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What Was Your FlashForward

What was your FlashForward? A way to create your own future in 6 easy steps and. Tell us what your FlashForward was

I have been watching a great new TV series, one of the few times I watch TV, called FlashForward. So far I am loving it, I just hope it does not turn out to be another ‘Lost’ or ‘Heroes’ which I loved when they first came out.

The basic premise of the story so far is that the whole world blacked out at exactly the same time. The blackout lasted 2 minutes and 17 seconds. Whilst everyone was unconscious they had a vision of an event six months into their future. When the realisation dawns on them that their visions are starting to come true, they are all left wondering what they should do about their future.

As ever there’s a post idea in everything and watching FlashForward was no different.

What is your FlashForward

Predicting your total future may not be possible however predicting part of your future is very possible. It starts in the mind, it starts with a vision of what you want your life to be like, it starts with a thought and it starts now.

What you can do here is something quite radical. Instead of waiting for coincidences to occur in your life, and see where they take you, you are going to create a future that has already happened and create the coincidences, so you are going to the coincidences. Sound weird?

Creating your FlashForward

1. Think of a goal you want to achieve within 6 months.

It can be any goal you want. I have two goals, closely related, for my online business that I am working on. One is to have a book published and the other is to have 10,000 subscribers to the blog.

2. Start creating your FlashFoward


I have already designed a cover for my book, albeit a very tentative cover. I have started writing as if I have already got 10,000 subscribers i.e. more appreciative of the reader, regular posts, new thinking, blog design etc.

3. Start creating your coincidences

That might sound like a paradox, and that’s because it is. Coincidences are created by seemingly chance events, however, these chance events could not have happened without you doing something or being somewhere to make the chance event happen. So in light of this we will do something to make coincidences more likely to happen. In my example I joined a Blogging Bootcamp with Leo Babauta and subsequently got one of my posts published on his blog which brought in an extra 3-400 subscribers which meant I I gained credibility. Due to this I managed to secure other paid writing work with other blogs which has led me to more work. So, had I not joined the blogging bootcamp I wouldn’t be in the position I am just now with regards to the blogging.

We can literally create our own luck by making the odds of coincidences and luck go more in our favour. It’s like winning the lottery; you’ve got to be in it to win it.

4. Create a Flashforward sheet for each goal

Create a FlashForward sheet for each of your goals. Please click on this link to view one I have created. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but one that it is editable to add more things as they come up.  this is the page that is very important as you will be reading it a lot over the course of six months.

This is a great way to concrete your FlashForward in your minds eye and make it more a reality.

5. Keep creating your coincidences

A lot of people give up quite easily and can be disheartened very quickly. You will never realise how close you are to your goals when you give in. If you are feeling like giving in then look up stories of people in a similar situation to your own. Buy a ‘Chicken Soup’ book, cry a little, and then get right back in the game.

6. What happens if your Flashorward doesn’t happen

Nothing! You create another FlashForward and move on. What happened when you didn’t become a world famous ballerina, which you had wanted to be since the age of 3, what happened when you didn’t become state champion wrestler which you wanted since high school? You moved on, you pick yourself back up and move on. So it is with your FlashForwards. DFust them off and keep going with another one or move the time frame of the existing one.

What was your FlashForward

Let us know what your FlashForward was and how you’re going to get there. Looking forward to some interesting stories.

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  • I like what you said about creating your coincidences. It reminds me of the old saying, “Chance favors the prepared mind.” It’s always great when something you laid the groundwork for months or even years ago comes to fruition.

    However, there’s always the risk when flashing forward that you don’t take daily action toward the goal. Too many people have their goals living on “Someday Isle” and ignore the fact that action is required to see those goals through to the end.
    .-= Frank Carr´s last blog ..Power WordPress Themes Package =-.

  • Hi Steven, an excellent technique of projecting yourself in the future, feeling yourself comfortable there and increasing the odds of you getting there enormously. I really liked your sheet. I followed pretty the same concept using one file for each “Future Reality” as I call it. In it I paste lots of pictures of what I want as well. And when I got there I file it under “Achieved”. This is also a critical folder, because looking at this folder from time to time, gives you a great feeling since you can really see, what you had projected and achieved. And it increases your believe in your own power.
    .-= Patrick @´s last blog ..This Article Is Dead – Awaken It from Death =-.

  • Hi Steven,
    I know it will take a lot of hard work to get to where I want to be but I have a clear vision of what my goals are. My number one goal is to help other parents have a better life and with less stress in it. As a mom to 3 boys I absolutely know the weight of the responsibilities that come with being a parent. It’s a wonderful journey but often we need encouragement. So this is my goal- to encourage and help out as many parents as possible. The great things also is that I can rest that it will all happen in due time because I believe that we all have our purpose and it will all be fulfilled at the right moment.
    So I do may part and I rest at the same time having the faith that it will all come true. This “resting” allows me to go with the flow and move forward naturally.
    All the best,
    Eren Mckay
    .-= Eren Mckay´s last blog ..Why Do People Use Online Social Networking ? =-.

  • Hi Steven,
    Love the Flash forward analogy. I have already set myself up for some new goals for my blog and for me personally. Coincidentally have written a post about it just today :) I havent put a time limit on them though. But i guess 6 months is a good enough time to achieve them.
    As for your writing and publishing dreams, you are already on your way….5000 subscribers is huge and 100,000 will just be around the corner for you :) Youre already travelling in flash forward yourself….your dreams will catch up with you sooner than you think. Keep doing the great work youre doing.
    Flash forward- Your book is in my hands…and i love the cover already 😉 You’re on every talk show possible and its a #1 Bestseller…on the list for a booker prize. 😉
    .-= Zeenat{Positive Provocations}´s last blog ..My New Beginnings =-.

  • I ‘m loving this post! – It is very much in the family of the law of attraction and manifesting. Along with what Robin Dickinson said above about creating multi sensory dream scenarios, I would add that one should schedule some time off every now and then to go and actually enact those things that you desire.

    When I was younger I used to love driving miles to Heathrow Airport (UK) to hang out there just people watching the colourful international travellers, sniffing the strong jet fuel smell and imagine myself jetting off to New York and exotic places at the drop of a hat like the much traveled supermodels in the French Vogue I’d buy at the airport. Probably less than a year later, sorta-kinda-outta the blue that became my lifestyle. Bam!

    Your method Steven is like assuming that these desired things are going to happen so it stands to reason you would have the book already designed. Excellent stuff.

  • Great post! some interesting insights on flash forwarding of the mind. Delving into the intricacies of our mind and gaining more understanding on our subconscious mind can really help us lead a happier, more contented and satisfied life.
    .-= Vijay – Your Health Supplements Guide´s last blog ..Vitamin Supplements =-.

  • Hey Steve,

    FlashForward is a great idea. It’s a very positive way of harnessing the brain’s amazing potential. We are told that our minds can’t distinguish between what’s real and what’s imagined, so why not imagine specific, future scenarios and work confidently towards achieving them.

    The manifestation of these ‘dream scenarios’ must surely be the combination of strong, purposeful imagination and daily work effort.

    I would also add…


    When creating the FlashForward sheet, make it a multi-sensory experience.

    For example:

    hear the audience applauding enthusiastically as you are introduced on Oprah to talk about your new book;

    hear Oprah asking that first question “So, Steven, tell us about your fantastic new book”;

    smell the fresh-cut flowers in the green room as you wait for the show to start;

    feel the adrenalin surge as you walk out onto the stage and the heat of the studio lights hits your face;

    see the delighted looks on the faces of the audience as you explain how your book has helped millions jet propel themselves forward to their dreams;

    taste the champagne (or freshly squeezed OJ) as you toast your book being on Amazon and NYT Bestseller lists for weeks on end.

    Making it a full sensory experience has tremendous power in terms of using the brain’s capacity as a ‘dream-homing’ seeker.

    Thanks, Steve. I’m off the FlashForward some dreams.

    Best to you and all your 100,000 subscribers! 😉

    .-= Robin Dickinson´s last blog ..The time-life switch: peak productivity in an instant =-.

  • Hello steve,
    How are you? Very instructive article here. I particularly like the points keep creating your coincidences and the fact that you must move on if your flash forward doesnt happen. A bit of my flashforward ‘ I aim to have between 500-1000 subscribers by the end of the year, aim to have seminars, impact lives positively..(i ‘ve got so many…) what have i done in order to achieve this? First I have networked with you(mostly) and a few bloggers, joined problogger forums and as a result had my website design criticised constructively (i have taken that on board and redesigned it),I also interacted with fellow bloggers there, increased my guest posting from 3-5 blogs, aims to widen practical and academic knowledge, does a lot of volunteer work to help youths,vulnerable people, …. …
    .-= ayo´s last blog ..I am haunted by my past life =-.

    • I think people beat themselves up way too much when they don’t achieve what they’ve set out to achieve. As long as you put your heart and soul into it you can never say you have failed. Thanks for visiting Justin.

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