanks to them also.

  98. Wow, I found that even 5 minutes was WAAAAYYYYY to long to listen to this complete crap.

  99. Thanks Richard, I appreciate your comments. Stumbleupon is also one of my favourite tools just now and i have found some fantastic websites through it.

  100. Wow, great collection, thanks!

    also thanks to StumbleUpon, without which I would not have found this site :)

  101. Hi Ryan, you’re never too late. Thanks for your comments.

  102. I guess I am a little late to the party, but great post. Thanks for pulling all these videos together – Ryan

  103. I enjoyed the Malcom gladwell video. Very good :)

  104. wow, a great selection of videos. A few I have seen before but most are new to me, so thanks for posting them here.

  105. wow this is awesome

    i hope to watch a lot of these thank you

  106. You Tube has a selection of several short video’s of Abraham-hicks. She Has a valuable perspective in the subject matter.

  107. this site is truly amazing and i am looking upto it in the near future with the lot of expectations.

  108. Great Job. I have marked you in my favorites and will be returning. I have a backoffice for my personal members and am brining personal devolopment to them. I will definately be using some of these video

    Really Great Job

  109. WOW! Superb! You have definitely done a great job in consolidating such wonderful videos. Great job I must say… :)

  110. Cool. I’m trying to watch the Rowling video. Dialup sux but I shall try!!

  111. This is awesome! I saw the JK Rowling videos already, they’re good. Especially if you’re interested in the process of writing and creating.

    This will take a big chunk out of my available time…thanks a lot Stephen!

  112. I LOVE these types of movies. Its going to keep me busy for a while. :-)

    On a related note, there is news of a new movie that has BIGGER expectations than The Secret.

    Details at

  113. This is awesome Steven! Not only did I stumble it, I linked to it on my post today. I’m taking the rest of the day off to watch video’s. Guess where I’m getting them :) .

  114. Thanks everyone for your comments. i am glad i took the time to put this together, it was well worth it.

    Happy viewing


  115. Thanks for putting this together, Steve! Great resource!

  116. Thanks, Steven. Some of these might get removed when they get enough traffic because of DCMA violations, but this post is such a great resource.

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  118. What a great resource Steven, thank you for letting me know about this!

  119. Awesome. I love free motivational videos. Some of their products are just way too expensive.

    Might be motivational overload to watch them all one by one.

  120. Wow. Great work compiling this.


  121. Unfortunately not Alison

    • the secret video link is not working and I REALLY REALLY REALLY (lol)….anyway SERIOUSLY REALLY want to watch this !!

  122. Are any of these subtitled?


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