Blogging highlights and earnings for 2007

This has been a great year for change your thoughts and it has gone from strength to strength and it’s all down to you.

I thought I would share the highlights and show what can be achieved in a year.


Traffic: unique Visitors

unique visitor traffic

RSS Subscribers

increasing rss subscribers


I am very pleased with the amount of traffic I am getting just now and I have to say that if it wasn’t for stumbleupon I would have had half the traffic. I have started to optimize the blog for SEO to get more search traffic as I don’t want to put all my eggs in one basket. Organic search is accounting for about 20% of all traffic which is quite good.

increasing traffic to your blog

Top 10 articles for 2007

increasing natural search traffic

Top 10 articles are as follows:

22 of the Best Motivational Videos for free

10 beliefs that could hold you back in life

10 Questions that will change your life

The three pillars of creativity

6 Ways to dramatically increase eye contact skills

Top 5 gym-free exercises

10 ways to boost your concentration

5 Ways to make money without selling your body

Change your life part 2 – gaining back your energy

Micronap your way to success


I am also pleased with the earnings. I only started affiliate marketing at the end of October this year and have started to see results from it. I have taken Google adsense off the blog so the figures have dipped since October, where previously I was earning around $100 per month. I may put adsense back on the blog, I am not sure yet as adsense seems the least obtrusive and readers are used to it on blogs.


Earnings from blog related activities Amount
Earnings from writing for another blog:

£3,600 ($6,840)

Earnings from Google Adsense:

£423 ($803)

Earnings from affiliate marketing:

£1,200 ($2,280)


£5,223 ($9,923)

Expenditure (advertising etc)

£1,730 ($3,287)

Net profit from blog related activities

£3,493 ($6636)


Thank you

I would like to thank all the readers of this blog and everyone who has commented and made contributions to the discussions. I would also like to thank everyone who has stumbled and dugg my articles and I hope this continues throughout 2008 as I know I will be using stumbleupon a lot more in 2008.

I would particularly like to thank:

Jim Bouchard – Jim has contributed 5 articles to this site and they have all been excellent and he has provided a fantastic free download for the readers of Change your thoughts,

Grigor Ćorić – Grigor wrote another fantastic article ‘Three pillars of creativity‘ which brought my second front page on Digg and it received over 10,000 visits in a 24 hour period.

Alex Blackwell – Alex contributed a great article for change your thoughts and I hope to see more from him in the future.

Alexander Kjerulf (the chief happiness officer) – Alexander submitted another one of his great articles to Change your thoughts and it was received very well. Alexander is one of my favorite bloggers.

Aaron Potts – Another one of my favorite bloggers helped me out by guest authoring whilst I was on holiday last year.

Jospeph Bernard – Joseph was the first guest author for Change your thoughts which ultimately led me to seek out more quality authors for the site.

Laura Young – Laura kindly stood in for me whilst i was away on holiday and wrote a great article on Becoming more disciplined

Lodewijk van den Broek – Lodewijk was another one of the early guest authors and wrote another cracker of an article ‘Your vision of the future’

Ponn Sabra – Is an inspirational woman and an inspirational blogger who wrote a great article in September.

Michael Pollok – Michael is the guy who designed the current version of change your thoughts theme and it was a god send when i was in a panic about my site supposedly being hacked.

The PBN Network – The Positive Blog network has been fantastic this year and i have made some great contacts through it. It will hopefully get stronger this year.

Gleb Reys – I would like to thank Gleb for helping me out this year in a lot of ways notleast of all taking a look at my hosting when there were problems, thanks mate.

Finally I would like to thank all of the regular readers of this blog and i hope 2008 is your best year yet.

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