Change Your Life

This blog is all about changing your thoughts to change your life and here is a short course on how to change your life, should you wish.  I say 'should you wish' because many people talk about personal development, but never actually follow through on what has been learned, and I include myself in that.  I know how difficult it can be, learning something and then implementing the lessons learned, but in order for you to change any aspect of your life, a huge part of changing is taking action.

Hopefully this short course will help you in some way to look at changing your life, or at least give you something to think about.

Short course: How to Change Your Life


Change your life: part 1: Grab your balls

Change your life: part 2: Gaining back your energy

change your life: part 3: Process of change

Change your life: Part 4: Visualise your life

Change your life: Part 5: Falling in love again


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