Why Female Entrepreneurs Are Better Than The Men

Steven Aitchison
Written by Steven Aitchison

Have you noticed a trend in the business world recently? The shift, in the male dominated world of business and marketing, is starting to happen. A shift that should be welcomed with open arms by everyone. There are more and more savvy female entrepreneurs starting businesses online, and doing it so much better than the male counterparts. Why is this?

why_female_entrepreneursPreviously, females had to compete in the male dominated world of business by adopting the same attitudes and taking on the same characteristics of their male counterparts: ballsy, uncaring, hard nosed and ruthless. Today’s business women don’t need to adopt any characteristics of the male species, they can just be themselves.

There are nine entrepreneurs I am thinking of in particular as I write this:

Danielle LaPorte

Katie Frieling

Marie Forleo

Naomi Dunford

Laura Roeder

James Chartrand

Sonia Simone

Pamela Slim

Penelope Trunk

To answer the question of why female entrepreneurs are better than the male counterparts we have to look at the way the world of marketing and business is changing.

Authentic marketing

Consumers can see through the bullshit marketing of old, where the only person that was a winner was the sleazy salesman who was rubbing his hands with the thought of your money.

Women are much more open and honest when it comes to their marketing, and it comes across as being much more authentic. When someone is more open and honest, a trust between the consumer and the business person begins to develop almost immediately. Danielle LaPorte is one such business woman who comes across, immediately, as being open and honest and it’s hard not to trust anything she says.

Another woman who takes authentic to the extreme is Naomi Dunford. She says it like it is and doesn’t make any apologies for doing it, it’s great to read her work. Naomi has built up a following of avid fans, and this is down to her no bullshit approach to her business.

From mass-media to micro-media

Consumers now have the choice to choose what TV they watch, the choice to stop being interrupted with the ads on TV, what brands they choose to follow, and the choice of talking about the brands they like, and connect with.

It’s all so much more multi-dimensional than it has been in the past. Can you imagine someone 30 years ago giving a big company bad press without being sued for it. Nowadays it’s the consumer who is in control, the consumer who has the choice, the consumer who has the voice.

This is why the female entrepreneurs are so much better, their natural tendency is to listen first and act on the information they receive, whilst the male of the species act first and listen later. yes, that’s a bit of a stereotypical view, but one that, I believe, has merit.

Mass-media is no longer applicable in today’s world, we have become a mass of people who choose our own media niches and follow those within.

From interruption to involvement

Gone are the days when we are interrupted with marketing campaigns, we now have the choice of choosing to listen or not. Our bullshit detectors are now highly attuned and we can spot the bullshit the moment that cheesy smile appears on TV advertising the sweet smell of odour eaters or something equally as bland. I would much rather have an ad on TV saying ‘Do your feet smell as if a small furry animal has died and been left to rot in the sun for 15 days? – Then it’s time you bought odour eaters’

Marketing has changed from putting out a crap advert on TV and putting it front of millions of people, to interacting with the consumer and taking time to listen to their opinions.

Some of the more savvy companies are changing the way they market and actually involving the consumers they are advertising to. There is an ad over here in the UK which has an ad showing a telecommunications product, and invites the viewer to choose the ending of the advert by voting online, millions of people have voted. That’s a great way to get your brand known, and women are at the forefront of making this type of marketing happen.

Sex appeal

Guys just don’t do sexy well at all, it either comes across as being very camp or laughable. The adverts on TV, and online, for men’s aftershave have feminized the men so much that it’s actually quite disturbing. More and more adverts that try and make guys sexy have made the guys very effeminate, both with their look and the way they act. In fact I believe over the last 10 years men have become feminized to a degree and we are losing that sense of maleness. So, sexy does not work for men, but it still works for women.

I am thinking of a recent video by Marie Forleo and Laura Roder who were marketing a business class they have for women. They used their sex appeal to make fun, tongue in cheek videos, to create a fantastic online campaign that had everyone talking about them for a few weeks.

Women just get it

Women get our social world today, they know it’s about listening, really listening, starting conversations, interacting, bringing people together and collaborating with each other. Men are starting to get this and incorporating it more and more into their business strategies, but I believe it’s the women who will come out on top.

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  • Brilliant article Steven, of course I love it – definitely a lady pleaser:) But the sad thing is that there aren’t any women at the top of this online game and many more men than women – the same as in many professions. I’d love to see that even up and by highlighting these women and writing about what a fine job they’re doing you are helping with that. Hooray!

    Thank you Mr. A:)

  • Hi Steven

    I would agree with some points and not others. A far as entrepreneurs are concerned I think it comes down to the individual rather than the gender. Many women do get our social world today and know about listening etc but so do many men.

    I have worked with men who are much better at collaborating and getting the best out people than woman. The only thing I have never come across is a man who is more intuitive than a woman. This may say more about the men I know but it has always struck me that woman do have an incredible ability to intuit a situation .

  • Great article but I would say that I’m a women !. In all seriousness though you’ve tapped into a trend- we still have some way to go especially in the UK, but many women I find (myself included) can be who they really are online and get applauded for doing so . We are social connectors and we give freely. Collaboration is natural. I find it more rewarding and easier to be ‘me’ online than when I had to compete in the more brutal male dominated sales industry. (And I’m not a man-hater…I love em!) Frankly I was exhausted with all the power-play. Here is an article I wrote about why it’s a good time as a women to be in business for yourself;—Do-It-For-Yourself-Or-Climb-The-Corporate-Ladder?&id=5206768

  • Hey Steven
    Great post! This has something that I have been thinking about for ages. No doubt about it Women do it better than guys.
    I agree with all the points you raised women just seem to have better perception are more engaging and over all have better communication skills.
    I think in years to come the male domination in the business world will turn with the advent of Social Media and online marketing.

  • Yes! All great observations. I think we tend to trust women more even if they are being deceptive, but that’s another story. Certainly the entrepreneurs you listed are all genuine and provide real value to the business world. I also think empathy plays a role. Women tend be better empathizers and thus they can more easily step into the shoes of others and make them feel like they are being listened to. That is crucial need for clients and customers.

  • Hello Steven,

    I think since the beginning of mankind, female are as good as their male counterparts in all areas of life. But due to cultures and perceptions, women are being suppressed and denied the opportunities to demonstrate their abilities. This is one of the reasons why the male species have been dominating in most fields.

    Back to present day, because of liberalization and modernization, and partly due to competitive in economy, many families cannot afford to survive with a single income from the husband and thus women have to join the workforce to supplement the income. This in a way, become a catalyst for them to “catch” up with their male counterparts.

    This is perhaps one of the reasons that we are noticing that more and more women are coming up not only in the business field, but in others as well.

    For a note, in the first chapter of Genesis, we learn that it was Eve who is actually the leader – she negotiated and discussed with the serpent about the fruit and lead Adam to eat it.

  • Hi Steve ! Your article is truly open my mind to know that women is admit it or not still can be compete it with men in their capabilities and truly give some equals value which is only by reached through strong ideas and good point of views. Sorry about my grammar…

  • Hey Steve,

    Hope you’re doing well… I’ve never realized it but you’re right. The scene of Blogging as well as other entrepreneur endeavors are filled with successful woman.
    Farnoosh definitely made some good points, I do believe it’s up to the individual while at the same time, with the list you provided of reasons why woman are successful it’s all makes sense.

    I guess i am for team Farnoosh AND team Steve


    • Hi Parker, thanks for your comments on this. I am glad you’re with the two teams on this , you are officially a balanced person, or else someone who has a splinter in their arse from sitting on the fence :)

  • This is a fun topic, Steve…. and I would add: detail, detail detail! I have good female friend who is a business owner and she claims she always becomes frustrated with the men she hires because they just don’t have the eye for detail that the women hires do. This is only anecdotal evidence of course, but my wife would agree. Whenever I consult with my wife on business, aesthetics etc she ALWAYS points out a detail that I just didn’t catch.

    • Hi Rob, we must think alike. whenever I build a new site or salespage or something i always ask my wife for her opinion. She’s not in the game at all but can spot tiny things that i couldn’t as soon as she sits down :)

  • Hi Steven,

    Love it, I could list loads of reasons why women are better;)
    Seriously I think women are coming into their own because, as you say, the way of marketing is changing. They are perhaps weaker at the hard sell approach, but at the more softly softly, relationship building approach they really are so strong. I think they are very good at adapting their appraoch to the individual, whereas men have a more one size fits all thought pattern (Massive generalisation I know, but the whole article is really – there are always exceptions to the rule)
    And yes, a little bit of sexiness never hurt anyone (as eyelashes flutter)!!

    • Hi Kate thanks for your comments here. Women really are coming into their own and I think are better suited to todays style of consumer marketing, but it was a generalisation as you pointed out :)

  • If only more people (CEO’s especially) would get it….just think of what a better world this would be! What you say is not only true of entrepreneurs, in many instances. Great piece, really truly.

  • Women bring so much less testosterone ego and dick swinging to business in my experience. But we also have our own cliched negatives to bring to the party too. Shall we talk bitchiness, jealousy of younger counterparts, screeching our debates and bringing unnecessary sexual tension to the conference room with inappropriate dress sense to name a few?

    Apart from that we’re cool! I guess I’m just saying that I don’t agree that women make better entrepreneurs as a flat statement. – Not all guys are insecure dick swingers and not all females are harpies with good and bad points on both sides. But I love the discussion of this Mr A! – And I so agree with the ‘guys don’t do sexy well’ point. They have not yet been taught properly how to consistently appear submissively ready and willing as women have over the decades.

    Conversely, “Our bullshit detectors are now highly attuned” – not sure I agree with that one judging by the state of the economy and a lot of people’s current personal finances, although a more feminine touch (circa 1940’s sensibility) to world finance might well have avoided the credit crunch in my humble opinion.

    • I wondered when you would show up Rosie :)

      As ever you are so eloquent with your words which is what I love about your comments. I agree that the statement; women make better entrepreneurs is untrue. Also the whole guys don’t do sexy thing cracks me up just now, where have all the men gone, enough of this feminine straight man stuff.

      Thanks as always Rosie for your comments, always enjoy them.

  • An interesting post Steven and some very thoughtful comments. I think John is on to something pointing out that we all have male and female qualities inside us. Although we call these male and female, aren´t the really human qualities? Also what we see in others is something we have in ourselves. So maybe it is the female part of you Steven that see the greatness in women entrepreneurs? :-) Hope you don´t mind me asking such a question. I agree with you on what I think is the basic point here, that the female or social qualities are a road to real success.

  • I believe that like anything else we as people set out to do, it depends upon us. I don’t think that our gender has anything to do with how successful we are. A very interesting post Steven. :)

    • Hi Neva. I couldn’t agree more, it really has nothing to do with gender. I was inspired to write this article when I noticed all the females who were bursting through the marketing scene and thought I would try my hand at a different type of article that would get a conversation going. Thanks as always Neva.

  • What a beautiful word authentic is. One of the lovely things about this post Steve is your emphasis on the importance of being authentic if we’re to know true success or happiness.

    I think when we meet an authentic person there is an immediate opening and heart-warming that happens. Friendship, true friendship, happens very easily.

    And I do think a sign of this authenticity is a willingness to listen as you say. It doesn’t matter whether we are a male or a woman listening is critical to a truly happy life for anyone. Sometimes we may not like what we hear but we still need to listen. While I’m here thank you so much for your tremendous help in helping me grow my blog. Be well Steve.

    • Hi Chris, thanks for your comments on this. I think the word authenticity is losing it’s power at the moment as so many people are using it and misunderstanding it, but you are right; there is a friendship that build up immediately with a truly authentic person.

      No problem with the help on the blog and with the ebook, I hope you got a lot of subscribers 😉

  • Steven, I don’t know if I agree. Some women are fantastic entrepreneurs, as you listed here (some great ones indeed) and some men are just as fantastic. I think it is the individual. I am (obviously) a woman but I know that if we had said the reverse, it just would not go over well ;)! Anyway, I think it’s up to individuals, their skillet, and their delivery and experience. I know many many men who can beat their counterpart women hands down because they are better listeners, more sincere, and more willing to do the right thing….it’s just not fair to say women are better in general. Anyway, I hope it’s ok to express my thoughts candidly…..

    • @Farnoosh- I agree with you on this too :) psst…you are obviously a woman??? really 😉 …with all that beauty and rubberband yoga moves you couldn’t be anything but 😉 {kidding}!!!
      @Steven- You have beautifully pointed out that women are truly doing the “sexy” well..and in most cases I see them doing everything well. And the fact that those aftershave adds have gone completely Metrosexual…oh my..thay can be so funny sometimes :)
      But the generalization that women make better entrepreneurs is flattering but not completely true. Like Farnoosh said, in some cases a man can do well and in some women. The pivotal point here is that each individual once they truly know their passions and are not afraid to go for their dreams make better people. Business wise, work wise, life wise… What say :)
      But that being said, I love how when a woman does well it empowers all women kind, while when a man does well it just means he is a shrewd business man…i tell you the world revolves on bias 😉
      But go girls! Woohoo!
      Lots of love,

      • Hi Zeenat, I knew you’d agree with Farnoosh :)

        I am glad you also disagree with my generalisation. I love your point about anybody who finds their passion makes them a better person.

        “I love how when a woman does well it empowers all women kind, while when a man does well it just means he is a shrewd business man” 😉

    • Farnoosh,

      Your comments on this balance the issue. Steven, I think that you have presented a popular viewpoint, but not an accurate one. The essential qualities of both males and females (an oversimplification on my part here) are equally suited to successful businesses that have vision, integrity, and social conscience. There are scores of such businesses out there, run by men and women.

      It isn’t about gender, it is about character and human values. Good traits are shared equally among us in our gender-unique way, as well as the bad. I know you likely didn’t mean it this way, but your article reminds me of the television commercials that sell to women by disparaging men. That type of thinking hurts us all. Power at the expense of another will never create the world we envision.

      I see a world where we each find, and respect, and develop, the so-called male and female qualities within us. You know… the macro and microcosm of gender. Within each of us is a measure of the other. That mix powers us to be inspired and productive.

      As Zeenat points out, the world revolves on bias. But it doesn’t have to. We can be better than that.

      PS: Love your typo Farnoosh “skillet;” women are great at using skillets right? :-)


      • Zeenat and John, thank you for the vote of confidence – I was feeling a bit hesitant writing my thoughts here. I have always found that when we start to make observations – which are at best random – about women vs. men, it only hurts, as John says. True – and I mean true – equality – the one all of us desire, comes from stripping the gender and giving each person a true test. If corporations stopped playing the minority game and just rated and ranked their people, if people truly stopped bias and looked just at me as a person not as a woman when it comes to being an entrepreneur, I believe then and only then have we achieved equality and we will see that these trends really should not even matter. What should matter is what we can do to put our best foot forward and live up to the task.
        Steven, I know you meant to compliment women here and maybe the best way to balance it is to write a post where men are better than women at something so we come back to argue the opposite ;)! Just kidding – thank you for indulging us in the difference of opinion…..

        • Thanks Farnoosh. The post is one half of the article, the other half has been written by Sandra, Alison, you, John, Zeenat, and everyone else who commented and I thank you for that :)

      • Hi John, thanks for your comments I really appreciate them.

        I have to agree with all the points you made in your comments, you said it so well and it balances out the article, thank you.

    • Hi Farnoosh, thank you for disagreeing. Of course you are right that it is up to the individual and there are many men out there doing it much better than the women. I didn’t want this to be a balanced article as I wanted the debate. I follow many men who are doing such a great job such as Leo Babauta, Tim Ferris, Chris Garrett, Brian Clark, Darren Rowse, Chris Brogan, Chris Guillebeau, and that’s just off the top of my head.

      Thanks Farnoosh.

      I’ll leave your spelling mistake in as someone has already commented on it :)

  • Steven,
    This reminds me very much of something Tom Peters (business speaker and writer) talks about. He often talks about the power of women…and I very much see this. Women continue to take on bigger roles in our society – and in that – they shine! And one of the very awesome things about this group of people that I’m not – is their deep ability to connect. And in those connections, bonds are formed, thoughts more openly shared, and decisions made.

    It’s power with a dose of love. And that’s a pretty sweet thing…

    • Hi Lance, I do honestly believe that women have the ability to connect a lot better than men do, although this is a generalisation on my part. I like your ending ‘It’s power with a dose of love.’

  • I’ll refrain from using too many keystrokes on this, but there is no mention of laws or programs favoring female entrepreneurs. This article is an uninformed personal diatribe against successful men.

    I won’t be involved in supporting your ideas any further. Good luck.

    • Hi Anteros, I guess you felt strongly about this topic. I think it’s better to debate, which was the point of the article, instead of saying something then leaving.

      Thanks for your support up until now, I appreciate it.

  • Hi Steve,

    The part about guys not doing sexy well cracked me up. I’d say you are definitely right; but it’s not that we can’t do sexy, it’s that we haven’t learned how to as well as woman. Just look at the example of how we dress: many women in the business world know how to express some personality through their clothes, while men all dress the same. Bummer.

  • Hi Steven – Great topic! I’m all for seeing more of the qualities you highlight in this article expressed in our challenged world today. I still find there is gender bias and that men generally seem to dominate most niches with the exception of a smaller number of brilliant women like the one’s you mention. I’d be very happy to know if the numbers were really changing in this regard. Thanks for the provocative article.

    • Hi Sandra, thanks for your thoughts on this. I agree that most niches are still male dominated, but I see a swing happening and a new generation of online businesses starting up that are female oriented.

    • Hi Steven,
      I love all your posts.
      I wrote a reply to Sandra’s comment but my reply bounced back.

      Hi Sandra
      It’s a great post, though I completely agree with you that most of the niches are dominated by men. : (

  • So much insight in this article Steve, I totally agree. In addition to the top women you mentioned, there is a whole army of brilliant women entrepreneurs moving up the ranks FAST. I don’t know about your demographics, but it’s always been interesting to me that women make up the vast majority of my readers and subscribers. I love the whole trend, but then I am a HUGE fan of women!

    • Hi Jonathan. Thanks for your comments on this. There is a whole army of women coming through in the online business space and it’s great to see.

      My demographics are the same as yours, which is one of the reasons i wanted to publish this, for a bit of debate, I haven’t really done a semi-controversial article before.

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