Binaural beats

binaural beats

Amazing technology of Binaural Beats…..

How to reach meditative states in the space of 5 minutes

alterered states of consciousness…



I have tried meditation on and off for a few years and have been dissappointed with the results. I would get up early every morning and practice for half an hour. I carried this on for a few moths before slowly drifting away from it. I always tried to go back to it but soon gave up thinking I wasn't doing it properly. Then I discovered something called Binaural Beats or brainwave entrainment.

I bought a few CDs, listened to them and felt that I was getting somewhere at last. I was on the lookout for a site to download binaural beats from as the personal CD player was a bit cumbersome to carry about. A friend e-mailed me a link to where I discovered downloadable binaural beats.

I quickly downloaded a pack of mp3s, the program for manifestation with some extras. I downloaded it to my iPod and plugged in whilst my wife and boys were busy watching TV or reading. Within a few minutes I felt a strange, trancelike, sensation. I was watching my wife as she spoke to my son and felt a deep sense of love, I then watched my other son as he watched TV and again the deep sense of love came again.

It was a strange sensation, one which I had felt before but not quite as deep. I felt as if I was on the outside looking in. I dismissed this as feeling tired, I had an open mind but part of me was really saying 'this stuff doesn't work'. However the feeling deepened and I felt relaxed, happy, (euphoric would be a better word) and calm.

Your chance of an alterered state within minutes…

I wrote to and told them how much I enjoyed the download and wondered if we could do some kind of promotion for the readers of Change your thoughts. Jim Mcelwee is the site owner and the following video explains exactly what binaural beats are:

As you know, I don't actively promote anything on my blog unless I think my readers will benefit from it and I have spent money and tried it myself. I think I have found something special at and the fact that you are only a few minutes away from downloading it means you can try it immediately.

The benefits of downloading binaural beats


  • Downloadable within minutes of purchasing them
  • Inexpensive
  • An amazing way to reach an altered state of consciousness
  • Practice lucid dreaming a lot quicker
  • Practice astral projection a lot quicker
  • Use it for meditation, no need for years of practice
  • Quality recordings
  • Guaranteed results or your money back


binaural beats

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