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Change your thoughts is looking for contributors to the blog. If you love writing about personal development why not send an article for submission on Change your thoughts. You can gain some exposure for your blog while I am building the readership and ranking, gaining you links and exposure for your blog along the way.

Why send an article in?

Change Your Thoughts has an Alexa rank of 43,000, has 10,000 subscribers. You can gain some exposure for your blog while I am building the readership and ranking, gaining you links and exposure for your blog along the way.


  1. Guest posts must be original, meaning that you haven’t and won’t publish the post on your site(s) or any other sites.
  2. No SEO anchor text please.
  3. There’s no standard required word count, but about 500-1,500 words is about normal for the blog.
  4. Send me your idea or your completed article enquiries at stevenaitchison dot co dot uk . Don’t worry about writing a fancy pitch or impressing me with credentials. Life’s too short for all that malarkey :)
  5. Write a draft on your blog. Then copy/past the html and attach it to an email as a txt attachment. Make sure you have no tags which specify the font or the font color.
  6. If you have a suggested image for the article, please attach it to the email or send me a link if it’s on creative commons. Otherwise, I’ll track down an image to accompany the article.
  7. I normally respond to emails within a couple of days maximum, so if you don’t hear from me, something likely went astray. Please do contact me again!
  8. If your idea or post will not work for us, I’ll let you know why so you can make some tweaks or submit it to a blog that’s a better fit. If I do accept your post, I’ll let you know when it will be published.

Send me an email at enquiries @ stevenaitchison .co .uk without the spaces of course

Hope to speak to you soon and am looking forward to reading your articles.


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  • Sir Thank you i got your ebook “change your thought to change your life” it is really superb book i have ever read… I really developed some good habits with 21 days idea and i m getting good life after reading this… it would be kind if you can publish some artical in Hindi Language….
    Thank you Sir…..

  • Hi Steven, very nice website and I wanted to contribute an article about personal development. However, when I was trying to send the article, my email says that “stevenaitchison dot co dot uk” is not a valid email format.

    • Hi Jenny, I just noticed your comment and thought I’d resolve it…(I’m not part of this blog, but wanted to help!). Where it says ‘dot’, you need to put a . And no space between each word either. It’s just a format commonly used so people don’t send a ton of spam.

      • Hi, I’m familiar with needing to write out emails like that to avoid spam, but my email programs (iCloud and Outlook) both rejected the written out email as an invalid format. . . is there something else I can do to get it to go through? Thx!

  • Hello I was looking for all the websites and blogs in the personal development niche and came across your site and found it to be quite impressive. I have also recently started blog in the self development niche and would like to contribute at your blog as a guest blogger.

  • I set a time limit of 20 minutes to write what I feel. I feel stuck. I don´t know what to do. I HATE my job and what I have done with my life so far. I have a lovely family – a loving husband and two kids. You may say I have everything and maybe I would agree. But I want more. But not too much. I would love to have a job which I would love but I have no chance to get it. Going daily to work which I hate is depressing. I am depressed, loosing the meaning of my life. You know, I spend eight hours per day in a building which I hate and with people I do not wish to see. But I have to. Only few of them are real friends. Try to guess what my job is – I am a teacher. I became one „by mistake“ – I was not accepted to school where I wanted to be, so I went to some other school. I did not care and, in fact, did not realize where I was going. I got it just when I had to go to primary school to practise what I had learned at university with pupils in real ife. I did not mind. I have always thought I will do something else. But I did not succeed. And this has not changed. I spend my life dreaming about better life, better work or better place for life. I would love to have a small family hotel with pleasant atmosphere to offer to my guests. But this is a dream which cannot come true. Each time I present any dream to my family, everybody starts to laugh and they ask me to be down-to-earth and be more realistic. Work in massmedia , for example, be also nice – I can imagine myself preparing newspaper or TV trivia quizzes. Based on my family´s reactions I feel like an immature dreaming child with stupid dreams. I have no money to make my dream come true and the times we are living do not allow people to travel much. So, maybe my family are right. I wanted to find another job, but without success – I have sent so many CVs and cover letters to different companies but I did not get any response. You need some good acquaintances to get further – at least to be invited for an interview. I have never been to any, so I slowly stop believeing in myself. I have no idea what I am good at or what I should do. I am 33 and I have read countless number of books on self-improvement of any kind (Kiyosaki´s books, Sharma´s Monk and many others) but without any help.
    My time´s up. That´s all and thank you for reading these energy and time consuming words.

    • Hi Pamela,

      My name is Monica and as I was reading the comments and yours as well I felt like we have something in common,so I want to reply to your comment.

      I am 29 years old and have been in a similar situation, where I knew I am different and could not fit the normal life that people have. You know the usual, get a boyfriend, a job, have 2 weeks holiday a year and live your life thinking that next year will get better, wanting to do something more valuable and important but I didn’t have the courage to do so. I was too scared of unknown,new and was lacking in confidence.

      My tip is that you should analyze your strengths,hobbies, dreams and what really,really makes you happy. Happy like crazy, I mean an overwhelming feeling that you feel super powerful, makes you wanna climb the Kilimanjaro. Is it working from home, teaching students your subject, is it working as a freelancer writer, is in working in television? what is the thing that makes you excited most?

      The next think is to find out how you can turn this into a business or if you are comfortable you could create a meetup, a blog, a video course that you can just share it with people without charging anything. Just to give you that validation you need that you are great,you have value and you can change people’s thoughts and lives. Then you take it from there.

      I personally know a few nursery teachers and school teachers you hate their headteachers and how they are treated. And the fact you are not allowed to teach,but to fill up all those paper work ,mountains of paper work. I think is best to go back in time ,starting with your childhood and find that thing that defines you, and put all your efforts into building your happiness on that thing.

      That is my opinion. I hope you will find a way to happiness and GET what you deserve ! Once you choose something that you absolutely LOVE, you will see how Universe will push you through to find the right path to success,no matter what you choose to do.

      One recommendation that I have which changed my thinking is this “Your wish is your command”, the author is a bit controversial,but the content is great and helped changed my thinking and I have never looked back after that.

      All the best,

  • Hi Steven,
    I have an idea for a Guest Post on New Year Resolutions.
    New Year Resolution Stress Test
    Millions of us make New Year Resolutions. Yet one in three of us don’t make it to the end of January. Sadly that’s just the tip of the iceberg as far as the failure rate goes.

    This stress test will assess how robust your New Year Resolution is. And it will pinpoint what you need to do get it in shape. And improve your chances of success.
    Please let me know what you think.



  • I am so happy I found this post! I would love to contribute to your blog! I have found this site to be such a valuable resource and source of inspiration for me. I would love to be a part of this. I will send you my ideas soon! Thank you!

  • Hi Steven,

    Having lived in London for 30 years, I followed my heart and re-located to Malaysia (my home) 14 years ago. I now work as a ICF trained Certified Professional Coach in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and coaching is very new in SE Asia and Malaysia but a much needed industry. I have just started exploring the idea of writing blogs on personal development. The universe must have been listening!!! Because today, I came across your invitation to contribute on personal development. I am really excited about getting some exposure via your site. Thank you for your generosity.
    Vimala Suppiah (CPC)

  • Hi,
    I have been reading your posts for quite a while .I find your writting very impressive as it feels you are writting from your heart,its so oringinal and quite practical to apply in our lives.
    Well I would love to be posting in your blog.Please if you can send me the mail id of yours.
    Thanks and keep inspiring many souls…………

  • My son was coming over to help me: “I will be by later.” He didn’t say what time So I jumped into the shower. I checked my phone after the shower and he left me a message saying He had come by. So I sent him a message asking “does that mean you are not coming now?” and his reply was “I said” I would be by later”. The fact the he always seems to say “I said” really annoys me because I feel disrespected and that he comes across as being superior to me. Am I wrong? Thanks!!

  • Hi, just bumped into you today as I was looking for personal development blogs in Africa and I am thoroughly impressed and I thank you for the opportunity to publish articles for your blog. I will try to do that as I desire to be associated with your site and our vision seems to be the same – encouraging change of thought in Africa.

  • Hi, i am currently attending councelling for my lack of self worth. I think the points you have raised are very helpful, and it is the pushing yourself that gives results. The idea of not ‘dealing with it’ but coping with it is a powerful change in my mind set. For me, improving self worth is a really hard thing to do, i have been given homework to do five things for myself this week, it seems silly, but is actually very daunting!! Wish me luck!!

  • “Send me your idea or your completed article enquiries at stevenaitchison dot co dot uk . Don’t worry about writing a fancy pitch or impressing me with credentials. Life’s too short for all that malarkey :)”

    Finally, someone who understands!

  • Hello,
    This is the first time that I visit this blog. I am an Algerien English student. This is the year I will be graduating nchalah.
    Please I need the help of all af those who are in the blog.
    My project is about “The role of eye contact in foreign language teaching”, so to all who have ana idea, a book, an article…any thing related to this subject, please halp me becuase Iam lost.
    Thank you in advance.

  • Hi, I just wanted to check what you mean by published on any other site? I have several posts from my own blog that I would love to publish here, but is that a breach of your terms? I also have an article that I have written to be published in a magazine, but not online – would that be acceptable?
    Thanks for this wonderful opportunity :-)

  • Hi Steven

    Nice blog you have here. I note your post on Guest Blogging says you were accepting posts while you were building readership. If you are still on the lookout for guest posts, please drop me a line. I’d be happy to write you a unique article on a topic of your choosing.

    Keep up the good work.

    Will 😉

  • I dont know if im in the right place but hear it goes.
    Im a south african. and it was my birthday today and i hate this day with so much passion that i could curl up and die. this is the first time in 7 years since me and my ex broke up and it feel like i have this emptieness inside. it was mostly my fualt that we broke up i stop listining, i only cared about what i wanted and not what we wanted. im so afraid of turning out like my folks that it scares me, they not bad people dont get me wrong just the fighting and days where as a family we should shear like my birthday and Christmas you have to split your self’s cause they cant stand each-other. i can put blame on anyone but myself, God i miss my ex we didn’t even have to talk to understand each other and we fought alot but healthy fights like what you don’t like and what i like. you know what i mean all you woman will know what i mean.

    Some times i wish i could change things in a way that i could have a break. but if you find this interesting i then you must read my life stories. but for now i just wanna speak my mind and get this anger and emptiness away or at least try by just writing down my thoughts.

    I want out get away from every one and start new. i work work work that all i do and not nearly enough for a woman to except me. it seems like every time i get close to the opposite sex its just falls apart every time i care and im the one left behind. sorry guys that you have to read this..

    • Hi Logan,

      I hope you don’t mind me replying to your comment. I know is very sensitive “data” here. I am not any love guru or anything like that and don’t want to be one:-) But I broke up with my ex, I decided based on our relationship that some things I didn’t like and didn’t want these to happen again in my next relationship. So I started to read about relationships and one thing that I remember amongst many articles is that we develop a certain pattern in our brain which we repeat over and over again. If for example you think of yourself being unworthy woman because you don’t have Diplomas, money,you are not sexy and so many other we women come up with, you will attract men that treat exactly how you see yourself. I know is harsh,but people around us are the mirror we look at. Don’t get upset with this:-) It is good you realize something is not working ,because is time for you to change. Change is scary,but is great !

      Another thing that from my own observation is that men don’t like to argue, don’t like bossy women, don’t like possesive women, they want a bit of space and freedom to be men . This is how this creatures are and rule number one you have to accept it. And live with it. If you are getting pissed off quickly,you should lower your forceful reactions, if you are too picky why you didn’t wash up the dishes,why you don’t tidy up your room,you know I am working and I don’t have time for this and that…..I think you should be more flexible and focus on what you want out of that relationship. Do you want fun? do you want marriage, kids?

      If you are working too much, try and find a way to cut some hours to have time for yourself, change your career,get help with house work so you have more time for yourself. The same way you are fed up of too much me doing this and that, he might be fed up as well.

      When you choose your next mate what are you exactly looking for? Try someone different. Let’s say your ex was sexy,muscles everywhere and into healthy foods. Try someone you think at first is boring, a librarian for example,you might get a big surprise. Usually men you think are boring,are actually really good fun and good partners.

      Another thing is are you happy in your job? Do you feel content or drained,they suck all your knowledge and energy and give you peanuts? Change your career, work hard to get to the point in life where you are completely happy with yourself, then the Universe will give you a man that perfectly fits you.

      Challenge yourself and change,you will how happy you are going to be. Being in a job that makes you feel miserable and that you want to go and live in the woods ,will destroy you. Come out of it and do something you have never done before,watch the magic happening.

      All the best,

  • Steven, I think you are doing a great service to mankind. You do not really find many people willing to just share motivational thoughts worldwide without any personal gain. Great Job, keep it up!!!

  • Hey there,
    Love this blog, it’s so informative and inspirational! My positive statement t-shirts and hoodies have been selling really well with LOA fans on both our stall at Spitalfields, London and our online boutique. You may be interested in featuring a selection of the designs which are aimed at enhancing your beliefs by wearing them!
    Would love to contribute and provide some images!
    Best wishes
    Cari :)

  • Hi Steven

    Love your site! It has been a pleasure to visit and read from yourself and various guest authors and I would love to contribute my passions and work here as well.

  • Steven, thank you for your clear guidelines and your request for contributors. I look forward to posting an article at your insightful CYT one of these days – and not too far away, I hope. Congratulations on the number of your subscribers! Warm wishes from Japan – Catrien Ross.

  • So very, very excited that I may get to do a guest post for the fabulous blog you have here, and thank you for the excellent guidelines! I particularly like the Gravatar rule so we can see some faces!

  • This sounds so cool. I am going to ponder what might be a good article for your site…something original that you might consider worthy. My Google page rank just jumped from a 2 to a 4 in the last couple of months. Not that it means much but its a start. Trying to learn as much as I can from you. You are SUCH an inspiration. So proud of you. I bet your family is as well. Hugs, Robin.

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