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I know I speak a lot about this guy but Steve Pavlina never fails to impress
me (And no I am not getting paid to endorse him). He has posted an article Two
year anniversary
which highlights where Steve was last year compared with
this year. He gives a snapshot of his earnings from September 2005 to
September 2006.

Here is a quick summary of Steve's highlights, comparing 2005
to 2006:

  • The number of articles doubled from about 250 to over 500
  • Monthly web traffic tripled from 410K to 1.3 million visitors
  • Monthly bandwidth increased 6x from 90GB to 560GB
  • Monthly revenue increased 10x from $1140 (Sep 2005) to $12K (Sep 2006)

This is impressive stuff and I still aspire to do as well as Steve. I
just wonder where I will be this time next year and how my life will look with
regards to the blog.
I thought I would do an interesting experiment on manifestation, see my article "˜Letting
go to get what you want'

This is my snapshot from September
2006 to September 2007 and how I hope it will look.

  • The number of articles increased from 200 to 400
  • Monthly web traffic increased from 22k to 200k
  • Monthly bandwidth increased from 154MB to 10GB
  • Monthly revenue increased from $5.80 (Sep 2006) to $1000 (Sep 2007).

Steve plans to expand his business rather than resting on his laurels and
is hoping to set up office instead of working from home, with his wife Erin. He
may also do workshops in the future.

Good luck Steve and Erin

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