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I am on the lookout for a new WordPress theme and have been looking around the net for a simple, exciting, easy to read and reader friendly theme.

I particulalry like theme and am looking for something similar to this.   Then I got to thinking why not you, the reader, of this blog suggest a new theme for me.

wordpressSo, I am looking for a simple, exciting design which is widget ready, WP 2.7 compatible with an easily customisable header as I will be making a new logo to brand for the blog.   It should have an RSS feed in the header, be a two column design and have a wide width.

Yes I could have one designed but I would rather throw it out there and find out if anyone can suggest a theme and be part of the redesign of the site.

So are you up for it can you suggest a theme for this blog and win yourself $50 in the process?   Just post one link per comment and affiliate ids will be allowed as long as it fits the spec.   You can post a link to a free theme or a premium theme.   Any comments with speculative or with link building in mind will be deleted.

Looking forward to seeing the wordpress themes which come up.

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