More money in your life

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Attracting money into your life

I suspect most people would like to attract more money into their life, but are you ready for it? Mentally you've got to be ready to receive money. I am noticing more and more in my life that the law of attraction really does work especially since I downloaded my intentions onto my iPod, I wrote about it here. Money has been coming into my life ever sinceI removed the blocks in my mind about money. I used to believe that I would never be able to make money, I didn't have any special talentsto make money, I had failed in the past etc etc. These thoughts definitively hindered my progress in making money and as soon as I dropped them and believed I deserved money in my life and believed it would come, it did.

There is a great way to change your thinking about money and attract more of it.

more_moneyPut some money in your wallet! Esther Hicks wrote about it in "˜Ask and it is given'. I have started carrying more money in my wallet and believe it is a catalyst to me receiving more money.

How the hell does putting money in your wallet attract more money?

Okay try it. Put £100 ($150) in your wallet and do not spend it. If you need to buy something at the shop do not use the £100. Whenever you see something you like you can say to yourself I can buy that if I wanted to. Resist the temptation to buy it, but say to yourself I've got the money to buy it. Do this for a few weeks and see what happens.

You are mentally preparing yourself to receive more money into your life. If you try this for a few weeks your mind has fewer blocks about money coming into your life as you have spent that £100, mentally, 100 times. In your mind you have spent £10,000. You might have passed a clothes shop and said "˜I could buy that if I wanted to' and you could, you had £100 in your pocket. You might walk past a computer shop and see that iPod you wanted and say to yourself "˜I could buy that if I wanted to'. Your mind goes from lack of money to lots of money.

I really do believe that what we think about is what we attract in our lives. I have seen the transformation in my life and I have seen more money than ever coming into my life. If I am being completely honest I have had to slow the amount of opportunities coming my way as I do not have time to take on the jobs I am offered. However the amount of money coming into my life that I have not worked for can continue "˜til the cows come home.'

As an example I used to run a small book dealing business which I stopped in September 2005. I filled in all my tax returns etc and thought I was up to date with everything. 5 days ago I was at a hall helping some of my clients fill in benefits forms and get advice on benefits and child tax credit etc and someone was there from the tax office. I casually asked if I would be due any rebate. After explaining to me that the tax office would eventually get around to issuing a rebate it would be better to ask for it and I could receive it quicker. She asked my to write a quick letter and she would hand it in. 3 days later (yesterday) I received a cheque for £543. Now if I hadn't seen the girl from the tax office I wouldn't have asked the question about a tax rebate. The tax office might have issued it eventually but I hadn't received anything so far.

Try it

If you are open to receiving money you will receive it. If you don't believe this rubbish that I am talking try it for yourself, don't knock it until you've tried it. If you have a deep seated belief that this will not work it may take longer to start attracting money. If you are open to this you will manifest money a lot quicker.

If you don't have £100 in your pocket try it with £50 and work up or try it with £20 and work up.

Everybody deserves abundance in their lives and that includes you and there is more than enough to go around.

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