What Alcohol and Drugs Taught Me About Making Money….

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A few days ago I shared a link to a great ebook   from a friend of mine who is helping  others to live their dream by making money online, but I wanted to share why I am so passionate about  this:

Only a few years ago, whilst I was working as an addiction worker, helping people with  drug and alcohol issues, I came to a strange realisation:

Nothing changes unless we truly want it to change…

Now, that might not seem like a huge revelation, but when I Truly got it, I knew that was  the only time that anybody ever changes, including people with drug and alcohol issues.


The person I was helping had completely changed her life, by making a decision to  change, she knew what she wanted and the pain of going back to alcohol was much worse  than the pain of being sober, and she reminded herself of that every day….

That person taught me more about personal development than anything I've ever read.

I kept thinking about this over the next few weeks and I made a decision…

I wanted to have my own online business, something I'd been trying to do for 4 years, but  never truly believed I could do it, until now!….

September 2012

Fast forward another year to September 2012….

I handed in my notice to my employer, and my manager wished me luck and advised  'I knew you would do something big like this….' and shook my hand.

Before I left I managed to see my client, the one who'd turned her life around and I told  her of my decision. She told me how much I'd helped her and gave me a letter, which I  still have to this day.  She told me of her decision to change and how I'd helped her come to that decision ~ she's doing great now.

My passion was what led me finally give up my day job and help others come to their  own realisation – Nothing changes unless we truly want it to change…

Believing you can do it

My passion is Beliefs: Beliefs are what govern what we say, think and do, and if you can change a few beliefs about yourself then your life will literally change as well, that's how powerful beliefs are.  It took me years to discover this, but it's my passion to pass that knowledge on.

So, for the last few years I have been doing just that; talking about beliefs and how you can change them to turn your life around, or install beliefs to become the person you want to be.

We are all born without beliefs and it's the environment, the people closest to us, and the media  who help us install the beliefs we have today.  BUT we can change those beliefs, we can change our confidence levels, our beliefs about our abilities, about what's possible, about making money, about anything!



And now, because of that passion I get to live the life I want, spending more time  with my family, making money, being free from the politics of the rat race, helping others to believe  in themselves, and I'm loving every minute of it….

That's why, when I come across something really good that is helping change beliefs, like a book or a video, I pass it on, and that's what I'm doing today, but it's about one particular belief that we all seem to have trouble with: The ability to make money.

If you've ever dreamt of giving up your day job and living life on your own terms, and  doing something you love, I think you might want to check out this video  by Anik Singal, someone who's doing, as I am doing, helping others to realise their full potential and also make money from their passion.


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