Nintendo: increasing your brain power

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Can Nintendo increase your brain power.

Has anyoe seen the adverts for for the nintendo Brain age games for the nintendo
DS? I thought it looked really interesting and actually paid attention to the
ad, which is hard nowadays.

nintendo equasion picture

After doing a little research nintendo have sold over 5 million copies of
the three brain games series. In an article on BBC
it states that “˜The first title in the series, Dr Kawashima’s
Brain Training: How Old Is Your Brain?, sees players follow a daily regime
of brain-enhancing exercises’. Unlike Nintendo’s fictional creations,
such as Donkey Kong or Mario, Dr Kawashima really is a leading Japanese brain

This is an area in computer games which has huge potential and can attract
a relatively untapped market, the over 30s. Is it a great marketing ploy
from Nintendo? Well apparantly research has shown that people who play computer
games have realtively high cognitive abilities in some areas. Mind
, a favourite site of mine, has an article on it also

It all sounds very interesting and I will be keeping a close eye on this market
in the future.

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