Browzar covers up tracks

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New browser covers up tracks

I just came across a new browser which covers up your browsing tracks. What caught my eye was some of the stories that are listed about embarassing times when the computer browser history left a trail. i don't make any money from this story, i just thought the stories were quite amusing.

Check out some of the stories

"A  good friend of mine recently found out his girlfriend was pregnant when auto-complete came up with "˜symptoms of pregnancy'."

"I must have been about 14 and was using my Mum's work computer. For some reason I decided to check what was in her web history. It was mostly benign stuff until the middle where she had:,, Ask Jeeves, advice about divorce. Yes, I found out that my parents were going to get divorced before my Dad did."
"I just tried auto-complete on my wife's computer and got: Hitler, Nazi marching, air raid, blitzkrieg, infantry German, Nazi rally, Wehmacht infantry, Wehrmach rally… If she wasn't a history teacher I'd be quite worried."
"My brother left this on his computer. "˜How do I perform a decent murder."
"Auto-completed my husbands ex-girlfriends website in my computer."
"I used to think that the only single girl in the office was hot until auto-complete told me that her most frequent search was "˜stretch marks'."
"My search engine's recent searches contained "˜Atomic Kitten Album'. Now, that's just embarrassing!"
Found on a colleague's computer just before his trip to London:
"Gay saunas in London"
Imagine my joy when I got home to find that my parents had decided to get their very first computer, so I gleefully settle down to check my email before bed… and am struck horrified by the porn sites that pop up in the auto complete.

Read the full list of stories here.

The browser is called Browzar and it boasts

"˜With Browzar you can search and surf the web without leaving any visible trace on the computer you are using.
Browzar is free, it only takes seconds to download and you don't even need to install it, so you can download Browzar time and time again, whenever and wherever you need it to protect your privacy.
"¢ No browsing history, stored files, or cookies
"¢ No embarrassing search auto-complete
"¢ No installation. Just click "˜run' and go
"¢ No registration required

Download browzar from here (I am making no money from this I just thought the stories were quite funny.

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