Increasing Google Adsense earnings by 400%

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Increasing adsense earnings by 400%

I didn't really pay much attention to adsense placement or any of the
other advice given on various blogs. I concentrated on the blog and
the writing. However I found myself checking the adsense earnings every
day and wondering why nothing was happening although the traffic was rising.

On December 24th I wrote a message on the Google
Adsense Forum
and asked for a bit of advice. I took on board what
the various replies advised and implemented them. Within 2 days I noticed
a huge difference in my adsense earnings.

I had gone from earning $0.40 cents per day to $1.60 per day. This was
brilliant for me as my goal was to earn $2.00 per day by February 2007. Obviously
I was getting too excited so had to wait for a few weeks to find out if the
clicks would continue. They did and I am averaging about $1.67 per day.

This doesn't sound much but when you consider that for months I was
stuck on $0.40 per day this is brilliant. It gives me another base from
which to start setting my sights higher.

The advice given

Quite simple really. Put an embedded 728×60 link unit just under the
header image, put a 120×600 link unit in the sidebar and embed a 250×250 link
unit in every post. Make the colours match the blog itself and then see
what happens. Tweak it along the way (which is what I am doing just now)
and then worry about getting the traffic in.


I have set a target of getting $1000 per month from adsense
by September 2007 (sounded impossible in September 2006 considering the poultry
amount I was getting). However, if Google adsense are still around in
9 months I believe I will make my target by writing great content and bringing
in the traffic.

Hope this advice helps you. Head on over to the
Adsense forum
, it's a great place to just browse.

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