5 Ways To Create a Lead Magnet That Gets You A Massive Number Of Subscribers

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Having a mailing list is essential.   It contains the true value of your business.   Having the ability to stay connected with a group of people who like what you are about and like what you have to sell is key to the growth of your business.

How do you get them on the list though?

You use a lead magnet "“ something that gets the attention of prospects and makes them willing to put their hand up and show interest in your product or service.   It can be a piece of information that they only get when they give you their contact details or it can be a discount voucher that can be used on their first purchase with you.

lead_magnetHere's how to create a lead magnet that gets attention


You have to know the pains, desires, challenges and fears of your audience and you do this by researching your current or past customers.   Ask them questions and figure out what they want from your product or service.   Also, find out what their objections would be to buying your service or product?

Some of these answers you may have to guess but you do need to find out from actual people as well.   If you have not had customers yet, pop on over to Amazon and see reviews of products similar to yours, or even books in your industry as customers are there telling you what they want.


Now decide what form you want your magnet to be in.   It can be video, a written report, an audio, letters or postcards, a mini course delivered over a few days over email.

If written, try to keep it short and sweet "“ Something that people will consume quickly.   Everyone is too busy to stay reading for a long time so make it a list that they can consume.   Also, this makes it easy for you to create it nd get feedback from it as soon as possible.

If it is a video, keep it short as well.

A mini-course, keep it to about 3 "“ 7 days


Pick one of the frustrations or desires you identified in step one.   Don't be too broad "“ get pretty specific about what they want and make your headline VERY compelling.   Your headline or title will determine whether people are attracted to it or not.   So think very carefully about what to call your lead magnet.

Do a Google search for a headline analyser and pick something that is likely to get a reaction.   You may be worried about sounding like something out of a trashy magazine but there is a reason those successful magazines use those headlines.   It gets attention!


Do not expect people to pop over to your website and know what you want them to do.   Have a page that specifically deals with your lead magnet and specifically send them there.   The whole purpose of this page is to get the contact details of all the visitors to the page.   You can expect a minimum 10% conversion rate and if you are not getting at least that, then you must tweak the words on the page (copy).     Have an image of the lead magnet and a headline and about 3 bullet points explaining the result your prospects will get when they sign up for it.   Have a sign up box using a service like Aweber, GetResponse or something else.   This then stores the contact details for you and you can then send out the lead magnet.

Other ways to collect the details may be a pre-recorded answerphone message where you tell them why they should sign up.   They leave their details on the message and you either send the magnet through direct mail or email it to them.   Decide what information you want them to leave for you.


So where are your people likely to be? You be there and tell them all about your lead magnet.

Use advertising to tell people.
Use direct mail.
Use social media.

And those are the steps to get a compelling lead magnet up and running.   Make sure you follow them and start building up that mailing list.   Make sure you then stay in touch with people on the mailing list and invite them to buy things from you.   Do not build it up and then get a little nervous about actually telling them what to do next.

It is time to attract more customers, clients, recruits today.

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