A Second Has the Power To Change the World

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Life is made up of moments. We classify these in various segments of "time" – but really they are all just moments. And every moment is composed of many tiny segments.

In every single one of these tiny segments, we have the chance, the option to cause great change. In fact, we always do, whether we are conscious of this or not.

a_second_can_change_the_worldAs so many of us get wrapped up in various spiritual and personal development ideas and paradigms, sometimes we forget to live out what we learn and actually put it into action.

So what does this all mean to you and I, and every moment of our lives?

This means, that life, learning, evolving and growing is happening right now – as you sit there, as you take a jog, as you choose what you buy, as you hug a loved one, as you criticize the government. In all these moments you ARE changing the world.

But how could this be you may think? I am but one, small and perhaps insignificant person, minding my own business, focusing on my own life.

And that is just it – your life is interconnected to all that is. None of us are small or insignificant. If you are here in this physical existence currently, your thoughts and actions matter just as much as anyone else's.

Many of us still cannot see how this can be, for surely I and my thoughts, words and actions are not as significant as the president's, for example. But that is just the thing – they are. For if another person does something which we feel is not of the highest possible vibration for the good of all, you and I have the choice to add to that vibration or alter it to reflect the vibration of love more clearly.

Transformational Connections

When we send out our thoughts, wishes, wants, desires or preferences, we are connecting with the universal matrix of life. We are all interconnected.

We must therefore not be surprised by political turmoil, wars or violence on our planet. As long as there is turmoil within you, wars within yourself and between your closest loved ones, or violent ways of living in any and every area of your life, so too those will exist on a grander scale.

You are the microcosm. What you see in the world around you reflected is the macrocosm. See the connection. Know that you and I are shaping everything that is, was and ever will be.

This is where, every single second has the power to change the world. If 7 billion people   made the same decision in 1 second, we would see immediate results. But here is the thing, we do not need everyone on this planet to think or act the same way. In fact, it has been proven that very small numbers of individuals have the potential to create big change. We have seen it throughout history and are seeing it today.

According to Gregg Braden for example, in his book The Spontaneous Healing of Belief, he states that the minimum number of people required for great change is the square root of 1% of the population. That may be astounding, but again, we see this play out in various ways, time and time again.

"Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." -Margaret  Mead

Transformational Thoughts

Therefore, the next time you are about to put down or criticize someone for example, catch that thought and transform it – transform it to reflect the kind of world you want to see and live in. Transform it to reflect the highest version of you – the vibration of love.

With every thought, you and I are creating our world. This concept is still pushed away by many for two reasons, I think. One, is that we were always lead to believe that some external force(s) are making life and this world the way it is. And two, for many people this kind of responsibility seems overwhelming.

But you and I are creators. Many of us are awakening to this idea and starting to see it more and more clearly in our own personal lives. Now the time has come to expand that idea, and apply it on a broader scale. Not only are you and I creating our own lives, we are all collectively creating the world as we know it.

If you are happy with every single area in your life, and thus the world, then you have nothing to do. Just keep being and doing what you are.

If however, you see areas in your own life or this world where you crave change, be that change. Stop waiting, stop pretending it does not exist and start transforming.

While we may not all be able to live in conscious awareness of all of our thoughts, words or actions 100% of the time yet, every bit of growth helps.

Therefore in this very second, you and I can choose thoughts, words and actions of love and light to change the world or we can stay separated from the connections that bind us all and create the world we see.

What do you choose?

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