Do You Have a Big Enough Why?

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When starting an online business, it is easy to focus on all the hopes and dreams and visions of what will be…

But then the every day gritty stuff shows up and I have to ask you…

Do you have a big enough why to stay on course and win?

When everyone you know is going out on the town and they all think you should join them but you know that you need to write that blog post, do you have a big enough why?

When everyone you know glances up at the ceiling as you, once again, whip out your computer to make that edit to your sales page, do you have a big enough why?

When they tell you to relax and that the computer is not going anywhere, do you have a big enough why to get on and do your work anyway?

When you are tired, so very tired after a day at work where your boss seemed to annoy you, do you have a big enough why?

When everyone thinks you are anti-social (and lets be honest, you start to feel different from most of the people you know), do you have a big enough why to keep showing up, to keep doing the work, to push yourself to reach that goal?

Because for a period of time, it will take that.

It will take you pushing hard, doing what others will not do…

Doing what others might even pity you for because they are stuck in thinking that all forms of work are arduous.  They have not experienced the joy of working simply because you love the work, they think you are forced to do it.  They have not experienced giving themselves to something bigger than themselves and they definitely do not have a big enough WHY.

Living out a dream, building a vision will sometimes demand a lot from you, in terms of relationship, how much sleep you get, how much TV time you have, how much party time you have.  And anyone that tries to tell you otherwise, is not very successful or is trying to prevent you playing the game hard enough to win.

DO YOU HAVE A BIG ENOUGH WHY?   Because you are going to need it.

There are enough reasons to feel guilty or selfish (by normal standards) about the amount of time you give to the work of growing your own successful business and your why will get you past that…

Lots of people talk about building a business but it takes resilience, grit and determination.     Unfortunately, most people do not have that.   I did not have that for a very long time.   I quit and returned to pharmacy over and over again because it was easy, it was predictable and it certainly was comfortable.

It was not until I found a big enough why that I was able to stay on course long enough to more than replace my full time pharmacist income.   For me, the big why, was my children.   I wanted to be home with them, watching them grow up, home educating them and so I had to find a way.

And for the first time ever, when the hardship came, as it inevitable does, I stayed on course.   I refused to quit.   I kept pushing forward until I got where I wanted to go.

Because I had a big enough why?

Whatever area of life you want to improve, you will need a big why.   This is one of the reasons why people struggle to lose weight when they really do want to.   This is why people have habits that they find impossible to break because deep down, they do not have a reason strong enough to bother staying on the narrow path to success.

And there is always more than enough people to tell you to relax.   They think they are doing you a favour but actually, they are taking you off the narrow path and putting on the broad path to an average existence.

Do you have a big enough why?

Right now, whip out a notebook and commit to sit in place for at least half an hour or more if that is what it takes.   Keep asking yourself why it is important to you to make your business, your weight loss journey, your whatever a success.

Why is it important that you make the money?

Why it is important that you make the money in a business?

What does your answer mean?   Really dig deep into this until you are practically weeping with the emotional attachment to the BIG WHY!   It will feel real at a deep level and then you will know that you have a "˜why' big enough to get through the inevitable slumps, frustrations and also the triumphs (which crazily come with their own challenges!)

Do you have a big enough why?

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