What is Your Perfect Day?

Written by Michael Weaver

I imagine you have a job. You work – you probably work hard. You lend a lot of your time to your work in return for a paycheck and essentially a standard of living. To an extent, you working is as unavoidable as taxes and death (don’t worry, this gets better!)

perfect_day_at_workNow let’s transition. You have goals and dreams – ideally, your goals are in some way tied to your work. Whether you have in mind a career that you are building, or a monetary goal that you are working towards , you’re moving towards something greater than you. That’s in an ideal world. What if you feel lost? What if you simply don’t know? Even if you don’t know – that’s ok. Most people have been in your shoes at some point in their life – what’s important is that you put in the effort to not feel lost anymore.

You have to successfully answer one question, one word. Why?

A little disclaimer. Answering this question isn’t always easy. After all, you only get one shot at life and living out a dream. It’s important and may not always be something that rolls off the tongue at first. A great way to start is with what I call your “Perfect Day”.

Your Perfect Day.

Let’s face it – many traditional and typical jobs through the walk of life are not ideal. You either didn’t envision doing what you are doing now, as a kid. Or, you are not living your “perfect day”, everyday.

The first order of business is to nail down your perfect day. What is the make up of your perfect day? Here are some questions you can begin to ask yourself:

  • Where would I be?
  • Who would I be with?
  • What would I do when I wake up?
  • What would I eat?
  • What would I be wearing?
  • Who would I interact with?
  • What would I contribute?
  • How would I feel?
  • What are my surroundings?

Why start with your “perfect Day”?

Answering the question of “why” isn’t always easy to do. Thinking about your perfect day will at least begin the process of shifting your paradigm away from limiting beliefs.

A common trap in this process is falling victim to our own beliefs. Most people, myself included at times, have a very limited comprehension of their true potential. This shouldn’t be a one-time deal, you should think about your perfect day regularly. It may take some practice and you may continuously adjust your perfect day. But, once you begin to think about it, you’ll use your imagination and creativity like you never have before. You may open the floodgates for some creative juices to flow that have been waiting to burst out for a long time!

If you don’t think you are creative, or feel like you have some sort of mental block prohibiting you from using your imagination – ask yourself more questions. One of my favorites is – “What would I do if I knew, 100% that I would succeed? No questions asked, I am going to succeed.” What would you do? Who would you do it with? How long would it take you? Asking yourself more questions is another way to force yourself to think about it longer and more often.

Leverage your passions in this situation. If you are passionate about cars, what would you be driving? If it’s a certain sports team, would you attend games and sit close to the field or in a box suite? Like traveling? Where would you go? How often would you go there?

Remember, you can’t fail. Because you can’t fail, there is no limit to what you can do. Are you beginning to feel a sense of liberation? Man, I know I feel liberated when I start to think in this light and ask myself these types of questions.

Silly is Good

It’s a common tendency for people to hold in their creativity because they feel as though their ideas and passions might be viewed as silly or insignificant by others. NONSENSE. Let yourself be as silly as you can be. Have a no, no philosophy. Every idea you throw up on your white board or write down in your notebook has merit. It counts – and it counts because you thought of it while trying to think of your perfect day in your perfect life. The moment you start to dismiss you ideas, passions, and desires you are doing yourself an injustice. I have found that by going through this process with the no-no philosophy and in a relaxed state of mind – the ideas will flow like never before.

So give it a shot – What is your Perfect Day?

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Michael Weaver

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  • My perfect day would start with a scuba dive with my significant other, but since I’m stuck in the snow I’ll have to settle for a hot cup of coffee and a walk!

    I think everyone’s perfect day should start with some form of exercise since it sets the tone for the rest of the day and really gets the endorphins going.

  • Knowing what your perfect day is one thing but actually doing something about it is another. We have been raised in a society that has the expectation of instant gratification. If we don’t get what we want immediately, we very rapidly give up on it as a waste of time. There are many excellent personal development programs and the best of them all require work and work has become a 4-letter word. It has taken us a lifetime to create the person we are now and change is not going to come overnight. So many people have fallen for the trap of “The Secret” and ultimately become extremely discouraged. The LOA like any self-improvement program requires that we take action (work). There has been far too much hype by internet marketers who are only out to make a buck that the LOA is some sort of magical solution to all of life problems and they fail to stress that like any other program, the LOA requires work. You cannot change a lifetime of limiting beliefs with reading a few books. You must commit to taking responsibility for your life outcome and put in the necessary and over time, you will achieve your deepest dreams.
    .-= Stan´s last blog ..Review:Dream Setting =-.

  • Hey Mike!

    This is an awesome post and I really appreciate you making this train of thought known to as many people as possible!

    This little “perfect day” exercise can really make you stop and think about what you’ve got going on in life. A year and a half ago, I couldn’t have answered this question. But thankfully, now I can and I am working toward my perfect day! :)

    I appreciate your insights!
    .-= Amanda´s last blog ..Tribe Syndication Community: How They Work & How They Multiply Your Online Presence =-.

  • Hi Michael,

    I’m glad you brought this up. I agree that it is important to start the day off with the mindset of asking the question, What is my perfect day? If I start the day off like in this way, it’s like I’m visualizing and taking into account what things needs to be in place in order for it to be a perfect day. And in doing so I’m bringing on that type of day because that’s what I’m focusing my time and energy on.

    Thanks for sharing!!

  • Michael,
    Great post. Visualization is a powerful way of achieving balance and purpose. Too often, especially in the West, we get so busy living our lives that we never stop to think about what our perfect day would be like. Of course, if we never think about it, we can never really hope to achieve it. Sad, really.

    .-= Chris Akins´s last blog ..3 ways to ground yourself =-.

  • Wow, what an excellent and fun question to wake up to! It’s great to imagine my perfect day.

    My perfect day would involve being with my friends I most love. We would be in the tropics – of course! It would involve delicious tropical food and beverages. Being in the ocean, snorkeling. Watching a beautiful sunset. Dancing to Calypso music. Lots of laughter.

    I would have my laptop and would engage in my craft (blogging and developing products that I envision would inspire others to have a more joyful life!

    A lovely day it ’tis!

    Thanks for the ride!

  • I love the idea of the “perfect day” because it allows us to shrug off our preconceived ideas about what we should do in a day and instead focus on what we’d choose to do if there were no limits. That opens up a whole new perspective to explore. A very powerful tool! Thanks for a great post.
    .-= Topi´s last blog ..10 moments to savour during the day =-.

  • I love this post! I know that I’ve been trying to act too grown up my whole life, and now I’m trying to reverse things and start acting more like a kid. I find when I ask myself what my perfect day is, it helps to answer as if I were a kid. They’re so much more honest than most grown-ups are about their feelings and emotions.

  • Hi Michael,
    That is a very powerful exercise you came up with. I especially relate to the “Silly” and “Nonsense” part. I was a Boston Public School teacher for 17 years when I decided I wanted to quit to become a millionaire. My family thought I was crazy and silly for giving up a steady job, health insurance and a retirement plan. Indeed I had a very different idea about how I wanted to spend my average day. Well, the millionaire part all happened and now I am back to teaching (albeit a very different kind of teacher). Our “Perfect Day’s” are always evolving and changing as we grow.

    • Rob,

      Thanks for the comment and thanks for checking out my blog!! Definitely appreciate your comments.

      Sounds like you have an awesome story to tell. I’ll be sure to visit your site – hopefully I’ll learn more about your story and your journey.

      I used to think that my writing was silly – and my passion for things like college football was silly, but soon realized that following and growing your passions is the farthest thing from silly.

      It never hurts to literally be silly as well – having fun and laughing is what life is all about!

      Thanks man!
      .-= Michael Weaver´s last blog ..Build a Foundation & Create Momentum for Your Unique Mission =-.

  • Hi Michael,

    I really love asking this question:

    “What would I do if I knew, 100% that I would succeed?”

    I have definitely found that asking this exposes any limiting beliefs that I have. And most of the time I am not even aware of the particular limiting belief prior to asking the question. But shining a light on the limiting belief has a way of weakening it.

    I also think it’s very helpful to think about what your perfect day is. It focuses attention on what you really want and what makes you happy.

    Thanks for the post!
    .-= Greg Blencoe´s last blog ..Cardinals and always, always, always follow your heart =-.

  • “Perfect day? hhmmpphh… the very idea! Easy for you to say. Look at you; you’re already successful.”

    This is where far too many people are stuck in life. Unfortunately they’re not reading this blog. Isn’t it strange how that works?

    And yet, when you really examine the lives of some of the greatest ‘successes’ you’ll often find that they too, were once mired deep in the feces of life. Read our own Steven Aitchison’s about page for a perfect example!

    For people who find themselves too low in the trenches, describing a ‘Perfect Day’ might be a bit of a stretch. I like the incremental stages suggested in Abraham Hicks’ book, “Ask and It Is Given”. Start with one thing that would be better than where you are right now and gradually work your way up.

    Even for those of us who are into personal development, chunking things down into smaller, doable steps may be more practical than trying to leap that tall building in a single bound. The contrast of where we are now vs. our ‘Perfect Day’ can be too depressing – too overwhelming, seemingly impossible and totally unbelievable – for some. hhmmpphh!

    And yet, with time and practice, even the most powerless and downtrodden person today can grow into one that lives and preaches the ‘Perfect Day’ concept. It’s a great exercise – when the student is ready.

    All the best from Toronto,

    • Russ,

      You’ve brought some great perspective into the discussion! You’re right – perhaps it would be tough for someone to complete the exercise that is so far removed from what their perfect day might be. I’ve even asked some of these questions to a person close to me that is really struggling with life – and he couldn’t answer them. But everyone has to start somewhere – and hopefully the ideas and some level of happiness ensues.

      .-= Michael Weaver´s last blog ..Build a Foundation & Create Momentum for Your Unique Mission =-.

  • I LOVE the perfect day exercise. I have a similar one on my blog and I learned from personal experience that if you really get clear on every little detail of your perfect day, it can shift your reality. The question of what you would do if you were guaranteed a success is also an incredibly powerful one. I love how you point out that it can open the floodgates of creativity, Michael. So true!

  • What a great article, very thought provoking.

    I have spent much of my life riddled with anxiety, worrying to the point of panic about things I can not control.

    Only recently have I learnt how suggestive the human mind is and how much value the power of belief and positive thinking can add to your life.

    • Hi Matt,

      First, thank you for the compliment! Second, you are exactly right – the power of positive thinking is really something else – especially when you first began to understand it.

      Good luck – spend your energy on things that are worthwhile – not worrying about what you cannot control, and it already sounds like you are well on your way!

      Thanks again,
      .-= Michael Weaver´s last blog ..Build a Foundation & Create Momentum for Your Unique Mission =-.

  • Thanks, Michael. This is an important post for all of use.

    And the portal to the perfect day is right here, right now:

    Honour time and you honour life.

    Honour the moments and the minutes glow.

    Honour the minutes and the hours and the days and the months…and your dream life – your perfect life unfolds before your very eyes.

    This is my perfect moment of my perfect life.

    There is no other place to be but present with these words on this post.

    This moment *is* my perfect life.

    Best to you and Steve,

    Robin :)
    .-= Robin Dickinson´s last blog ..The fastest & easiest way to grow sales =-.

  • Ah, i love this. I ask myself a handful of these questions from time to time. This post really helped me re-instate why i do what i do. It really comes down to wanting to be happy. Happiness is something that we all strive for, great post!

  • Hi Michael

    Welcome to CYT and the wonderful people who comment and give feedback, I believe you’ve already met a few :)

    Thank you so much for contributing to CYT. I think this is a great post and it’s actually an exercise I use when working with clients with alcohol and drug addictions. The strange thing is when they finish this exercise after 5 – 10 minutes their perfect day never actually involved touching a drop of alcohol or taking drugs, which comes as a bit of a shock to them.

    The way you have described this is brilliant and putting so much more detail into it is the key to doing this exercise, I think it could take a few hours but is potentially a life changing exercise.

    Thanks again Michael

    • Steve,

      Thank you for having me – I’ve been a long-time reader of CYT and definitely felt privilidged to contribute.

      Your approach with alcohol / drug addicts is really interesting – kind of puts a whole new spin on how important and impactful it can be to complete this exercise.

      Also interesting – using the approach on your clients just goes to show that people in dire need of help and people that are doing just fine, that are well on their way – get a lot out of the exercise.

      Thanks again – and I look forward to contributing in the future!

      .-= Michael Weaver´s last blog ..Build a Foundation & Create Momentum for Your Unique Mission =-.

  • Michael,
    A very inspirational post, I’m off over to your blog when I’ve finished writing this comment. I really like the idea of starting with ‘your perfect day’, a good starting point. The questions you can use with this process are limitless, just keep them open and the creative juices should keep flowing.
    .-= Paul´s last blog ..The SOS of Awareness =-.

  • Dear Michael,

    I just love this post! It is creative, inspirational and just plain ol’ fun!! Good for you. The questions you ask are brilliant and ones that many of us might take for granted or see as simplistic and ignore. But I believe they are crucial and can mean the difference between living in joy, creativity and awareness…OR living in boredom, despair, lethargy and so on.

    One of the problems with us humans is that we miss the simplest but most powerful things that sit right under our noses, the things that can truly transform our lives.

    I really enjoy your sense of play, openness and creative expression/thinking. Give it full reign! Thank you for sharing your views and way of life with us. I APPRECIATE it!!! Robin
    .-= Robin Easton´s last blog ..Live Learn and Get Unstuck =-.

    • Robin,

      I love that you love my post! And I appreciate your appreciation for the little things in life that do get taken for granted. The creation of my blog was initially (and to some degree still is) about finding the inspiration in your life on a daily basis. Regardless of your income, age, health, circumstances, etc. – there are beautiful and inspiring things about all of our lives – and to me, it’s important that we recognize these things and don’t let them go unnoticed.

      Thanks Robin!

      .-= Michael Weaver´s last blog ..Build a Foundation & Create Momentum for Your Unique Mission =-.

  • This is an interesting post and very fitting with where I find myself in my life at the moment. Before I had my daughter, I had a very clear idea as to the perfect day and the life I wanted – then I got pregnant. That didn’t exactly fit into my perfect day but the dream changed.
    Now I am ready to figure out what my perfect day is and where I want to live it etc. The challenge I have is that my perfect day includes my daughter… and perhaps that includes living in another country… and perhaps that would mean removing her from her family and limiting her access to them. Given the health, age, and newness of this family… *sigh* So my dream is possible, but is it a dream I want to fulfill given the potential of a loss in her life of that family? (She is 10 and her dad’s family didn’t know she existed until about 8 months ago) Who knows, maybe the perfect day isn’t about location as much as it is about the time spent and the quality of life.

    • Wow – you bring up a couple of interesting points. First, you’ve pointed out that your perfect day is and by all means should be evolving as you grow and learn more about the person ultimately are at heart.

      Second, you’ve got a tough, dynamic situation on your hands relative to your daughter. I’m sure your love for her will push you in the right direction so you both are as happy as you can be given the circumstances.

      I wish you the best of luck!

      .-= Michael Weaver´s last blog ..Build a Foundation & Create Momentum for Your Unique Mission =-.

      • Thanks Mike –
        I thought about this post first thing this morning too. It is about trusting myself to make the right choices and trusting that I will be where I need to be when I need to be there. It is also about reaching deep inside and figuring out just what it is for each of us to have that perfect day. Is it about where we live? Is it about how we spend the day? Is it about the people around us? Is it about our choices throughout that day? Can we have a perfect day that is more about the person that we are and want to be over the external?

        Then I realized that the perfect days I have had are not always without challenges… and probably, they are perfect because there is a challenge involved. And this might be way off the subject! 😉
        I have a feeling I will be thinking about this one more. Thanks

  • Hey Michael,

    This is a very useful question to ask yourself. It may seem like just exercising your fantasy, but it really helps you connect with your core values. And then you start to think about how you can turn this fantasy into reality and you get more practical. Good question to ask my coaching clients. Thanx.

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