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Life is shit

Steven Aitchison
Written by Steven Aitchison

Life is shit!

I have spoken to so many people who complain about life and how shit is.  In every single case the person who has been complaining has done absolutely nothing to change their life to make it less shit.  Here are the most common ‘life is shit……..’ phrases and how to over come them.

Life is shit because I don’t have the money to do the things I want!

life_is_shitThere are literally hundreds of ways to make extra money, but ONLY if you are willing to work for it.  I don’t mean work hard all day and all night I mean work smart and automate as much as possible so you are making money whilst you sleep.  Some things you can do are:

1. Affiliate marketing – Sell other peoples products online.  A simple website, a few keywords, a google adwords campaign and you are more or less up and running.  The easiest place to start is selling stuff from Clickbank.

2. Sell your knowledge – Do you have a skill that could be taught either via seminars or via an ebook?  Truth is, everybody has.  You can turn your knowledge into a saleable commodity.  I have learnt a bit about internet marketing over the last few years and am now selling that knowledge to local businesses, via an ebook to anybody who wants to know.  You can learn the skills of internet marketing in a few weeks of dedicated learning.  If you do this you will have more knowledge than most businesses will know in their lifetime.  Think outside the box with this one.  I know someone who makes a killing just installing wordpress blogs for people and setting it up for them.  It takes her two hours of work and she charges $100 a time.

That’s only two examples of making extra money.  There are hundreds more you just need to put your thinking cap on.  Dennis Becker advocates trying to earn an extra ‘5 Bucks per day’ and then take it from there.  How hard would it be to earn an extra $5 per day.  If you can earn an extra $5 you can then double that.  Each time you double the amount to make in a day your money limit will go higher and you will become more confident and in turn your own mind will keep working for you and you will begin to see new ideas in everything.

Life is shit because I don’t have my ideal partner!

When you are thinking like this you are giving all of your power away to an unknown entity, namely the person you think you should be with.  The thing to do here is concentrate on being happy with yourself before giving up part of the power to someone else.  When you are totally content within your skin you are ready to meet your ideal partner.  Work on yourself in every single way possible.  Thinks of all the things you want to be and work on each part in turn.

Another piece of advice would be to concentrate on your strengths.  Don’t waste time on minor weaknesses, concentrate on building up the things you are already good at.

Life is shit because I don’t have the job I want!

Tell me, what have you done to find the job you really want?  Most people who say this don’t really know what they want so how are you going to find your ideal job when you don’t know what it is.

You first need to figure out what you want to do and then figure out how to get it.

For example if you want to get a job as a web designer.  You start small and learn the basics by building your own sites, one site at a time.  Then when you get more confident you can go to college for a certificate of some kind and then build up your knowledge and certification from there.  If you don’t have the time to go to college then learn at home and build your own websites then ask someone if they would like a website built for free.  This way you will gain experience of working with clients and the kind of questions and difficulties they will have.  Do one a month, then two a month and then three a month and pretty soon you will have a website business, always building your knowledge as the world of the internet is always changing.

I remember having a conversation with my older sister a few years ago and she was saying how she wanted another job.  She was babysitting for a few people and doing a few part time jobs cleaning and working in a shop.  When she sat down and thought about what she loved she became a registered child minder and set up business for herself.  Her business is now booming and she is doing great for herself.  Everybody is always looking for reliable, registered child minders.

This applies to any type of work you want to do.

Life is shit because I don’t have a job!

Unless you have some sort of disability there is absolutely no need to be out of work.  I would do anything, anything at all to bring money into the family home and for my self respect.  There is no need in this day and age not to have a job, if you can’t find an employer create a job for yourself.  I’m sorry if that sounds harsh, but it’s the truth.  We are so engrained into thinking that somebody has to give us a job that we don’t think outside the box.  Why do we have to go through the job hunting, the letter writing, the research, the interviews, to help someone else make money? There is no need at all, create a job for yourself, be your own boss.  If you are a hard worker there is virtually nothing you cannot do, however if you are a lazy so and so then put up or shut up, there is no point in complaining about something if you are not prepared to do anything about it.

Life is shit because nobody likes me!

You might be right, everybody might not like you and for one reason – You don’t like yourself.  There is no possible way people will like you until you truly like yourself and if you’re at this stage you have a lot of work to do on yourself.

Small steps – Every single journey you take in your life will begin with a small step and this is the same for changing your life.  At this stage don’t think about the bigger picture, think about the small changes you want to make and work on them continuously and build up your repertoire until you are happy with yourself.

I have to say if you are happy feeling like shit then there is obviously no need to make any changes.

Life is shit because I have lost a loved one!

There is nothing at all I can say that will change your mind and rightly so.  The grieving process needs to be realised fully before you can move on and this, I know it’s clichéd, will take time.  I cannot begin to imagine being in your shoes and I would not dare insult you by offering advice.

There are a million other different ‘Life is shit because……..’ phrases and 99.9 % of them can be overcome if you are willing to put in the effort.  I am probably not going to be liked for this article but I had to say it.

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  • No matter how shit you see you life, the next man will think his is worse.
    Everyones story is different, you just need to realise the best of what you do have and try not to see the worst of what you don’t have.

  • Hey,
    At the moment I think life is shit. not just my life but the world. How evil and fake it is. but I know soon I won’t be in this crap mood but it’s easy said then done to change your mindset.
    So just for the pointless sake to show you what I’m going through (and a stupid attempt to get advice or some cheap sympathy) here’s a list of the crap things in my life:
    I’m gay
    I hate the body I’m in but afraid of somethig like a sex change
    I’ve removed myself from connecting to my “friends” they don’t even call or text me askig what’s up?
    No trust connection with family
    My trust is shattered with all my used to be close friends
    Closet case
    I live in fear of people finding out my secret
    I get unfeedable urges of lust most nights/mornings
    wow I can’t think of anythingelse… nice

    Now to try and improve my mood by stating the positives:
    I’m a teen! were crazy and hormonal and shit!
    despite my grades (yup I’m vain) me and alot of other people think I’m actually quite smart
    I do have goals and profession ideas which I will try to acheive as I get older
    so what if Im not in a relationship? I’m only 15!
    I have a long and hopefully good life ahead of me.

    Now looking at both sides I feel better. ( sorry for posting y life story here :p I didn’t have a pen)
    great article.

  • I won’t say life is shit, just mine )
    Realy all you posted is good for some normal people but not someone like me.
    I did change jobs alot, and wasn’t good at anything at all. I am too stupid and autist. Its hard for me to interact with people so i am always searching job with little amount of people to comunicate. For now i want to find next one but can’t, in time of crisis stupid people aren’t very popular at workplaces (

    My nowadays goal is to learn 3D modeling, so that i could work at home like freelancer and do something that i want. Yet my wants aren’t the same as my skill, i am learning it for more than half year and still not on the level of other people. I was trying alot though, I was fixing cars, writing movie scripts, programming, making sites, system administrator, early times i was translating news for one paper(nowadays my english skills are lesser than some school children – i have very selective memory).

    People like me just cant do what they want. I have no way to complete with younger guys that are much smarter than me and know where “left n right” all the time.

  • life is shit when u got 4 kids and a paretner who u been wiv 4 12 years who doesnt tell me he loves me never makes me feel specail , we never go or do anything tgeva and he never asked me 2 marry him so really i should get out and find the love from someone else yeh!!!!

  • I understand your sentiments and applaud your reasoning, the problem is, this information is really only going to help the people who can already help themselves, the people who would really benefit from this would need to sort themselves out first.

    I’ll explain myself;

    Saying: “The thing to do here is concentrate on being happy with yourself before giving up part of the power to someone else. ” is all very well, but generally the people who have this kind of problem are not very confident and would struggle to achieve this without help.

    From this everything would probably take care of itself because once you are happy with yourself, you would have the confidence to achieve most of the things you are promoting here and would therefore not need to read your post?

    Please don’t think I am flaming your post, as I agree wholeheartedly with (most) of the things you are saying, I just struggle to see the use of a post obviously aimed at people already able to achieve the suggestions.

    much confusion, but kudos to you (I think)

  • Listen Stevan,
    It’s easy to talk ( write ) in the way you talk ( write ) wnen you don’t live
    in Serbia or in a similar country. When you are female and 45 you can’t do anything to suppor yourself. I graduated from two universities, did different kind of jobs and was always prepared to be sacked. Why? If you work in a private company here they always find some reasons to get rid of “extra” workers. Those who stay work longer hours for the same money or even less. Yes, there is law – but only on paper. If you are not in a big political party or you don’t have some important cousins or friends or you didn’t inherited something then you can dig, clean…or maybe shoot yourself.

  • Even if you’re successful, the suffering of others less fortunate can make good people feel miserable.
    Plenty of drink and drugs can help you enjoy this crazy world by blotting everything out and taking you to an early grave and you won’t have to take out a pension.
    Don’t watch TV or read newspapers. That is a major step away from misery.
    Be ignorant. What you don’t know, don’t hurt you…… occupy your mind watching sport or pornography.
    Being evil can help. The misfortune of others can help us feel better about ourselves.

  • my life gets shitty sometimes but I find a way to overcome it. I keep saying to myself :” Life is just too short to be wasted on complaining and worrying, enjoy yourselves before it’s too late. Live without regrets. Think about the people that are much more miserable than you are”.
    Hope this help.

  • What is going on here? Some sort of on mass therapy I guess. I feel like my life is shit which is why I came to this site, and having read every single post it is comforting to realise you are not alone.

  • where to begin…I came across this site as I often have the feelin that my life is shit and by typing this into google I was amazed how messed up our thoughts are.
    I feel my life is shit too,some times by the choices I make and sometimes by the way external influences affect us.
    I have Bi polar which is becoming quite the mainstream illness to have in this day and age and sometimes I think thats why my life is shit,
    I hide in my room avoid talking to friends and family and I think I am shit therefore my life is shit.
    BUT…things change and you feel happy, maybe its a song,a show a memory of something but your thoughts change to happiness.
    Like someone has already said on this site we are emotional beings,I accept that at times my life is shit and it can be hard to deal with the day to days but once you get past past that, and admittedly everyone does (YOU CANT BE SAD ALL THE TIME) just hold on to that happiness for as long as you can,i would be a hypocrate if I said I make the most of my life cos I know I dont but I dont wanna let go of my life like so many I know only get one life and I wanna see it through till the end, shit or not life is important because no one really knows whats gonna happen next

  • I came across your site whilst doing researchfor a motivational seminar.
    Your site is great. I enjoy the insightfulness and resourceful way that your Blog runs. I will be investing in your book once I start earning. Life for me has always been shit – however that’s a five minuet state of mind, then I move forward with a smile because opportunity is always at my finger tips.

  • Hi,

    Even though the article is really good, sometimes I think I’m not up for the challenge. I’ve always thought that I’m not good enough for my job….I’ve been insulted at work quite a few times and my skills have been questioned from time to time.
    The fact that I’ve had depression throughout my life doesn’t give me the capacity to concentrate and I’ve always had this anxiety that’s keeping me from moving on…..I have suicidal thoughts from time to time as well.

  • Hi,
    just read your article and it really makes me see things in a different light. The only barriers I am faced with are those i create my self.

    Cheers Stephen, keep up the work.

  • life really is shit. I dont know how you think i can change my situatio by simply changing my thoughts. you are encouraging people to live a fanasy and live in denial. my life is shit, i have no job, no mone, no home, no car, nothing. My thoughts are not going to change naything, other than perhaps lead me down a track of self denial and fantasy.

  • Life is not shit, most of us have “the world” in a way, and many of us don’t even realize it. We groan and get upset when we don’t have everything that somehow we expected to have. It is such a blessing to be content with the life that you have, to be happy and to enjoy the world.

    I have a grandmother who can barely walk (she needs someone to hold her arm when she walks, for balance) – yet my grandmother is one of the happiest people I know. She had a car accident 5 years ago, and hasn’t fully recovered. She lives with a lot of disability, yet she really enjoys her life and she says that she wants to live for a long, long time. She appreciates every moment in her life.

    Your tip of “aim to earn $5 extra each day” is a great idea that I will put into the back of my mind. I need to get the ball rolling and start making extra time for myself to learn the in’s and out’s of internet marketing. I am the biggest newbie around. I don’t have much time at all (I am working full-time and feel exhausted at the end of the day) but I’ll make myself get into it soon. There is so much for me to learn, it will take me some time – but that $5 a day is a foreseeable goal.

  • Mmmm. I have been looking for work for over a year. I have an education and skills – but live literally in the middle of no-where without transport. In fact, a few days ago I walked a 10 mile round trip to get to the doctors for my bipolar medication and on the way home fell over and severely sprained my ankle. That was crap. And ironic. I am a lone parent who spent a nightmare time in a refuge for domestic violence. That was crap – especially when my young son was beaten up by another resident. I live in a house without heating. That is crap. And yes, I am doing everything I can to change my situation – but in reality – sometimes life really is shit. And self help gurus often talk out of their arses.

    • Yes it is crap Sol, you are absolutely right, but before you say I am talking out of my arse (I presume you were insulting me by calling me a self help guru?), look at what you’ve written to me and then tell me exactly what choices you made.

  • Sometimes life is shit, and no matter how much effort you put in, it remains so. I am desparate to have a baby, but cannot seem to get pregnant. I have been trying for five years, spent all the money I have on fertility treatment countless times, yet it still does not happen. There is a gaping hole I cannot fill despite my best efforts – accepting that I cannot have children will simply make the rest of my life shit. Not a great option. I do not think it is an unreasonable to want to have children. The doctors cannot see any reason why the treatment should not work, the test just comes back negative every time. I cannot see what more I can do.

  • You talk about ideals and imply that ‘life is what you think’ unfortunately it is not that simple. |To some degree your talking about cognitive behavioural therapy, whereby the individual learns to see the positive in their circumstances. I have no problem with this on the whole and this can be extremely beneficial. However, not all occasions call for CBT. In some cases it can lead to people denying themselves the truth and living a life of fantasy. This can be even more damaging. The answer is to look at the any positive factors and objectively weight them up. However you preach pure delusion and denial to life negative consequences, which is extremely dangerous and demonstrates the lack of understanding and knowledge for mental illness.

  • I find that I agree with the the ‘life is shitters’. It is. But funnily enough I also agree with Steven. Because the fact is just as the tide comes in it goes out. I challenge anyone to find something in nature that is all one way without an opposite…..unless it’s already dead.

    It is of course impossible to help people that won’t help themselves, but I am also aware of someone who through an accident was burnt over 70% of their body and completely disfigured….the wife then left him and THEN later he endured a plane crash which also made them a paraplegic. If he isn’t a candidate for a ‘life is shit’ badge I don’t know who is.

    But even as a disfigured paraplegic this guy ran for mayor…and came second. He also owns some million dollar companies.

    The difference between him and the ‘life is shitters’ is how they are trained to think and the choices they make. I would suggest that as open as you are to seeing that life is shit, be equally open about the fact that with a little help it might not be shit ALL the time.

  • I known you mean well mate but you come across as a sanctomoniuos shit. I have worked in the addictions environment for the last 20+years and I never fill peoples minds with unattainable expectations or goals, I am really worried that you are targeting the vulnerable for your own personable gratification, and if that is the case, I pity you, If that is not the case then I admire you.

    please tell what path you are going on.

  • Ok, so here is my problem:
    my life is a shit because step-father has serious anger management and he hits me, and i am totally trapped under his claws and i can’t do ANYTHING about it mother doesn’t does anything about it and blames me all the time 3.i am unhappy at my house, there is no love in there 4. at school i have recently discovered that my friends are bitches to me who don’t give a shit about me 5. i’ve totally lost the guy i liked -he loved me once -but now it’s all over and he’s moved on to the next girl, he is mean to me now and i can’t bare the pain it gives to me those 2 things 6. i had a chance to mend up things with him at tonight’s party, but my step-father didn’t let me go, he locked me in my room and left to a dinner he had. now it’s definitively all over and i am pitiful, lonely, and the pain is way too much for me to stand it. i am alone in all this shit.
    and now tell me, what can i possibly do if i never have the guy i want? or what it’s worse: i will have to see him every day with the other girl. i can’t bare it. school is hell, my house is hell, everywhere i go is hell.
    how can i smile then?
    it’s so bad i can’t even pretend to smile.
    i hate this.
    it’s all over now.
    i am sure that i will end up my life with 80 years and i will still haven’t even kissed a guy. i am destined to live a lonely and pitiful life, right?
    how can you solve this problem???

  • I don’t believe in life. Meaningless suffering with everything to lose and nothing to gain. I see people popping children without even thinking of the consequences and it pisses me off. Yes Steven, Life is what you make of it but there are some horrible experiences that you will never really get over. All good experieces END and result in a LASTING bad experience, people just accept and move on until they can’t and say :”life is shit”.

  • easy 4 u to say. this is the real world love things aint that easy if it was then people wouldn’t be going on about how shit their life is would they

  • was just feeling very sorry for myself but i need to get a grip & carry on for my kids who have been thru so much already. i’m trying to clear my brain so excuse the stream of consciousness. my other half is being horrible but he took a massive overdose last week & has just come out of hospital so he probably feels even shitter than me. but he did hit me the week before. i would not press charges as i am very frightened of my ex-husband who was awful. i know that he will hurt the kids (my ex) if i stand up to him so what is the right path? i am not sure but i have to keep hope that i wil find it. every day i wake up & feel sick that i will never escape my ex-husband. i feel so trapped but i have to believe that we will escape him. the courts & social services have been shitter than shit. even refuge could not help, they tried but they are toothless in the face of a big earner. we have repeatedly been punished for speaking out about domestic violence. i don’t know what the earning threshold is where domestic violence become acceptable in fact even amusing to one judge – who seemed to find my injuries and children’s trauma hilarious. my ex-husband is certainly over the earnings/class threshold so domestic violence is a big joke. sorry just had to hand my kids over to their dad who was drunk & is a psycho. & boyfriend depressed & being horrible – reminding me how he doesn’t give a shit about us. not a bean in the bank (tho’ emergency funds from kind friend arriving). i know much worse happening to other people. i just want to escape this stupid stupid situation & have nothing but my girls. i hate money. i am lucking in that i always seem to be able to earn just enough for us to live. i miss my family so much but our passports were taken because we went to a refuge. i hate money. it makes people crazy. i know people are in much worse sitations. sorry, just needed to rant. lets all just hang onto that glimmer of hope. life is such a gift. trying to remember that, especially after they made me give up my baby to protect my children from my ex-husband. that is what broke me. will i cope with that one day?
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  • I have been down many times in my life,but have always managed to fight my way back up but now at 53 (still not too old I guess) I find it harder to fight….I’m a type 1 diabetic with a heart condition and feel so tired most of the time that the fight has now become more of a struggle.
    I’ve lost my job (redundency) my home (divorce) and my health.
    Most of my problems in life have been caused by others but the thing that keeps me sane is remembering the fact that none of this really matters, were all going to be dead sooner or later.
    So what if my life has been a mess there are many others in the same boat…’s true “life is a bitch and then you die” but if you have a couple of good memories then it’s not been a waste.

  • None of your life is shit scenarios fits mine. My 87 yr old mother with dementia will do nothing if I am not there with her. she will call my home and leave several dozen messages begging me to call even if I have visited or called several times that day. She is miserable no matter what I do, or how much attention she receives. My adult son with organic brain damage is unable to keep a job, live on his own, or find someone to love him. My dear aunt with Alzheimer’s who has no children but has many nieces and nephews has only me to care for her. NONE of the others are willing to step up to the plate to help me with her. Auntie is mad at everyone, including me and people that are dead. When I visit, It makes me ill for days. I feel like I have no life of my own.I feel like I was put on this rock to serve others. Well, I am sick to death of it. I am getting old and it’s fucking time I had my own G.D. life. If i were given the choice to leave this planet today, I would leap at the chance. I have a nice home, no debts, a decent life partner but these burdens I have been given are too much for me to bear.

  • This is nonsense.

    I am in a dead-end job that I needed to take whilst looking for something that better suits my skills.
    I have been in this job for a year, earning less than it costs to cover the bills, and I have sent about 100 CV’s a week for almost every job that I find which looks interesting.

    The fact is that there is very few decent oppurtunities out there, and LOTS of people trying to exploit the current job market with their BullS**T scams, advertised as legitimate jobs.

    LIfe is shit beause it’s intended to be that way and keep the little people oppressed, and obedient.

  • I’ve read all of the comments on this forum and some are so depressingly defeatist it’s untrue.

    Sure, my life feels shit at the moment, (that’s how I found this site), but I know that if I really thought about it I could make a list of everything good in my life and it would fill a page. It’s all about outlook, having belief in yourself, in others and in the good of the world.

    Everybody has a hard time occasionally, that’s all part of life but these challenges provide us with the chance to become a stronger and better person. Life is short, make the most of it. Don’t F it up feeling sorry for yourself moping around in your pants, watching shitty tv and eating crap only to realise on your death bed that you wasted the chance to really experience everything beautiful that life has to offer.

    Thanks for creating this page. The positive and, especially, negative comments have inspired me to make the move forward in getting what I want now…and I won’t be looking back. Good luck to everyone. xxx

  • Life is shit and I hate it, it’s shit. I hate it when when people say it’s only temporarily shit because it isn’t it’s permanently shit and I hate human nature human beings are shit. I think I want to get swine flu and die.

  • Life is not shit because so many people have paid attention to you and your post! Life is not shit because it will become good if only you change your thoughts! We are emotional, so life can be energetic!

  • I can’t help but agree and disagree with the writer of this article. You know what the funny thing is? I find it funny that people always have this notion that if you think positive and keep your head up high, then positive things would always follow you. If you work your ass off, no matter what job you have, then you can climb the ladder in gradual steps. If you stop complaining an do something about your life, even if you weren’t the one who messed it up since you were five years old, then everything would start going your way. Well guess what? All this is total bullshit because I’ve been doing all of this for the past 6 years and even while I’ve been living with a heart condition for the past 16 years and hardly anyone to help me financially. Those “take any job you can get” deals? They pay me 600 US a month and degrees cost about 100 times that. So what’s your take on this? Oh, and I keep getting better job interviews and as soon as the employer sees I’m black, I don’t even get a second call back, no matter how much I proclaim that I’m willing to work my butt off. Start my own business? Guess what? I’ve been doing that for years now as a freelancer Designer. If only the people I did work for were honest enough to not steal my designs and not pay for them. You dare speak about change of thoughts? I’ll change my way of thinking when people stop thinking that everything wrong in a person’s life is always the individual’s fault. Maybe I might be better off selling weed. I’d get the money I need and people would never think I’m lazy because in my heart I’m doing a hard and honest day’s work.

  • We are all making choices in life, even not making a choice is a choice. You can choose to be happy or not to be happy, its all up to you. But I dont care who you are. I dont care what your handicaps are. They has never been a handicap that could hold any man down who had in him the yeast to rise.

    Most of the people who are @ the bottom, are at the bottom because they will to stay there . Thats where they belong, its a choice. It is a hard thing to say but it is true.

  • well sometimes people just ain’t happy whatever the’ve got so all these comments on here i have read ok fair enough every 1 as there own oppinion but if your not happy about something how can you change it by being happy about it cant and why should we all be happy with our lives its not like lifes easy i’m not happy and i’m never going to be happy.

  • Choose your work, rather than have work in which you have no intrest thrust on is the treasuers that are stored inside you that have never been used or touched,never depend on yo job juss use that to to generate income to do what you really want to do. Go down with a flash light and look inside you 4 those untouched resources bring them up make it worth while give it commecial value. May be you are an instrumentalist and have never played an instrument, or a comidian, a dencer or DJ. Take an invetory again and again see wat u posses. What you do 4 yoself counts far more than all that others have done 4 you. Never join the Mob in Throwing in the Towel cuz it is the man who wills and Keeeps on willing who Wins.

  • Choose your work, rather than have work in which you have no intrest thrust on is the treasuers that are stored inside you that have never been used or touched,never depend on yo job juss use that to to generate income to do what you really want to do. Go down with a flash light and look inside you 4 those untouched resources bring them up make it worth while give it commecial value. May be you are an instrumentalist and have never played an instrument, or a comidian, a dencer or DJ. Take an invetory again and again see wat u posses. What you do 4 yoself counts far more than all that others have done 4 you. Never join the Mob in Throwing in the Towel cuz it is the man who wills and Keeeps on willing who Wins.

  • life is what you make it but it’s allway’s about money no matter what you do, even if you got a girl friend, it still cost’s and that will drain you, even if you work your ass off in a low paid job and try your best to improve like me, i have tried to improve a one million times and still find myself in the same postion as i was 1 year ago, and some people work in low paid job’s such as security or cleaning, it’s really hard to move and do something else and even if you did you need to get qualification’s and that take’s some time.
    You got to try everything and go from there.

  • Sometimes you may think yo shit is the real deal hence you become somewat angry at life and with God but the truth is there are people who have gone through and are going through bigger shit than yours in this life and still manage to turn there lives around for good so no one has an excuse when you stand in front of your maker.

  • Ryan, what you really mean is you feel your life is shit. In your world your life is shit but that doesn’t mean life for everybody is shit. This feeling is, at best, a temporary feelng, but it can be prolonged if you have decided to stay with this feeling and not work on it. yes, shitty things happen but it doesn’t mean the world is a shit place all the time. You will change your world if you work on it, no matter what has happened to make you feel like this and there are stories abound of people who have done just this.

  • Words and advice articles like this dont help, never helped me and will never help. Life is shit because its a fact. Dont try to distract people away from that fact. I’ve had 28 years to reflect on this reality.

  • I have been really tempted to think that my life is a shitty life. And that I, myself is a shit. Even though I have usually disliked using a swear word, the things that has happened made me come this low. I was abused and assaulted during my marriage with my ex, and now I am a single mum trying to survive in a foreign country. But, I take responsibility of the things that has happened and even though I am trying to overcome and win over the traumas, sometimes you would think that nothing will make me or the situation better. While struggling with almost no self-esteem, neglect and difficulty trusting anybody (even my own family members now), due to this I’ve got no friends.

    I think there is a time for everything. There will come a time when the hurt will be healed, there will be a time when its a challenge, there will be a time where you are comfortable and loved. Right now, my life may be a shit and is on the bottom of the ocean. And I might stay on the bottom for a while, trying to overcome the hurt and damage, but when the right time comes, there will be a boat that will be ready to go to the surface of the ocean and maybe to the shore. When you feel you are in the lowest, sometimes just let it be. Treat yourself well, discover your self, the parts that you never knew about yourself (sometimes there is a bit of a surprise about yourself). And then, be proactive on what you can do to improve.

  • Change your thoughts to what? Thinking about what could be is complete waste of time. Tell me who and how by changing their thoughts has helped anyone? No answer?

    Even taking action you may think will help your situation is often a waste of time as what you do can be squashed like a bug by others in higher positions. Life is worthless so quit trying to make it better. Life sucks and it will always be that way.

    Countries that do not value life are far better off than those that think life is such a wonderful thing. End of the world needs to hurry up and get here. Planet Earth is just a waste of oxygen.

  • Life is not shit, we just treat ours in a shitty way. Unfortunately, we are judged by what we possess and how we look, and if we don’t fit into the prescribed blueprint we see ourselves as failures in a world full of beautiful, successful people.
    Yet, we all know there is beauty in everything, we can regard many things as successful; it depends entirely on how we choose to percieve things.
    Just because Brad Pitt is better looking than me, does not mean that I am worth less than Brad Pitt. Basing my own value on how I look is shallow. And besides, who is to say what is beautiful in the first place?
    Anxiety is based on our OWN insecurities usually.
    I suffered many years with minor, but ever present depression, and I realised it was holding me back. Alcohol is no cure for anxiety or depression or sadness – it makes it worse and perpepuates the condition.
    Alcoholics who say “My life is shit” should first look at the engineering behind their addiction, and realise that the booze is nothing more than a chemical enabler to their cycle of misery: Remove the substance – however difficult that may be – and gain strength through the achievement of overpowering it.
    If you can combat the biggest of your cerebral demons, those smaller ones; the ones that just kind of tinker around in your head, they are easy pickings for a stronger mind. And it really is about making YOUR mind the strongest out of the equation.
    And, however obvious it may sound, remember – each voice you hear is your own. So, when that voice tells you “Oh, you’re fat” or “Ooohh, you’re a failure…” and so on, it is another version of you. We are all many things at different times, for me it has become a battle of wills, and I know without doubt that I possess the will and the strength to defeat those timid little versions of me that are afraid to move forward. It really isn’t other people you should worry about, it is always ALWAYS ourselves that causes the greater of our problems.
    Life really isn’t shit, you just can’t see what is there yet.
    Standing still will never move you forward, you just end up looking at the same things over and over again, and no matter how beautiful the landscape may have once been, it will become boring and tired and you will see the ugliness – because you will look for it!
    Look for something else, now, and move forward.
    Enjoy this short, beautiful, stressful, incredible, weird, amazing, sometimes shitty life, and just live it NOW!

  • I have busted my butt (working 16 hour days for months) for a long time with next to nothing to show for it. They refused to pay me for the work I did. I accept my responsibility for what I’ve done to make my life shit. I don’t even care any more about what I can control because it has not helped one bit.

    I am sick of trying. If I lose everything I won’t care. Life is not worth the effort anymore.

    I hate life. Positive thinking is BS, LOA more crap, it all sucks.

    I do not believe in anything any more.

  • If i was to own up to everything – i would scream my unhappyness, although i work in customer service and everything is ust great all the time. I would love to be able to scream i have mental problem. But i am scared of losing job, scared of owning up to this due to societies’ prejudicies and family wellbeing.

    I know i can be good, and it’s choice to be in a bad mood, but sometimes it’s too easy to get into this feeling & i’m proabably too stubborn to get out of it. I like the quote above; “If it’s got be, it’s up to me” So true.

    Thank you all for you helpful comments above. Inspired me to soldier on and sort myself out! You’re all good people!

  • I’m an alcoholic. I suffer from severe extreme sadness, general anxiety, panic disorder. I hate my job, I can be so much more in it but for the shortsightedness of my bosses. I have no friends. I hate my body, its great in most places cos I work out a lot, but I have a gut that just won’t go. No matter what I do. I’m in love with a woman who’s perfect in every way except she’s completely f****d up in her head and doesn’t want to be with me, even though she says she does. I suffer mood swings. I feel all the time that I am so much more intelligent than anyone else, everyone is just so damn stupid, why can’t they understand what I mean? Why?

    There you go, my life in a nutshell. Very interesting to find your site Stephen, its opened my eyes a bit. I have two wonderful kids who mean the world to me. I have a good job, pays OK, company car, its just that their standards are a little lower than mine. Can afford a nice gym, but its tight cos the divorce took a lot from me, hoping to win the lottery but really if I want more money I should be doing something about it myself, credit crunch or no credit crunch. Stopped drinking, which is what prompted the revelation that I suffer from anxiety and panic. Or maybe that’s what caused them. But those self-help books, damn they are good! Its all in the head. ITS ALL IN THE HEAD!

    Anyway thankyou Stephen, just casting around the first few pages of your site has got me thinking. An old saying of a former employer of mine – if it’s got to be, it’s up to me.

    Lots of work ahead for me, physically, spiritually, mentally. First on the list is to stop feeling sorry for myself, look at my positives, which are many, and I’m not afraid to admit that. I’ll check back in when I progress onto step 2!

    Thankyou Stephen, and thank you also to those who have posted on here, it is good to realise that there are many others with similar problems, and others like me who want to do something about it. Good luck to you all.

  • You should be an inspirational speaker. With a sour twist.

    Taking charge of your own life is frustrating when everyone around you refuses to take responsibility for anything that happens.

  • I’m totally broke and have debt up to my ears but I’m totally aware that it’s all of my own doing and know the only way to fix it is to pull my finger out of my @$$ and do something about it. People who moan about life being $hit are usually the type who refuse to address their problems – in my experience anyway!

  • Thanks for your thoughts. But actually life is not shit though things go wrong. It’s the man that causes its big shit. Life is a wonderful gift, it depends on how you view this life when things go wrong. When it does wrong, it is you who made it. We are the captain of our lives. Life is what we make it. We build or we break. We treat this life evil when it doesn’t fit to our own selfish and carnal will. That’s suck! You want everything turns good then walk an extra mile, reduce your sleep, hardwork and discipline, change your lifestyle, pick out raw foods, my God! You can choose to live right or die right. The One who gave your life has given you responsibility to take care of it or lose it. In fact if you spend this life into more meaningful way, it can be multiplied. Your single smile can add another life or multiple smiley faces out there. Life is never a shit, it is man that is shit anyway. If I were a God I would not create man on the seventh day, but thanks because I’m not. My friend from kamja has changed my view on life and I am proud of him.

  • Well, we always are going to think that our life sucks if you have everything you always want more and more… so sometimes is not that your life is shit, simply that you want something else… but let’s try to have everything what we want!

  • I used to think my life is a shit. I failed so many times in the past, and there are a lot of things I regret doing. But my life has changed, with a little bit of inspiration, and a lot of self-will. I even did some of the things mentioned here to improve my life, like thinking of ways to make extra money. Thinking of your problems, and not doing something about it, will only make matter worse. You really have to take the initiative if you want something to happen. Very inspiring article.

  • My life is shit, and I have nobody to blame but myself.
    I fucked up my life, and now its too late to do anything about it.
    This is dead end forever. Getting older will make life even worse. Death is all I have too look forward to.
    Changing my thoughts will not change anything.

  • Life is shit, because I let it become that way.
    Bipolar, Schizophrenia, Anxiety, Low self esteem, and 10 years of isolation (medicated).

    Ive had a million good things come my way, and blew them all the way, now I realize my mistakes, the time I let slip away and see how I could have made my life less shitless.

    Find a way to make your life better, no matter the obstacles.

  • I love this article! I’d just been sitting here thinking of all the shit in my life. I’d forgotten the good stuff! Getting over my dad’s death and a long term illness pulled me down for over a year. I’ve been struggling with trying to pull myself up and hadn’t been succeeding and was starting to alienate myself from my friends, since all I could do was grumble and complain. My health is getting better. I am working more and I’m slowly building up my own business from home. My landlady is great, I live in a great city (Brisbane, Australia), I have lots of friends and I know things are only going to get better.
    Thanks for reminding me of how it is in my power to change how I see life, and an attitude of grattitude will go a long way!

  • Hi Dan, thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. I do the same with my own children, we are a family and as such have to pull together and do the work so they do small things for their allowance like the dishes, taking the dog out, taking the bins out etc.

    Hi Bryan, I am really glad you posted your comment, you’ve shown that small changes in your thinking can lead to big changes in your life, thank you.

    Hi Tom, totally true! gratitude has played a major part in my life over the last few years and i hear more and more people talking about how this helps them.

  • What has worked for me, even though I was complaining; was gratitude.
    Each day I started writing down what I was grateful for and by the end of it, I had so much to be thankful for that at times there’s no room or time to complain about what you don’t have.

  • I agree completely with your points! The tough step for people is changing their mindsets. They can start doing all the tasks that you suggest, but unless they change their thought process, they will go right back to the old habits.

    There’s the “fake it till you make it” philosophy, but I imagine that this does not always work. I know that it faltered for me when I tried it in college.

    For me, I have tried to systematically approach things in my life that my mind kept telling me was “shit.” I took my weight down ten pounds or so with an extreme raw food diet and exercise plan. I started my own website to attempt to create value and potential income. I have taken steps to improve my relationship with my girlfriend. All were separate and it was hard to take them all on at the same time.

    But each little step has improved my mindset ever so slightly. Hopefully, I can eventually get to the point where I am grateful for everything that life has to offer.

    Thanks again for the post.


  • I remember my parents refusing to give me an allowance when I was a kid saying that I should earn my own way. They were right. I think some people never had that opportunity though, which is the problem.

  • Good point!

    Life is shit because people make it shit in the first place! I have the feeling you could expand more in this article and challenge the courage of your readers.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Thanks for commenting and being so honest Mike. You’re right it’s good to have a bit of shitty time every now and then but then it’s time to take action.

    Good to see you here.


  • I have to admit I have been one of the those people who wanted pity, and complained, but never did anything. I think sometimes it just happens and that’s OK. And like you said there needs to be a grieve period or a time to let it out, but after that’s done, and I still complain with no action taken, then my friends have the right to shut me up : )

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