A get link quick scheme?

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Technorati has apparently put a stop to Tino's "˜2000
project. You can read
their post here
. Tino has advised that he took the project
down voluntarily after reading the post. Two posts pointed to the project
as being "Links are currency, and this collage is a counterfeit factory.". I
think it's a shame this has happened as it was an interesting project
from my point of view as I was using it as a "˜social
and obviously it was bringing in links for me as well.

I can see Technorati's point of view stating that it was a "˜chain
post'. However, is the whole blogosphere not a "˜hard to find
chain post?' we are all looking for links and indeed it is the currency
for bloggers. It seems that Tino found a get link quick scheme, and good
on you for doing it.

Tino has taken the project offline so it may look as if Technorati has managed
to stop a huge "˜chain post' spreading further. However the
number of people linking to this story and to Tino's blog is a bigger
link farm for Tino, so who really wins?

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