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Sunday Siesta – July 5th

Written by Steven Aitchison

Another 9 great blog posts from around the world to read and relax to.

This weeks Sunday Siesta has a few business blog posts which I think are well worth a mention in this 9 blog post set. The more I read the more I feel I’m lagging behind a bit when it comes to the quality of my writing but I am improving every single day by reading quality posts like these.

Hope you enjoy them

sunday_siesta9 Personal development posts to enlighten your mind

Want to Fail? Just repeat these 3 phrases daily –

Forgive an accident – The Happiness Project

Take back your personal power part 1 – Craig Harper writing for Lifehack

Create a profitable online store in 5 easy steps –

System Overload –

How to build a high traffic blog without killing yourself – Tim Ferris

Work-Love-Sing-Dance – Quantum Learning

Ghost in the machine –

How to become more successful –

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