Mind Alchemy – A Challenge for 2011

Mind Alchemy personal development courseAs we prepare for 2011 and all the wonderful challenges that it has to offer, I’d like to tell you about a brand new course I will be running starting on the 1st February 2011.  It’s called:

Mind Alchemy: Change Your Life in 28 Days

It’s a complete 28 day course which will be run on the blog for everyone to participate.  So, for the whole month of February there will be a new part of the course which will be blog based and will help you change your thoughts and in turn your life around to where you want to be.

The course will be looking at where you are now in your life, looking at where you want to be and finally giving you the complete set of tools to be able to reach your outcomes in life.  There will be workbooks, downloads to listen to, and a sense of community as we help each other along the path we were born to walk.

Will there be much work involved in this? Without a doubt, this will require up to 60 minutes per day, but I guarantee this course will change the way you think and ultimately change your life.

What’s it all about?

For 28 days I will be posting exercises, daily practices, and downloads to help you change your thinking.

Over the years I have collected the best exercises that I have used for my own personal development, and feel all the ones that will be posted will help anyone who uses them.

The key to the course is to do the mind exercises every day; we can’t change our life if we don’t change our thinking habits.

I will be posting more information nearer the time, but I wanted you to know the plans before anyone else.

How much will it cost?

Nothing whatsoever, but your time.

Why is it free if it’s going to change my life?

It’s a brand new course, and whilst I know all the things I will show you work, I haven’t rolled it out on a  large scale, so you will be my guinea pigs :)

Seriously, I was going to charge $49 for anyone who wanted to join this course, however after the first course I will take everyone’s feedback, revise the course accordingly and then roll it out again in April with a workbook, guide and all the downloads.

How to register for the Mind Alchemy Challenge

If you are interested in registering please leave a comment below.  I will be making a wall of photos to show everyone who is registering for the course, so please leave me a link which is a large photo of yourself to post on the wall.  This is just to give you a little exposure, l and it will give you some accountability.

Also please join the Mind Alchemy Facebook Group, this way we can chat about the upcoming course and chat some more when registrations are completed and the course goes live.

I will also have a twitter hashtag for everyone to use nearer the time.

I hope you can join me for this challenge as I know it’s going to be a life changer for a lot of people.

I would like to thank Celestine Chua for giving me the idea for this.  Originally the course was going to be forum based and private, however after seeing what Celes did on her blog I was inspired to do the same.

Add your name below if you would like to register and remember and put a link to a large photo of yourself if you can ;-)

Update 03/01/11 – How to add a photo for the gallery below

First find a photo of yourself on your computer and rename it with your full name e.g. Steven Aitchison

Click on the following link:

Upload Your Photo to the gallery

Click ‘Browse’

Find the photo you renamed and click on it

enter the password ‘default’

Then click on ‘Upload the file to my dropbox’

I will do the rest from there and add it to the gallery.

A gallery of the people who have registered so far

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  1. Ready to change my life!

  2. Can you still do this?

  3. Looking forward to try the course…

  4. Jean Pawlowicz says:

    Stumbled across the video on youtube… listened carefully.. and then came to this website, because i do want more… i would like the full course, please… thank you (for the course, for the video, for all of it!)


  5. Jinelle says:

    Heyy Steven..Looking forward to change my life..!!

  6. iain childs says:

    i would like to join the course.

  7. Hi, I would like to join the course. Thank you very much for providing this opportunity for me.


  8. Matt Abusamra says:

    I really like the idea of being guinea pig :P for such a great idea, and i’m willing to join this course .

  9. What a powerful idea, Steven! As a Christian life coach , I am seriously impressed with your program! Are you going to be doing something like this for 2012? If so, please enroll me!

  10. great idea!

  11. Please include me.

  12. I think at times I am overconscious and in order to portray that I am understanding and attentive, I miss and do not follow or grasp the instructions given or instance being quoted. I do not know why it happens to me but I get really disturbed for my behaviour. I overstress things to remember better but the poutcome is opposite. Why so, How should I help myself and be more of me. I think i have a habit of prejuidice which distracts me from being me.

    Tahnks for your help!!

    Gautam Malik

  13. can i still join?? just browse this page. :)

  14. Hey Steve, I would love to join your course and give you a review on it when completed. Thanks. I also prefer to not post my pic!

  15. Is it too late to sign up for this free course?

  16. Amruta says:

    I m in :) Thanx …

  17. Hi

    I know I am extremely late but I could do with a change in luck. Is there any chance I could join?


  18. i need this course
    pl join me
    i shall be very grateful to u

  19. Steve,
    I am interested in learning how to re-think and change my mind
    Please sign me up,


  20. marie phillips says:

    i would like to begin the next course, thanks marie x

  21. I would love to join the course. Not sure how to post a pic with my mac as I am new to it, but i will try! many thanks, leslie

  22. Hi Steven, Please let me know if you offer this course again. Thanks, Annie

    P.S. Also would love to join your group on FB.

  23. Ali Shehryar says:

    Please register me for this course.

  24. I would like to join
    i know its late
    BUT i will read the previous lessons

  25. hi!
    I am impressed by the mind alchemy course, I am interested to know when is this course starting again

    Thank you,

  26. I am anxious to join this course! I just joined the Facebook group and uploaded my picture. Thanks so much for doing this!

  27. Am I too late to join?

  28. Enjoying your posts; would like to join the course if it’s not too late…

  29. Jozef Lehotsky says:

    Hi Steve..
    I’d like to register for your course,if it is not too late.

  30. Is it too late to sign up?

  31. i would like to join this course! (:

  32. Jody Murphy says:

    Great idea. Even though you’re 2 weeks in, it’s never too late to make a new beginning – right?

  33. Yvonne Main says:

    Heard about this at meditation class. Looking forward to giving it a go, especially as its free. Please sign me up. Thanks.

  34. Is it entirely to late to join? This sounds like a wonderful life experience. Is there any way to start late?

  35. Would very much like to join the course. What do I do?

  36. I am excited to hear about this!

  37. josiane haddad says:

    i would like to join the course but i guess im a bit late,can u please supply me with the lessons i missed…thank you in advance:)

  38. Hello steve,
    I want to join the course.

  39. Is it too late to sign up?

  40. Hi! I would love to join your course, i strongly believe in our ability to make positive changes in our lives, and i am really excited to try out the “Mind Alchemy”-)))

  41. Latisha Renee says:

    Hi! Please sign me up for the course. I will upload my photo shortly.

  42. Like to join and welcome to this life changing opportunity.

  43. I’m willing to register. Thank you for the offer.


  44. i want to join the course

  45. Shelley Pierce says:

    I’m getting a late start. Hope to catch up and be on track by the end of this week!

  46. Victoria Gusk says:

    Could I still register?
    Thank you, Victoria

  47. Gonna give this a try – thank you for this Steve – Love your blog. I’m a few days late in joining though…

  48. DSC_Autumn says:

    Look forward to this mind changing way of thinking!

  49. Dear Steve
    I would like to join – I was looking at it last week and could not find where to join (actually uploaded a picture, tho) – finally did! Thank you for encouraging so many people!

  50. Deb Hickerson says:

    Thanks, great idea!

  51. sorry i’m late! but i’d like to join this course. i believe tips and tricks will help me succeed :)

  52. would love to join too.

  53. How do I register for this course? Is it too late?

  54. Julie Perez says:

    I would like to join this course. Thanks for offering it.

  55. S.GIRI KUMAR says:


    I am eager to join this course.



  56. Hi Steve, I would like to join. Sorry for being late. Thanks and greets, Michael

  57. Kris Gray says:

    Hi, I would like to join also. Need to make some changes and save my marriage

    WANT to save. and grow as a better person

  58. Hello there,
    I came here after reading Dragos’ post on his blog. Looking forward to joining the course if you are still taking applicants. You can find me on http://facebook.com/ritzreddy

  59. Hey there! Is it still possible to join up? I *just* found out about it. :)

  60. Hi Steven,

    After some fence-sitting, I’ve decided to have a go. Looking forward to the journey!

    Best Regards

  61. Hi STeve,
    Would love to join, I hope its not too late!

  62. hey can i still join this course?

  63. I’d like to sign up for the Mind Alchemy Challenge.
    Nicole Daines Gibeaut

  64. Sign me up

  65. Wow Steve, what a great idea and incredible response you’re receiving here!

    Like you, I’ve been pretty much MIA over the past month, celebrating, recovering from a tonsillectomy, and working on some awesome stuff for my blog. Granted, I didn’t come up with anything as intriguing as this…but exciting for me nonetheless! :)

    So, I’m a little behind the power curve here, but I’m confident that I can catch up. Please sign me up!

    ~Thanks, Adrienne

  66. If it’s not too late, I’d love to join.

  67. Hello to everybody from Mexico. Happy to start a new journey!

  68. Samantha Davies says:

    Ready or not here I go!!!!

  69. Mark radtke says:

    Looking forward to the course

  70. Thanks, looking forward to the class. :)

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  72. Zachary Perkins says:

    Hi, Steve. I would like to participate in this course and learn something about myself!

  73. Thank you Steve. Please count me too . I would love to join your class

  74. I would like to join.

  75. Enjo Sefiro says:

    HI, I left you my photo and I’d like to join in the lessons. Let me know if I am included. Thanks!

  76. Thank you very much Steven! I would love to join…

  77. Roohi Gupta says:

    Dear Steven,

    I have uploaded my photograph in the dropbox, please add me for the course.


  78. Roohi Gupta says:

    Dear Steven,

    I have uploaded my photo in the drop box. Please add me for the course.

  79. Would like to join please. Late, but I just read the Wheel of Life post.

  80. Please add me to the course. Thank you!

  81. Always up for a challenges and alchemy is such an interesting word

  82. Sign me up! I uploaded a photo, but I was wondering if you were going to delete them when this course is over. I’d prefer if you did for privacy reasons. Happy to be on board!

  83. Barb Danielisz says:

    I would LOVE to join this!

  84. Hi Steve,

    I’d like to join your course


  85. Kevin Phillip Haasch says:

    My friend Trish implored her friends who were interested to take the course. I am so there! Thanks in advance.

  86. Looking forward to this!!

  87. Stephanie says:

    I would like to participate

  88. Vicki Bamman says:

    Steve, Now that I’ve seen the first post and the outline for the course, I’d like to join. It fits so well with what I’m doing now for self-improvment and life-improvement.

  89. Hell, ya! Sign me up!

  90. Steve,

    I’m very interested in joining the program. Please let me know if I need to do anything else! Thanks again for this!

  91. just to say it’s wonderfull, this first lesson is a great start point. Where am I? whitch sectors must I improve….?
    Following this first lesson I did a page for the measures I will take in order to improve the weel.
    For each sector I know now what to do.

  92. Jeanne Edna Thelwell says:

    I would very much like to take this course. I don’t have a photo (I’m kind of camera-shy), but I’ll see if I can get one.


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