Monthly Income Report for April 2012

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Today sees the start of a new monthly series for CYT: A Monthly income report.

Over the course of the last 2 years, since I  took the blog seriously, I have been asked how I make income from the blog and have been asked to help others do the same.   Time constraints have stopped me from helping as many people as I would like to, but that will soon be changing 😉 (watch this space)

This report is not about showing off in any way it's a way to motivate others who are blogging to make money online.

I have to say it took me a hell of a long time to find my feet and really, it took 4 years to make any sort of regular income.   So this is not an easy route to take, but for me it's the love of writing, the love of helping others, and the love of money J that keeps me going.

Another thing to consider before I go on is to tell you that I am still doing this on a part time basis, working maybe 5 hours per day with my online business, and working full time as an addiction worker.   Hopefully before the end of the year I will be working full time at this, but I've been saying that for a few years now J

This month is a bit skewed as we had the launch of the Re-Awakening which brought in a few thousand extra than my normal months.

The buzz in April

  1. Release of a new product "“ The Re-Awakening
  2. Low key release of Law of Attraction product Create Your Own Life (I didn't write this, but bought the rights to it)
  3. Teaming up with Carolyn Hansen
  4. New personal development spotlight site


The release of The Re-Awakening

Myself and Angela Artemis released a new product The Re-Awakening at the beginning of April, officially the 11th April.   This has been in the works for a few months now, and has been an idea of mine for a few years.

It's a Guided Meditation program with a ton of bonuses to help anybody looking to rid themselves of stress, anxiety and depression.   But it's so much more than as Angela wrote 3 books for this program and compliment the program really well.

We were helped with a lot of affiliates and blogger friends and have sold around 350 copies of this product to date (sales figures to come later)

Low key release of Create your own Life

I still think the Law of Attraction has a lot to offer us in terms of motivation and future sight setting.   However the film "˜The Secret' has actually damaged the reputation of the Law of Attraction, but paradoxically it was "˜The Secret' that actually put The Law of Attraction in the minds of millions of people around the world.

The Secret, is really only an introduction to the Law of Attraction and we need something more to compliment it.   I found this product LOA and made a web page Create Your Own Life as I thought it was a neat little product and wanted to experiment with it.   I released it last week.

Teaming up with Carolyn Hansen

Many of you will know Carolyn already with her health and fitness web sites.   We are teaming up together to offer a giveaway event later on in the year and I am looking forward to working with herself and technical whiz kid Stephen Carter

New personal development spotlight site

I have finally figured out what to do with the top level domain I have turned it into a personal development products review site.   Where I showcase personal development products, books, videos, and news.

It's in it's infancy just now, literally born yesterday with a new design and I have populated, and backdated, some products, news and videos from the last month or so.   I have a plan for this and more time, soon, will allow me to devote some energy to it.

Income Breakdown

Disclosure: Some of the links in these reports are affiliate links so if you buy me from them I will make a commission.   I totally appreciate it if you do and if you have any questions regarding the products please contact me. Product Sales

  • Total Sales: $8,110.10 Product Sales

  •  Total Sales: $408 Product Sales

  •  Total sales: $385 (the site was down for around 10 days)

Amazon book sale royalties (this includes Amazon Kindle and Createspace sales)

  •  Total sales $533.99


  • Total Sales $400

Total Income from blog + products = $9837.09

Affiliate earnings

Recreate Your Life Morty Lefkoe – $299.04

Weight Loss Bible – $203.80

Conversational Hypnosis – $101.48

Natural Perfect Vision – $92.40

High Self Esteem Kids Coach Training – $70.68

Scott Case Live off Your Passion – $58.20

Business Coaching Certification – $33.22

Binaural Beats – $27.04

Discover Your Passion – $19.50

Hypnosis to Change Your Life – $13.19

Total affiliate income for the month = $891.51

TOTAL = $10,728.60

Outgoings – $5846.85 (affiliate payments, half profits to partner, aweber costs, server costs, virtual assistant costs)


Total Net Income for the April = $4881.75


Lessons learned

I will try and be as candid as possible in this section in case you are interested in learning about making money from blogging.

  • When building up an email list it's important to learn to stay in touch with your email list with personal stories, content, offers and links to blog posts. It's easy to forget, particularly when you're part time that it's your email subscribers and the relationship you develop is going to determine how successful you are online. Yeah I know everybody is saying email is dead, but they've been saying that for years, it's just not true. Building a list of email subscribers and developing a great relationship with them is crucial to your success online.
  • It's easy to get stuck in a launch and focus all your attention on that and keep going until you have everything just right. However it's even better to have someone working with you and for you to help you ease the strain of making your own product. With the Re-Awakening I was working with Angela Artemis, who was great, and I had an assistant emailing out emails for me and doing other things that helped a great deal.

Okay I think I've written enough for now.

If you like the idea of doing these monthly reports let me know and I will keep doing them or save them for a new blog about blogging.

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