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Making money online "“ The start of a journey with AuctionAds

As most of you know I am always on the lookout to make more money with my
ultimate goal being to give up work and become a pro blogger. From here
on in I will be getting more and more into monetising the blog and my online
ventures, however small just now. This will not interfere with the quality
of the writing and the interactivity of this blog and I hope you will continue
to support me as I help people help themselves and gain a better understanding
of themselves, their realtionships and meantal and physucal health.

money_onlineEvery Wednesday I will be looking at ways of making money, saving money and
generally having a better relationship with money.

This week I want to look at a recent addition to the blog which is Auction
ads. I will test each money making program for a period og two months
before deciding to keep it or scrap it and I will report each money the money
I make from each program.

What is AuctionAds?

You may have noticed at the end of each post I have 3 ads from AuctionAds. Thses
ads are CPA (cost per action) ads which basically that means that if a reader
clicks on one of the ads and places a winning bid, a buy it now or registers
with eBay you, the blogger, will earn money.

One of the benefits of AuctionAds is that is does not interfere with other
programs such as Google Adsense

It is easy to set up however you do have to put in keywords to get relevent
ads to your blog or site. Picking the right keywords is crutial for
this. You can always use the free
tool from Google
to help you select the best keywords. The ads will
then instantly be created based on your keywords and choice of ad style. The
ads are image and text based and again are easy to create.

The referral program seems good at a 2% referral fee for 6 months after the
user signs up

Payments are sent out on the 1st of every month via paypal with a $10 minimum

For this week only you can also get $5 just for signing up to AuctionAds if
you are already a Text
Link Ads publisher
I will obviously make some beer money if you click on
the links and sign up for both of these programs and become a publisher, but
it's free to join so why not.

Your experiences?

Let me know what your experiences of AuctionAds are. I know there are
some out there who are earning good money from it.


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