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make a wish

A few years ago I wrote a post about the power of writing your goals and wishes out, to get them out into the open Place Your Wish Here  .  It became so popular a post that I had to close the comments down after a few hundred comments.  However since then I have had around 100 requests over the last two years to open the post back up to comments.

Instead of opening the post back up I thought I would give it a dedicated page so readers can add their wishes here and the comments will never be closed down.

How it works

I believe that the hopes, dreams and wishes we keep inside our head will stay there if we don't act on them.  One way of acting on your hopes, dreams and wishes is to take action and I am hoping that by leaving a comment below, you will be taking the first actionable step toward realizing your wishes.  This way it gets it from your head out into the world. No matter how silly, grand, small, or impossible it seems get it out of your head and onto your screen. When other people read your wish your thoughts are automatically merged with theirs, in other words they are thinking about you, therefore strengthening your wish. The more people that read the wish the stronger it gets.

So go ahead leave your wish down below.  After 1 year or so I might get back in touch to find out if your wishes came true or not.


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