You Can Change Your Body With Thought Control

Steven Aitchison
Written by Steven Aitchison

Can you control your own hormones and cells?

This is a bit of break from the norm for me. I am interested in personal development, as you know, however I am interested in the science of personal development also. I have been looking at cell biology for the last few years, not studying per se more like reading with interest.

Last year I came across someone called Dr. Bruce Lipton, an internationally recognised expert on cell biology. For the last few years he has been teaching and giving seminars on the Biology of belief. He believes that, through the power of our thoughts and beliefs, we can control our biology and our cells and ultimately our whole world.

His books have been instrumental in changing my thoughts on personal development and given me inspiration. I am not trying to sell his books here so you can check out his blog to get more information, ‘The biology of belief’ is a great book to start with.


Can we control our hormones?

We control our hormones every day without realising it. When you are in a stressful situation you release a signal to your brain which in turn releases adrenalin into the bloodstream to help you deal with the change (fight or flight response). You sometimes cope with this by taking deep breaths and your adrenalin levels return to normal. This is a very simplistic view on it and it is more complicated than this. However it illustrates how we can control our hormones to a degree.

Can we do this with all of our hormones?

I am now of the belief that we can do this, we just need to know how to talk to the unconscious brain which will then interact with our bodies hormones which will then have a direct impact on the bodies cells.

There are literally trillions of cells in our bodies all talking to each other and interacting through an unseen force called energy. Energy is everywhere and nowhere, it is an unseen force and directly affects our whole lives. Our thoughts affect our energy force which in turn affects the way people interact with us which in turn affects how they interact with other people and so on and so forth. This means that the heated argument you had with your partner yesterday could have an affect on the whole world, now that’s just crazy to believe that isn’t it!

This means we are, literally, all connected to each other with this energy. Currently you might believe the world is poisoned with all the insane and horrendous events taking place. We could be fueling this toxic energy by believing this.

I hate listening to the news and do not read newspapers as they infect us with thoughts of murder, rape, violence, war. I know these things go on in the world but I do not want to know the gory details because I become extremely angry. I have sometimes caught the news on the car radio and found myself upset and angry when I have heard a news story. The awful thing is that the news reader reads it in such a way that it doesn’t sound all that bad, she has a cheery little voice when reading out that someone’s head was blown off last night in the local pub.

Hormones: our first step to control

There are studies being done looking at fat burning hormones and how they can control weight. I am currently playing with the idea of trying to release these hormones naturally. By naturally I mean when not exercising and through direct thought control. Exercising is an important part of losing weight however I believe we will be able to release the hormones that burn fat with belief and with thought control.

If this is possible the implications on many aspects of our lives are huge. For example the drug industry would lose the power it currently enjoys, the health service would be directly affected, the ability for us to take control of our lives would change the world.

Of course this is all pie in the sky just now. Studies are just that: studies. They don’t prove anything and studies can be very biased.

Having said this I think it is a possibility that we will learn how to control our thoughts, then control the release of certain hormones and chemicals, which can then control the cells in our bodies.

Some ways to try and reach the brain

I have been trying to come up ways of directly communicating with the brain and the unconscious mind, which is more powerful than the conscious brain, and I have come up with the following:

  1. Trick the brain: it may be possible to trick the brain into releasing hormones into the bloodstream. You might have heard that the brain cannot distinguish actual events from imagined events. So for example if we were to imagine that we were exercising in our minds would the brain then release chemicals and hormones to burn energy?
  2. Write to the brain: By writing something over and over again it may be possible that the brain will take the information you write and form a belief which in turn affects the chemicals and hormones released into the body. Imagine writing: Every time I go to work I feel happy
  3. Hypnotise the brain: This is the same as the writing example above, saying something over and over again forms a belief which in turn elicits a response from the brain which in turn releases appropriate chemicals and hormones into the blood stream.

For example telling yourself over and over again that you are an extremely calm person may change your personality from being that of an angry person to that of a controlled and calm person.

These are just some ways you might be able to access the unconscious therefore accessing the brains control centre which in turn accesses the chemicals and hormones released into your body.

The bigger picture

I have only touched the tip of the iceberg here and I have presented it in a very simplistic way. I have come up with my own possibilities of what humans could achieve if we were in control of our hormones and our cells such as weight control, mental health issues, disease, there are literally thousands of ways this could benefit our lives should it happen to be true.

What if it’s a case of simply believing it’s true and then work from that premise?

Next week I will be writing about the unseen energy, as mentioned above.

Some Studies in this field:

Attention, intention, and will in quantum physics

PPARS and the complex journey to obesity

Some physiological effects of breathing singlet oxygen activated air

Nature Nurture and human development

External bioenergy increases intracellular free calcium concentration and reduces cellular response to heat stress.

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  • What you are experiencing is not adrenaline, even though it feels very similar. You are in fact controlling the “energy” in your body. We are energy beings, EVERYTHING in this universe is made of energy. Ever been thinking about someone and they call/text you? Or ever been staring at someone across the room and they suddenly look directly at you? They felt your energy, its subconscious for most, some people can feel it stronger than others.

    I, along with my partner, have been able to see and experience marvelous things through energy manipulation. We have had several out of body experiences and have seen many “strange” phenomenons. I have learned that our energy/spirit does not vanish when we die, in fact we live several lifes on this planet. I have lived many, many lifes. We keep coming back until our souls evolve to the point where we can move on. There are several different soul levels. I believe I would be a mid/late stage mature soul.

    You should all experiment with mediation and such, it will help you hone your skills. Love is the strongest energy of all. If you have pure love in your heart, that energy can move mountains.

    I don’t have all the answers, but I feel they will come to me in time. This world is far more complicated and amazing than you can image.

    • Hi, my name is Joshua and I really wanna know what you’re talking about because, well, if you could email me it would be awesome to discuss what you’re talking about. I don’t wanna say anything here, thanks.

  • I am sure all this is possible, and probably more. I can remember waking up from a drea/nightmare (The kind where all that you love will be taken away unless you do something) and as soon as I wake up I can HEAR my hear visibly beating and my vision shaking everytime it happens. The only time I ever get adrenalin at other times is just before I swim at a chlorine pool. I suddenly get really nervous and excited just before a race, and the moment I am on the blocks I can feel my vision beat with my heart. It sometimes happens in Athletics too

  • From the point of view of the Wave Structure of Matter (Milo Wolff, e.g.), rather than the dominant particle theory of matter, all matter in the universe is connected via a quantum wave structure of space, wherein the ubiquitous electron component of matter, for example, is a scalar in and out wave. So thoughts influence other kinds of matter elsewhere.

  • enternaly my feet are cool and goes up my body and gets warmer and warmer as it goes up my body and is real hot by the time it goes out the top of my head and out

  • Hello, I am somewhat understanding the change your thoughts. Being able to control the release of hormones cells etc. I believe that energy is all around us as within us. I have seen some comments such as imagining workouts, getting your adrenaline racing. the thing is though, once you have established so much control by a mere thought, one would think it be very easy to absorb energy from your surroundings. I believe that is very possible, everything is made up of energy. to my understanding, the very same keyboard you use to type comments on has energy. The greatest energy of all would be our mother Earth. once you have mastered the ability to give and receive energy to her and to others, then you would truly be a master. I look forward to the next update on energy Steve also to those who have made some very interesting comments.

  • Before I say anything, let me start by introducing myself. I am a 17 year old teen from San Antonio, TX. I’m a senior in high school and I have been in sports since middle school. I know how to control my body as well as my mind fairly well because of that. That being said, this year is the first year I have ever taken cannabis. I just wanted to live a little, sue me. What I thought would just make me brain dead and happy, has turned into a major break through personally and I believe scientifically. As most of you know, being under the influence of cannabis will cause the user to feel high intense feeling both physically and mentally. Not very exciting? Well think of it exactly how this blog described. Focusing on something with such intense focus, theoretically, will give someone the ability to control it. Now put cannabis into effect and you have yourself a perfect tool. The effects of cannabis can intensify your focus and feeling infinitely, in theory. I have no proof of this but my word. I HAVE COMPLETED AN EXPERIMENT SUCCESSFUL, and pretty recently at that! I successfully controlled my saliva glands. Yeah, it sounds pretty dumb but thats just the beginning of what you can do if you truly have the right amount of focus and mental power. I plan on continuing my experiments and venturing further into my mind. I strongly believe that this herb can unlock the secret to “total brain control” ( I need a better name for this)

    In short, Cannabis can be used as a tool to unlocking our brains true potential. So give it a try, you won’t regret it.

    P.S. a note I’d like to make, the more cannabis you consume, the further your mind will escape from reality if attempting to focus on controlling your body. Also, be aware that this practice is very dangerous. If you ever DO gain control of your brain completely, know that you will be able to control EVERYTHING your body and mind have to offer. This includes being able to stop your heart. So please take caution when you attempt to control a certain part of your body, some things are better left alone.

    Cannabis is an illegal drug in America, use caution while using this herb.

    • OMG duuuude. This exact thigs has happened to me over the last year. Just recently after almost 1 year of smoking pot(didnt start regularly until over 18) i have lost 20 ponds of fat but still have all my muscle, did blood tests and there is no explanation. I have literally been able to alter my body without working out over the past two months. Email me i gotta talk to someone about this.

  • dude i agree 110%. i have been researching the brain and the mind and i can truthfully say that i believe i changed my veiw of everything just by focusing and digging deeper into the theorys of everything. the mind in general is a powerful force that thru history society has forgotten the correct ways to think due to the “unbelieving not possible thoughts”, that society has evolved into. i could go on an on about this subject and want to learn as much as i can. if you want to talk more on this subject or if you have any thoughts or theorys on things send me an email at

  • Its great to see people understand the difference between mind and brain(which brain is part of the flesh). We are the mind.

    Our will is not chemicals, if it was, it would obey the laws of physics and chemistry. It is immaterial and free, we can really turn the world upside down.

    Our body including brain and the whole nervous system may torture and oppose our mind. But the mind with a strong will has the power to resist and cure the body. Its an amazing reality that can be proven through personal experiment. We have the power

  • WHOO! I FINALLY FOUND PEOPLE THAT HAVE THE SAME POWER AS ME! Ugh, I thought I was alone! Along with many other commenters, I can control adrenaline. I am 14, and I have had this power for my entire life.

    • Hi Evangeline. I am trying to gain some control like this myself. I was just wondering could you tell me about this further in depth? DO you picture an intense situation for example, or do you just… do it?

      My email is if you want to send stuff to me there

  • I’m reading the comments here and doing ‘whatever its called’ trying to figure out how I do it! I’d be interested to know exactly what’s happening. I’m pretty sure now by reading here and other sites that it is an increase in adrenaline flow.

    A lot of the people here seem to be in tune with their bodies, some seem very active and competitive and I seem to be veering into the realms of muscle control as an answer.

    I’ve always been able to control individual muscles as far back as I can remember (not sure if everyone can) and I think maybe I’m squeezing an adrenal gland somehow, it may be the thymus? as the tenseness does seem to come from my chest.

    I have also been learning about lucid dreaming and this ability seems to have stemmed from the meditative state I put myself into before going to sleep, in some ways it does feel spiritual as well. I can use it to wear me out a bit before sleep and find lucidity more intense when sleeping in this state.

    I can also relate to the heat producing ability too. It is a different sensation and seems to come completely from the mind; more of an effort of will. Maybe the heat is coming from a hormone that controls metabolism as I have heard people with a high metabolism tend to run hotter.

    This has been a very informative thread and I’ve just formed these opinions by reading the comments and having a search in google so I’m going to focus on it more. It’s been something I took for granted, assuming everyone could do it but that appears not to be the case.

    When I started doing it a few years ago I had the feeling of ‘going too far’ and for some reason or other spent the next 3 months suffering major panic attacks and a sickening pit in my stomach that I couldn’t shake. I kept on rolling and it eventually subsided but I’ve been wary of it since, so just a warning for anyone practising this that if this happens to you just recognise it for what it is and try not to blame it on external events, as in my case I think my concious decided it had to be external, don’t be tricked. Once I came to terms with it the feeling subsided and I feel a lot better. Maybe this was a necessary step, who knows.

  • Glenn –

    I know exactly what you’re talking about with wiggling your two fingers! The faster you go, the more it builds up til you almost can’t handle it anymore! I may be able to try and develop control at will over that sensation from your explanation, although to a certain extent I can create intense feelings within my body while sitting still already. I’ve never spent much time thinking about it or experimenting with it, but as I’ve been reading everyone’s responses I’ve been playing around with the feelings and I’m pretty sure with a little practice I’ll be able to do exactly as you’ve described.

    Steven – I enjoyed reading your blog and am very interested in mind over matter subjects. I’d like to add to your simplistic examples and describe something I do for fun – When I’m out riding my motorbike on a straight road where there is not a lot of traffic or distraction, I keep my body as still as I can and ‘think’ in a direction and immediately the bike will follow. I cannot detect any deliberate muscle movement. I have also ‘thought’ about where I’d like to end up further down the road and tried to not make any voluntary movements and I would always end up exactly where I wanted to be. I am obviously physically controlling the bike, but the effort required is reduced substantially by willing the bike to move rather than making it move with force. It is exhilirating.

    Someone above mentioned being able to rid themselves of hiccups by merely thinking about it. Same here. I can also induce or prevent vomiting simply by willing my thoughts in one direction or the other. I have always played with the sensation of pain, and can control the amount of pain I feel to a certain extent. I believe everyone can do everything I’ve mentioned, they need only try.

    These things again are very simple but I believe they lead to something bigger and better, like being able to identify and eliminate harmful radicals in the body.

    Going back to the adrenaline control – It sounds like it might be somewhat common and could be a big enough topic to be explored. I’m sure there will be studies on it in the near future.

  • A little late to the party it seems but I’m another googler of ‘self induced adrenaline’ to find my way onto this blog. Like others, I can carefully control the release of pulses of adrenaline to varying levels of intensity, at will and without any emotional attachment to induce it.

    The sensation from this activation can only be described as being like waves travelling through the body. It seems to start at the base of my head, and radiates out very quickly throughout my body, arms and legs within a second. My arm and leg muscles will randomly lightly twitch as a result and if I have a blocked up nose, this gets cleared almost completely within about 20 – 30 seconds. My heart rate can jump from 60 to 130 within about 10 seconds but I’m also able to hold my heart rate at any point for a length of time by controlling the intensity of adrenaline (used a heart rate monitor to check this).

    I’ll try and explain exactly how I discovered how to do this, although it might sound very odd?? However, if someone was able to learn how to do this from my explanation, that would be interesting! Some time ago, I was tapping two fingers on my desk very fast (on the same hand) almost like a very fast drum roll. I noticed that as I tried to tap faster and faster, I felt a sensation of waves (or buzzing sensation) in my body. My guess is that this was just adrenaline being released. Over time, I used this technique of tapping my fingers very fast to create the adrenaline when driving (kept me awake when tired!).

    However, I gradually got to ‘feel’ the control of something at the base of my head/brain which triggered the release of adrenaline. Through practice over the years, it now feels amost like a hidden muscle inside which I can gently squeeze to varying levels of intensity depending on how much adrenaline I want to let out. Although I’m slightly drained of energy afterwards, it doesn’t feel like I’m causing any real harm to my body.

    I’ve wondered if this ability was commonplace many tens/hundreds of thousands of years ago, as a way of preparing the body to hunt or defend itself. And maybe over the years, through evolution the ability inside us to control the sypathetic nervous system almost lies dormant until awoken.

    Anyone, that’s my 2 pennies worth

  • Interesting stuff! I’m not sure what it is I’m controlling exactly, but I find that if I try to focus on my body in the present moment, bringing my awareness to where i am, I have the ability to increase my heart rate just while sitting down. I mainly use this when i get cold hands and feet as it improves my circulation in a matter of a couple of minutes- very handy! I also think this is very similar to what I have experienced through Barbara Brennan healing- the ‘process’ leads to an altered state of consciousness, in which the physical body is ‘allowed’ to let go of tensions and traumas held within it- this can lead to involuntary shaking as things are released…after these sessions I have generally experienced deep calmness and groundedness.

  • Hello, I’ve recently been researching this stuff cause I’ve been confused as to what’s been going on with me. I don’t know if this is actually true but I also feel as if I can control the release of adrenaline in my body, not only that but I can also centralize it in a certain part of my body. For instance, if I centralize it in my arms, I “feel” a fraction stronger as if I was experiencing naturally occurring adrenaline. I want to know if I’m crazy or if this is actually possible. Any comments? And is there any way I can know for sure what is going on like getting tested or something?

  • wow awesome ive been looking for info like this for a long time!. i was wondering uh, can you only control your hormones too or can you control other things such as acne problems or hair growth? if that was possible how would i go about testing it? I’m not quite sure how to do it. I think I managed to raise my body temperature during winter through thought processes but would it be possible to test the other things too?

  • I’ve been trying to research something like this for a while, glad i finally found a little information. I was wondering if this process could somehow be used to stop hair follicle growth and to stop some destructive OCD habits. Seemed like a cool idea but i have no idea how i would test it and was wondering if maybe somebody here knows. I’ve managed to control my body heat during winter sometimes by thinking about being warmer so im convinced i might be able to do something else too.

  • Hello, I can also control adrenaline production. I achieved it in the same way mentioned in a previous post by reverse engineering it from the original feeling. When I do it my pupils can dilate massively, heart rate goes through the roof along with confidence levels. I look forward to experimenting further on strength power and speed tests vertical leap etc.

    I can also control blood flow consciously and make my hands pulse, it feels like a build up of energy around the hands when I do it and it is not related to the adrenaline switch. My hands go white and splotchy when i do it and I can feel an energy(kind of a like a static) in between my hands when they are held opposite each other. Regarding the blood flow, well think of the most obvious male appendage where blood flow control can be obviously measured and you’ll get the idea. This is done without stimuli but rather by feeling the passages the blood flows along and directing it.

  • This is a definite possibility, but I think you should have an emphasis on the language of the unconscious. The inner development comes into insufferable conflict with knowledge, we have to segregate empirical and conventional knowledge. The way to speak to your mind is on the present tense, why?, a paradigm of this would be: “Im going to lose weight.” the moment you say that your unconscious will ask: “ok that’s good, when?.” instead say: “I am healthy, or I am skinny.” I means “this physical form looking through these eyes”, Am means “now and forever” and your mind will start working towards that goal this way. A few words to erradicate would be: “I hope,I will, I can’t, I want” these words won’t work when speaking to
    Your unconscious. The string theory is fascinating and quite lucid, so if you want something like: wealth, fame, or anything, all you have to do is draw that to you, because it’s already yours!. See the reason we can’t use telekinesis is because we think: “that’s his leg so I can’t move it”, that’s a glass, and it’s not part of me, when it is. There is an intricacy, perseverance, patience, and creativity involved in developing this language, a good book to read is by C.G. Jung “the undiscovered self”. This is a powerful language so use it positively. Practice it with conviction because your have to trick your mind every hour, make it believe or achieve what you desire.

  • As others here have stated, I also can control my adrenaline rushes. I’ve been doing it for as long as I can remember.. but I think it began when I was little trying to emulate the feeling of a roller coaster.

    Like others, the feeling is more of a tingling with a slight euphoria. It almost feels like I’m flexing a muscle when I control it.

    I do have complications, though, like a few others. They may or may not be related.. but I seem to feel the same feeling, but to a lesser degree, all the time. Literally, it feels like a fire burning. This comes with a high level of persperation and I fear I may have some form of hyperhydrosis. I plan to see a doctor shortly about this but am wondering weather or not I should mention the controlled adrenaline. I feel like I cannot correctly describe what is going on and I don’t want the doctor to get the wrong idea.

    I wonder if the constant activity is not a conditioned response to me abusing this control or if I “broke” something. Any ideas?

  • “He believes that, through the power of our thoughts and beliefs, we can control our biology and our cells and ultimately our whole world.”

    This is what I believe maybe a cure to cancer and vice versa. Nikola tesla mentioned something about electricity at 8hz in the atmosphere and thoughts travel at 8hz. I can’t recall the exact details but the basic is basically down to thoughts and mind control.

    I can personally control my euphoric feelings by sitting here quietly and semi-focused. Someone asking questions stimulates and intensifies this process.

  • Very interesting post. I do believe that you can control how your body reacts to certain things. Take me for example: I can rid myself of the hiccups by simply thinking it. Basically what I do when I get the hiccups (which is pretty rare, by the way) is ask myself “Do I have the hiccups?” a few times and before you know it…no more hiccups. Sometimes I’ll say to myself “You don’t have the hiccups” and they’ll disappear. I believe that it’s basic “mind over matter” thinking. Still, it is interesting.

  • I were searching the web for adrenaline rushes in hope that I would get answer, then I stumbled over this blog, wich have given me alot of information already. Have you ever felt the emotions of real love, well I have. So I decided to ask her out, when she said that she have liked since we first met, I got this strange tickling feeling, it was like some kind of drug, and each time we kiss I keep getting the same feeling. But what I were supposed to say was that one day we were out on a restaurant, when we were about to walk home I told her just to go ahead, while I were on the WC. When I realized I couldnt see her out on the street I heard her screaming, thats when I got this kind of feeling i`ve been talking about, just in another way, when I saw that it were 3 guys trying to take her with her, everything just flipped for me, it was like i`ve entered a new state, all my feelings and strength were greatly increased, my only focus were to kill those peoples, yes KILL. and i`ve never been a fight before and i am on of the calm and shy guys.
    Still, my desire to kill them was so big. Just by writing this, i get some of the “rush” i felt there.
    It was like, they werent a match for me it was like the lion vs the lambs, and no i didnt kill them:P but there had to be like 5 men to pull me away. after awhile i got calm, and my whole body had an intense pain for about an hour.

    My question here was can this thing that happened to me be controlled?
    as for me i couldnt do anything about it, there were only one focus in my mind then.

    and sorry for my bad explanation, when i write about this i remeber every single detail from that day, and my mind gets fuzzy or whatever you wanna call it.


  • […] you can change your body with thought control – can you control your own hormones and cells? this is a bit of break from the norm for me. i am interested in personal development, as you know, however i am interested in the science of personal development also. … […]

  • Hi, I’m a 21 y/o male and I have the same ability to voluntarily control my adrenaline release. I’ve had this ability for at least 10 years. For most of that time I’ve believed that it was indeed my adrenaline that I was controlling, but could never find any information on it. I’ve spoken to a doctor and a cardiologist about it, only briefly at checkups for other things, and both told me they thought that it wasn’t possible.

    It’s great to see that others have this ability as well. For me, I start it by tensing up in the core of my body (lower chest/upper abdomen), and it feels like something very subtly “wiggles” in there. It causes a buzzing, yet very consistent and intense feeling as described by others here. I’ve always thought I could definitely feel it first in my kidney areas (near adrenal glands), then in my heart, and then throughout my whole body. Like Adam F. said, it’s impossible to sit still. All the usual adrenaline symptoms follow – hair raising, feeling a weird combination of excited/nervous/afraid/ecstatic. As a kid, I’d do this whenever I was excited about something and wanted to intensify that feeling. Sometimes I’d do it too much and I’d have a bad headache afterwards.

    I now have random chest pains and irregular heart beats, and am seeing a cardiologist. Luckily they have not yet detected any problems with my heart. Still though, I worry that I may have caused permanent damage somehow, so I’ve tried to stop doing it.

    After seeing this page, I’ll definitely bring it up to a doctor and see if research can be done on it. Anyone else have similar stories?

  • Steven you blog is great and all but how do you trick your brain to make time go slower. I have had a few occians were it has happened but how to i train it to happen. For the most part ii think i have a answer to Kathy’s question, which is how to reach the subconscious conscious and i think that in order to do that is by going to sleep then waking up in your dream but not actually waking up, if that makes sense. It has happened to me before but when i tried to really wake up after i woke up i couldn’t :( was a bit scary but ii woke up anyway :). So what I’m trying to say is to go to sleep but in your bream be conscious or half asleep and half awake. sorry for any misspelling but ow to you make time slow down with adrenaline.

    • I have done this before! I was asleep and snoring, but I was able to look around. It was actually terrifying. I could not wake up at the time, and I could feel the snoring and just this very strong inability to move anything except my eyes, which were partially open. I woke up a short time later.

      I also can control my adrenaline. It is a very odd sensation, and it seems to make me crash a little while after.

  • Buddhist monks have been documented causing cold wet sheets draped over them during meditation to be able to steam and dry.

    Most professional sport participants are taught to learn technique/skill on a basic level and then spend time concentrating on just imagining doing it for real in their minds: this act of deliberate thought set down pathways within the brain just as effectively as actually doing it for real. This thought exercise alone won’t make the technique instantly top notch professional, as the brain is a lazy organ and won’t consider the minor factors involved such as stabilising muscles or factors external to the body. It is a fantastic training aid.

    The best martial artists in the world are the ones who can imagine an effective training partner as well as use a real one.

    (I have read that) The Womb cycles of women living together will adjust to match each other after only a couple of months.

    Those of you into physics will know that Heisenberg believed that we are not observers of experiments but participants (I will spare the non-geeks the details of what I mean).

    All of these things are evidence that the mind can control and teach the body, and that the body exerts an influence on the surrounding environment.

    But as with every skill, it must be worked on. There is no quick fix or short cut to any of the suggestions in this article. It has been proven that the heart rate can be controlled to beat any given rate and held, with enough dedication, will and practice. Just like learning to write with your other hand.

    I do disagree with one point though: Writing something down enough times has never worked for me. When I was a child my teachers were constantly making me write things like “I must not swear in class” a thousand times or more and I never stopped :)

  • Hi NdB

    I have sent you a reply asking in you would be interested in trying binaural beats to alleviate this, I am not just plugging my sites as I would give you them for free as I would like to try and help.

  • Very interesting and exciting site. I came upon this site in my search to understand thoughts, and how they affect our hormones. Much like Cathy C. I have an anxiety condition.
    For years I have been taking alprazolam to alleviate the flight or fight response to excess adrenaline. As Cathy has already stated there are dramatic and devestating side effects to medications. I was hoping to find suggestions as to how to turn off the negative thoughts. Trust me I have tried, and it is not that easy. Yes I have tried yoga, meditation, exercise etc. These things work to a degree, but are not giving me the relief I so much desire.
    The mind is a wonderous and most powerful tool; I just want to make these panic attacks go away without pills.
    If anyone has any suggestions…please

  • Hey Everyone,

    Finally!!!! I thought I was the only one, and when you tellpeople they think you;re crzy – anyways, I can control the adrenaline just as described, which seems to come from the center of my chest ad shoot outward. Also, I can make my hands heat up (the palms anyways) I think we are capabale of other things, but don’t know how to trigger it.

  • Well, it’s nice to know that other people agree with what I myself believe. It’s pretty clear there are mysteries of the body we don’t yet know about, most of which are probably unobservable through microscopes or the so-calld “advanced” technology we have now (we all know technology evolves indefinitely, so any huge medical breakthroughs we’ve made recently will probably be considered inaccurate or primitive 1-2 hundred years from now). I like to combine my knowledge of things that I believe with scientific observations made by the experts.

    Personally, I think our brain is connected to every part of our body, and we can control each part of our body (including organs) through thought. A man I know can actually slow his heart rate down dramatically, even when he’s just sitting still, to as slow as he wants by concentrating and “willing” his heart rate to slow down. Apparently he went for a check-up with a doctor, who witnessed him doing this, and the doctor was shocked by it; my friend was warned against doing it again.

    I also believe we can control almost every aspect of our body, from muscle growth to bone growth, just through intense concentration of thought, but that it can be dangerous for someone who doesn’t know how to control their thoughts. I’ve read up on a lot of Buddhist practices and other spiritual practices, and a lot of what they do sounds a lot like what I believe.

    Anyways, this kind of stuff is definitely interesting. I wish more resources were devoted to studying the brain”s control over the entire body and its connection to cells, rather than just the functions of the cells themselves.

  • Hi, just wanted to pipe up as a female who can control adrenaline! As the others said, I just focus on the feeling I know adrenaline brings with it, and then it actually happens. I haven’t ever used it for any kind of practical purpose like the men here did, though. I think I learned it partly because I learned to surpress my adrenaline when I was younger. I used to be very violent, and at one point I decided that that was no longer the kind of person I want to be, so I learned to lower my general level of arousal.

    I can also create the physical sensations of being in love (tingly feeling in my body, constricted chest, but all in a very nice way) in the same way (that would be the hormone fenilalanine), and I can bring myself to orgams by just thinking about the physical sensations (sorry if that was too much information!)

    I’m sorry, I can’t really help with the practical application. I think you mostly need good visualisations skills, something that I’ve been practicing for over six years now.

  • Hello All,
    Fantastic article! I’ve noted that the three posters stating they can control adrenaline are males. Perhaps as males they need or require adrenaline control to help them compete (as they all have admitted). The only female poster says she likes the ‘feeling’ of excitement and anticipation.
    I have spent a lifetime trying to shutoff the fight or flight response. I was raised in a difficult home, and needed to be ready to protect myself at any given moment. Learning to turn off the anxiety and vigilant thoughts has been a hard process. I now take an antidepressant.
    Chronic exposure to cortisol, the stress hormone, wreaks havoc on the body. Bone calcium loss, depression, body aches, and diabetes can result.
    Biofeedback is well known now as a useful tool in stress control.
    Perhaps in the near future we can find out how to teach ourselves to control other hormone pathways using similar methods.I have the ability to control pain, such as headaches, thru a a technique I developed. I take a deep breath thru my nose, mentally gather the pain with the ‘breath’ and then blow the pain out and down thru my feet. After 2 or 3 breaths the pain is gone or diminished greatly.
    Thanks for posting this article.

  • I can get this wave of energy and i can do physical stuff a lot easier pushups, i can squeez with with my hands a lot more,…
    So i googled it and found the same symptoms i get as when adrenalin is released in to your body heart rate increases, pupil dialation, burst of energy,… and the release of adrenalin means that it takes ”energy” from other non critical systems from your body usualy from your digestion system and givs it to the heart, muscles, brain. I tried to use it like for 5 minutes straight my muscles started to shake and twich especialy legs and arms suddenly my stomache started to hurt, so I stoped.
    There is something about hormon controling that is true.
    It seems that I can release adrnealin with just a thought, as everyone elese and as evry one elese that posted here I don’t know how i just think of it.

    just my part

  • Hi Peter

    This is a fascinating story and I am glad to hear about someone who can actually control this release of adrenalin, it really does fascinate me.

    Hopefully someone else might have the answers you seek.

    Thanks for dropping by and leaving your comments.

  • Hey Guys…

    I came across this page in a google search because I was looking for some answers on adrenaline. What is described here is something I’ve been using to my advantage for years now. I’m a 19 year old collegiate track athlete, and years ago I found that I had this strange, seemingly useless talent. I wish I could tell you how I do it, but as described by others, with a little brainpower, my body “tingles” all over, my skin’s pores open up and I begin to sweat, and my mind enters a brief, strangely intense euphoric state. After years of playing around with this, I have trained myself to use it pretty much whenever I want, and I can even control the intesity. It used to only work when I was in a meditative state, usually laying down, and my muscles would twitch lightly. Now, not only can I do it as I please, I can actually control it to the point of sending myself strong, intense bursts of “adrenaline” or “hormones” or whatever it is at presice times in my event. I’m a pole vaulter, an event which demands power, speed, and ajility. By conroling my adrenaline, I can propel myself higher than I would without this talent.

    The only negative effects I’ve experienced when doing this is a slight “crash” shortly thereafter. In the heat of competition, adrenaline is always up. For me, using these extra intense bursts of adrenaline, the crash can be dramatic. When I use this not in a physically intense activity, I get very jittery, my muscles flex, and I have an almost-overwhelming urge to pick a fight with the next guy I see (which is strange for someone like me, who has never gotten into a physical fight in his life). I think this goes back to what was being said that it’s the “fight or flight” response that adrenaline has on the human body. The “fight” response is probably heightened because I’m a male.

    I guess what I’m trying to say in all this is that yes, it is very possible to control hormones.

    How, you ask?
    Well, there’s the golden question. If I knew the answer to that I would have written a book and made millions by now. Unfortunatly, it’s something that I can’t teach, and I have a feeling that something like this can’t be learned. I didn’t learn it, it just did it.

    Does anyone else experience the kind of control I do? I’m very curious and looking for answers.


  • Hi, I just received an email notification regarding a new post in this blog. It was by Adam F. You said that a paragraph from my comment had caught your attention.

    (“I sure would be excited to find out if anyone is actually able to not only be able to do it themselves, but to be able to share the knowledge of HOW to access the subconscious brain while in a conscious state.”)

    Anyway, I wanted to thank you for your explaination of how you seem to have learned (or taught yourself) how to consciously reproduce feelings that usually only occur as a reaction to something else, not at will.

    BTW, I think I know exactly the feeling you mentioned. I usually describe it similarly: as the way you feel as a little kid on Christmas Eve, can’t sleep, just can’t wait for Christmas morning to arrive. And after reading your post, I realized that throughout my life, I seem to have found myself trying to describe that feeling to various people quite a few times. Although I can’t remember now exactly why.

    I understand (in theory) how you say you go about re-producing it, but in practice…. well, I guess it must take a lot of practice. But any input like that which you had, I always find very encouraging that the conscious mind really CAN access the subconscious (subconscious? or some other part of the brain – I’m not too sure now).

    Anyway, thank you Adam for your comment. It’s one thing for someone to say that “it can be done”, but quite another for someone to say, I’ve done it”.

    Thanks again!

  • I took another little read through, as I only grazed the responses the first time and stumbled upon this quote from Kathy;

    “I sure would be excited to find out if anyone is actually able to not only be able to do it themselves, but to be able to share the knowledge of HOW to access the subconscious brain while in a conscious state.”

    Well; for me its merely the re-production of the feeling associated with the adrenaline. Its basically reverse engineering.

    As I child; i figured out how to do this when I was excited about my birthday coming up the following day. I had felt this strange feeling throughout my body and decided that I would reproduce it very shortly after it had happened. After that I simply kept on re-producing it and increasing the intensity.

    In order to do what I do, you will have to wait to get excited naturally, since you’ve never consciously used that part of yourself before. While your excited or shortly after; try to reproduce the feeling and keep doing it. Do it enough, and your muscles will remember how to do it.

    Once you’ve go that mastered; try increase the intensity of the feeling. Then try focusing it to different parts of your body.

    As for controlling any other subconscious function of your body; I have never tried. Maybe that will get you started.

  • I was wondering, just today, if other people could also control their adrenaline levels like I do. So, I did what many other people with abnormalities do; I ‘googled’ it. Turns out I stumbled upon your website; fancy that.

    Someone had mentioned that he can think about a stressful situation and his heart starts racing; I don’t need to do that at all. On demand, I cause my body to go into a hyperactive state with no more effort than it would take to breath.

    At first, the sensation is a ‘buzzing’ throughout the body; which progresses to muscles shaking. It is, at this point, impossible to sit still. The adrenaline is much like a light switch; it’s only on when I want it to be. A short time after; my heart returns to its’ normal pace.

    As a result, muscular strength increases extensively. I have also found that, while doing this, I experience very little muscular fatigue, until after I stop the adrenaline.

    This actually led me to get a stretched blood vessel in my head at age 18. Using the added strength; I proceeded to dangerously lift all the weight (roughly 400+ lbs) on a leg press upwards of 40 times within a minute without proper breathing. Needless to say, blood pressure in my head nearly killed me; a stretched blood vessel followed.

    Anyway, I thought I would share.

  • Oh, O.K., well, thanks then. Acutally, I’m afraid you will be disappointed… On or around the date I made that post, on the local PBS Public TV channel (OETA), they were having one of their Donation Drives – or whatever they’re called. Anyway, there was this guy on, by the name of “Wayne Dire” whom I had never heard of before, but he was talking about some things that I found to be quite fascinating, although I didn’t really relate it, at least at the time, to what I found when I found your blog. But then, I became really disappointed in him after having listened to him repeatitively say how money is so unimportant to hiim, etc.. but then went straight to trying to sell his DVD as I saw it, cloaked in the word “Donation”. Well, I happened to be already thinking of writing a short article on hypocracy, and that just made up my mind to go ahead and write it. (However, I never did). But prior to deciding not to, I ‘Googled’ him and found many books, DVD’s, etc.. he was selling … and well, I was becoming really convinced that he was just a guy preaching one thing, while really using it to make money. So, while I was investigating a bit further, I guess I got a bit sidetracked and somehow ran into your blog. And after reading just a little bit of it, I decided that the guy can be a hypocrite if he wants, if in fact he really is, because he led me to your blog. I actually pretty much forgot about him at that point, because I had, as I think I mentioned in my post, been of the belief that if I could just get in touch with the part of my brain (which I considered to be the subconscious – now, I’m not quite so sure what it’s called), I could perhaps accomplish several things.

    For one, I have hepatitis C. While never having become sick from it, I know that it could lead to more serious problems. That’s one thing that caused me to take interest in your posts. Another thing, and it is one that bothers me nearly on a daily basis, which is that while I’m 42 years old, I don’t think I should be forgetting where I put things all the time, yet I do. Sometimes something or other will trigger me to remember where I put whatever it was that I had misplaced, but more often than not, I either never find it, or run across it by accident at some later date, usually while looking for the latest thing I misplaced. It is quite frustrating, also, because I’ve always been quite sure that some part of my brain knows exactly where it is, but I can’t seem to access that part. It is quite frustrating and I’ve tried to explain my theory to a few people, who just brush it off as, “oh, you lose things on a daily basis”. Or they, like myself had seen that Oprah Winfrey show in which she featured a book called, The Secret”. At the time of watching the show, I didn’t really relate that either to what I’m searching for in my own brain, but others I’ve mentioned my theory to, just say, “Oh, yeah, and I suppose you have ‘The Secret’ also…..”

    Anyway, I’ve got more intangeable thoughts on the subject, and was just really excited that maybe my ideas are really not so far fetched, after seeing that others, Doctors even are of the same belief. My father was a Physicist – received his Phd from Harvard, but never thought much of Quantum Physics, which, while much of it I don’t really understand, I find the fundamental idea of it fascinating myself. My Dad has been long retired now, is 81 years old and has Alzheimers. He barely remembers anything anymore related to all the years of work he did. (BTW, I don’t think my forgetting where I put stuff is some sort of early onset of Alzheimers, since I’ve been that way since I was a kid).

    Well, I’m sure this has been pretty rambling and disjointed – it’s late, I was about to go to bed when I decided to check your blog once more before logging off.

    Thanks for replying.


  • Hi Kathy, apologies for the confusion, I was addressing the question to you.

    I was interested when you said:

    “Hi, I was led to your article in a strange way. However, that is not important.”

  • Hi Steven, I’ve been hesitating to write anything, because I’m not quite sure who you were addressing in you comment:

    “Hi Karen, your enthusiasm for this has come across very clearly. I would be interested in how you found this article, I am always keen to know how synchronicity leads people in their lives. I would also be interested to know what you have been trying to access your unconscious.”

    It is clearly addressed to “Karen”, and there is a Karen who remarked right above me. You also responded to her comment in the same reply as you wrote the above which I put in quotation marks.

    However, the rest of the content seems (at least to me) as if it much more addresses what I had written… so, I don’t know if I’m reading more into it than what is there, or if because I’ve never written in this blog before, perhaps the name Karen was typed in error?

    Because I am so very unsure that you were addressing me at all, I have not responded. However if if you were in fact responding to me, I would be happy to answer anything you ask to the best of my ability. If you were in fact addressing Karen, then I am quite embarrassed and please accept my appology.

  • Interesting! I’d answer “of course you can control hormones”. As you point out, ever think of a situation (past or future – imagined) that made you upset or happy? That reminds me, I have to finish that report! Oh no. :-)

  • wow this is a very interesting site. I dont how ive come upon it. Ive just been searching google, looking up adreneline rushes. Ive been trough alot of struggles through my life, and ive seem to come to the conclusion to all of you guys answeres. I was looking up this on google becuase I can control my hormones. One hormone I can control very good is adrenaline. I can easily think of something very stressful and dramatic. Instantly my heart pumps and I can feel it going trough my head to my feet. Ive discovered the secret to were I can calm it down and bring it back within seconds. I know your wondering wow , and im lying, but i can assure you im not. Im wondering why this is like this also. I just need help. Ive been through conseling for my struggles and everything. Hopefully with someone on here, I can control it even better.

  • While I believe that hormones can indeed be released through sheer thought, I do not believe at this current time that there can be any major effects achieved by doing so.

    I love the idea of being able to release a burst of adrenaline while sitting in an armchair. This could be done to some level by visualising oneself in a dangerous situation. But I believe it takes a real danger for one to become truly threatened, and so cannot think that any mind altering amount of adrenaline could be produced at will.

    My point I suppose is this: I believe that one CAN control ones hormones, to some extent. But not in a manner that can cause any great benefit, other than satisfying a mere curiosity.

    Any thoughts on this would be most interesting to hear.

  • Hi Alan, Thanks for your comments, much appreciated.

    Karen, that might not be as crazy as it sounds. It has been shown that if we think about doing exercise we are using the same muscles as if we were actually doing them, depending on on your level of concentration and imagination.

    Hi Karen, your enthusiasm for this has come across very clearly. I would be interested in how you found this article, I am always keen to know how synchronicity leads people in their lives. I would also be interested to know what you have been trying to access your unconscious.

    • to do this start meditating then start by feeling the blood run through your veins imagine the whole jounrney through your body it takes deep concentration but is possible to certain extents if you know more about your own body in medical terms and understand it its easier to visualise we will never reach are full potentials untill we truly know are selfs and believe the impossible is possible

  • Some very interesting ideas. So many things are mind over matter, I wonder where the boundaries end.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Hi, I was led to your article in a strange way. However, that is not important. What matters to me, at least, is that I have been searching the Internet for the last couple of years for information that before I found you article, I thought to be either non-exixtant, or very deeply buried.

    I’m no Doctor or anything like that. But I have strongly believed that the subconscious mind is very powerful and full of a huge amount of information. But also very hard for the conscious mind to access. I have been trying to access my subconscious mind on my own for a long time, and except for the occasionsl glimpse of something that flashes by so briefly, that I usually can’t even grasp it as it goes by and is gone – just the esscense of a concept. (If that made any sense).

    Anyway, of the few people I’ve tried to explain this to, they think I’m crazy. So, I was elated to have found your article, complete with links to others, not to mention – HIGHLY EDUCATED “others”, who also believe in the same concept.

    I sure would be excited to find out if anyone is actually able to not only be able to do it themselves, but to be able to share the knowledge of HOW to access the subconscious brain while in a conscious state.

    Thank you so much for your post.

  • Interesting post! I think that we will be
    surprised when more and more studies are
    completed! I think our minds are more
    powerful than we realize!
    I think I shall go and imagine and daydream
    about a great workout!

  • This is a great article. I agree that it can be done with our other hormones. We need to train our mind if we want to achieve it.

  • Hi Rob

    Thanks for your comments. you are right about not getting immediate results. I think for this to work it requires a total change in belief about this, once that hurdle has been overcome i think anything would be possible.

    Imagine 50 years ago someone saying it would be possible to control your heart rate, however this is not considered anything special today. I think the same will happen with cell control.


  • Hi Steve,
    I read about this briefly a while back. I think it was in the Daily Mail of all places…

    I certainly believe that this is possible. The thing that makes it difficult for most people to accept and believe however is that the results are unlikely to be instantantaneous due to the natural resistance of nearly all of us, so most people who may try it out will give up before seeing any results and write it off as not true.

    Our belief in scarcity is our biggest downfall.

  • Great post Steven

    It reminds me of the scene in the Secret when Dennis Waitley talked about how Olympic athletes were monitored while doing visualizations and that the exact same muscles fired in the exact same sequence as when they were doing their events in “real life.” I truly believe that we can control our body with our mind. And you’ve started a great topic here!

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