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The seven success strategies for business and life

Written by Ponn Sabra

I would like to introduce guest blogger Ponn M. Sabra. If you read the personal development blogs you will probably know Ponn Sabra or have heard of her. Her networking skills are well known among blog fans and business owners. She is an inspirational figure to many women, and men, after having a near fatal car crash which left her partially paralysed she has carried on and writen a best selling book ‘Empowering women to power network’, as well as schooling 3 children, and helping women entrepreuners to empower themselves.

Okay, enough gushing I will hand you over to Ponn.

inner_goldmineFirst, I’d like to thank Steven for reaching out and asking me for a guest post, even before he unveiled his regular contributions from guest bloggers, sharing his support in my work for empowering women entrepreneurs (home based entrepreneurs, regardless of gender) to action, and being patient through all my present life challenges beyond my control.

When he asked me to discuss “successful living or successful women”, I was honoured and humbled that he felt I was capable of writing on this subject.

Then, through the past 3.5 months, I was flooded with love, support & patience to get through the most trying time of my life. So, only now do I feel capable of writing on this subject, having received supportive “fan” mail in my ability to “be so successful and empowered” through all my trials & tribulations.

So, just for ‘Change your thoughts’ I have written:

The Seven Success Strategies for your Business and Life:

1. Sound Leadership Skills.

To lead meaningful means to make educated decisions, take calculated risks, a vision and determination to reach your goals, and have the ability to motivate your team (staff, joint venture partners, etc.) in a way that causes all parties to rise to their greatest potential. You need to encourage others to succeed within their own abilities, and empower them to strive forward by taking initiative so they can succeed as individuals as well as an integral part of your team. You need to focuse a sense of pride that one day your team members or staff can and will have the ability to be your colleague and peer and that you must humbly let them go; or even better–hire them as your consultant.

2. Set Systems.

My health limitations (being disabled) and lifestyle choices (homeschooling my 3 young girls as my full-time job) cases me to focus on finding methods, techniques that assure I proceed to work on the 20% of duties and responsibilities most critical to my business and/or life. You must chose to concentrate on delegating and outsourcing the 80% of the mundane, less pleasurable, emotionally-tacking duties and responsibilites to others.

3. Strategic Planning & Execution.

Many leaders are great at “brainstorming” and “strategic planning” but only the successful ones know how-to follow-through and make your plans come to life. You must dedicate a certain amount of time away from your daily duties and responsibilities to create methods and mechanisms to expand, grow or even multiple systems and plans that show to be most profitable.

4. Search You! Sell You! See You!

Search “your name” (in quotations) in Google. Take an Online Identity Quiz [ ] and see how you rank. Take particular notice at the questions and gauge your score accordingly.

For example search “Ponn Sabra”. Note the different places that grace the first couple of pages: my webpage/blog (phew!), blog interviews or guest posts, article submissions, online press releases, and joint venture partnerships. Undoubtedly, this is why these are my Top 5 Internet Branding/Marketing techniques.

Sell yourself to via the Top 5 Internet Branding/Marketing techniques above.

See You Shine! Apply the following techniques over and over again, and you will have a Sound Internet Brand.

5. Be a Saavy Networker.

All of my personal and professional success comes from leveraging the power of Human Resources. My debut book, “Empowering Women to Power Network” became an instant best-seller because I applied the offline principles to the online world. My mentor, Yaro Starak of and (to name a couple), shares that the #1 way to drive traffic to your website is through word of mouth (WOM) [ ].

So, even though you practice sound internet branding/marketing techniques shared in #4, you actually have to email, pick up the phone, visit others and integrate savvy networking principles to your business and life.

6. Share!

Being a solo-entrepreneur, let alone an internet entrepreneur, can be a very lonely place. Yet, your success depends on your ability to bust out and share.

Build an organizational chart with other successful entrepreneurs:

– Board of Directors, mentors and coaches – To learn from, flow their systems, empower you to succeed, push you forward when you’re in a slump, advise you confidently, and counsel you to greatest!

– Colleagues and Competitors – To cross promote with, build massive joint venture partnerships, share your common target market, and offer a “I’m in the same boat” kind of support like no one else can.

– Support staff – Your virtual support team for you to delegate and outsource administrative, technical assistance in all areas that are not your productive 20% revenue-producing activities.

7. Self-actualization and Empowerment.

The ability and confident to promote your true self. To be transparent and “real”. To be personal and personable. To be the best you can be and try your hardest to achieve your goals with the limitations life has upon you.

This strategy simply answers the following questions:
– Do you have the skills, abilities, talents and self-will to get through the first 6 Strategies?
– Are you patient enough to take calculated risks and know that your rewards will come?
– Do you have faith in yourself and God that you were here on Earth with a purpose–the purpose to succeed and remain humble?
– Are you gregarious enough to generate your own online buzz and offline word of mouth campaign?
– Are you resourceful enough to fill in your faults? Voids? Limitations?
– Do you have the drive, determination, motivation to compensate for your inabilities?
-Will You Take the Necessary Steps to Succeed to the Next Level?

Ponn M. Sabra is the best-selling author of Empowering Women to Power Network , Columnist, home based internet entrepreneur, is disabled and homeschools her 3 little girls. Yet, she still finds time to empower women entrepreneurs to action at and at her blog

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  • This is related to Success Strategies that there are strategies which is going to help in the future for business as well as for life. In my view if we stuck to the basics and carry out the activities which are assigned to in a proper way and adhering the policies related to success strategies then he would be successful.

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  • This is a great list to live by. Thank you for pointing out #4. I’ll have to give it a try. Your posts are always inspirational and filled with sound advise.

  • Amanda – it was a pleasure to have Ponn writing for the blog.

    Bill – It was all Ponn’s doing I am just glad I asked her to write a post for Change your thoughts, it has been great for both of us.

    Roger – thanks for commenting on this post of Ponn’s.

    Ponn – A huge thank you for this, hopefully the favour will be returned soon.

  • Bill Clees

    I’m glad to help, and grateful again that Steven gave me this wonderful opportunity!

    Yes, the lil’ online ID calculator is WAY cool, huh?

    As for outsourcing your 80%, if you ever need help, feel free to check out my staff & more importantly our pricing at My virtual assistants (VA) are highly economical, highly-talented, effective & efficient in their work. I turn over some of my colleagues’ V.A.s to mine, because they end up being more economical and better to “manage” (since I manage the projects for you) 😉

    I like to refer myself to be more “motivational” than simply “inspirational”…because I have this dire need to Empower You to ACTION! Rather then simply be “moved” by my work & experiences 😉

    As for outsourcing, please read my comments to Bill Clees above :-)

    Roger Baillargeon
    Thanks for your kind words!

    I’m always “Sharing”…interesting hobbies you got going! Feel free to contact me at anytime to share what you have in mind.

  • Thanks for the tips in this article. You’re inspirational!!

    Great foundations to grow from and keep coming back to. I definitely need to outsource some of my more mundane tasks.

  • Thank you Steven and Ponn for a most inspirational post! I headed out to the look yourself up link. Fun to use and it’s shown me I’ve got more work for myself. However your 20/80 approach to being successful means I may be hiring others to help me achieve my goals (I have to a great extent already). Again a big thanks!

  • […] 6. To further build my Seven Success Strategies for Business & Life guest post, specifically #6 and “Sharing” my column went live this week as well, entitled, “Building a Business Organizational System – Focus on your internal network by organizing your business associates into tiers”. If I can build a Team of now 11 members (virtual international staff) while moving cross-states, being disabled, and homeschooling 3 lil’ ones…you basically have NO excuse to take my tips to help build a high-quality Team! […]

  • Dearest Steven,

    Wow! Thanks for the extra kind and humbling intro…you got me blushin’ 😉

    Can you believe it!? While in the middle of my move, I’ve been without cable, internet & phone (since we’re such a high-tech family with VoIP) since Tues. night that this is my 1st-time online and I have 1-hour here at the public library to spare :-(

    I’m so pleased with all the traction we’re getting by sharing our humble words. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity to be a guest blogger! I know this is just the beginning…

    Thanks for bringing our strategies to your community and adding your 2-cents 😉 I can’t agree with you more!

    By of course–knowing, liking and most importantly TRUSTING your “Board of Directors/Advisors/Coaches/Mentors” is critical to every entrepreneurs’ success both offline & online and professionally & personally :-)

    Amanda M. Gladden,
    My pleasure, my dear. As for #6…my growing Team at is *always* on the look-out for great talent who loves to “share” the spotlight. Contact me at anytime!
    I’m awed….thanks!

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