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How to Live Your Passion Every Day

Are you living your passion every day? Or is it confined to the ‘one day’ pile that never seems to see the light of day? We all have things that light us up and make us feel truly alive, but the reality is that many of us aren’t actually living our passion every day if at all.

Amongst the flurry of work commitments, family, weekly chores and a healthy social life our passions often take a back seat. The problem is that the ‘one day’ we relegate our passions to often never comes.

Living Your Passion Can Feel Too Big

Living your passion every day might sound overwhelming from where you are right now. I know a few years ago it did to me. I was working full time in the corporate world, and after a full week at work I had just enough energy to catch up with friends and spend some time with family before I’d start all over again on Monday. My life was mundane and passionless, yet making a change to live my passion every day felt far too big to tackle.

Take a Series of Small Steps

The secret is though, living your passion isn’t one big step – it’s a series of small ones. These small steps don’t involve going out on a limb, quitting your job, selling your house and diving right into living your passion. These small steps are actions you can start taking today, no matter where you are in your life right now.

My Path to Living My Passion Every Day

Back when I was working in the corporate world, my passion was to become a fashion designer. From where I was at the time though that seemed very far off. I had no training or experience in fashion, I was tied to working full time and I had no idea where to begin. Rather than quitting my job and jumping right in I started living my passion very small.

I signed up for a five week sewing course at my local community college. It was a very basic course – just two hours a week – but it got me going. It made me realize that this fashion thing was something I wanted to pursue and the skills I learned gave me the confidence to think bigger.

With my new found confidence I enrolled in a Diploma course in Fashion Design at my local college part time. Though I was still working a full time corporate job, going to class two nights a week and learning all about design lit me up. It was something I looked forward to and made me feel good. Though I wasn’t quite living my passion yet, I was one step closer and the feeling was awesome.

My next step came when I was retrenched in a company restructure. Though completely out of my control, it was the perfect timing for me. I switched from part time to full time in my Diploma course and finished about three times more quickly than I would have otherwise.

Since then, I’ve taken steps to get some work experience in the industry and eventually took the plunge and started my own business as a fashion designer last year. I’m happy to say that I now live the life I’d dreamed of just a few years ago but it wasn’t one big jump to living my passions – it was a series of small steps which made it a reality.

It’s All About the Small Steps

I think that when we think about living our passions we often take an all or nothing approach. We think we either quit our job and launch into living the life of our dreams or we just stay put and do nothing. The problem is that when we think like this the idea of living our passion feels far too big. It becomes an insurmountable feat that we just can’t imagine accomplishing and with that we do nothing.

There are many stages in between though, and those little steps we take along the way to get from where we are to where we want to be can be incredibly fulfilling too. Pursuing your passion in a small way to start with can light you up right now.

You Can Feel Joy Now

While you might not have the means to live your passion every day yet, once or twice a week is miles ahead of never. The joy you feel from pursuing something you love, combined with the satisfaction and momentum gained from taking action on your dreams, will push you into a state of mind far beyond where you’d be if you did nothing at all.

Living your passion every day might not come overnight, but it’s entirely doable. Whether you’re tied to working full time in a job you don’t love, raising young children or whatever else it is that stops you, it doesn’t mean you can’t start pursuing your passion in a small way today.

Take One Small Step Today

The small step you take today leads to your next step, and with continued action over time you can get to where you want to be. No matter where you are in your life right now, I challenge you to take one small step today to start living your passion.

Are you living your passion every day? If not, what’s one small step you can take today to get you closer to your dream?

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Michaela Cristallo

Michaela Cristallo writes on living your creative passions every day at her website For the Creators. Head on over to For the Creators for the inspiration you need to make a creative change in your life today and grab your free copy of The Creator’s Manifesto.


  • I always smile when I see someone follow their passions. Our passions are gifts given to us to find joy in this life. Not all passions are meant to be careers. We may be happy in our job, but regardless, engaging in our passions, even for just minutes a day can change our lives. For me, just picking up the guitar or playing a few minutes on the piano can completely change my spirit. Thank you for sharing.

  • I agree that it is important to take small steps. Too many of us, myself included, go 100% and if we don’t see immediate results, we giving up thinking it cannot be done. If just take small steps, and allow them to build upon themselves, we will experience success more often. There still will be setbacks, but as long as we look at them as a learning experience, we will continue to grow.

  • I can tell by your post that you’ve sure come a long way. Who knew that your five week sewing course would bring you where you’re at today. I’m too am excited about taking some small, but strong steps for 2014.



  • […] How to Live Your Passion Every Day ( Money Quote: The secret is though, living your passion isn’t one big step – it’s a series of small ones. These small steps don’t involve going out on a limb, quitting your job, selling your house and diving right into living your passion. These small steps are actions you can start taking today, no matter where you are in your life right now. […]

  • Hi Michaela – fantastic post, thanks a lot. Most people think that living ones passion means to quit your job, run away, make that big jump… however it’s a step by step process, you just bring a bit of your passion into your life and then a bit more over time and again a bit more…

    You said it perfectly in your post: “the secret is though, living your passion isn’t one big step – it’s a series of small ones.”

    • Great to hear you enjoyed this Robert! I think that is a really common misconception, people take an all or nothing approach to it. I definitely believe it is a step by step process and no matter how far away it might feel at the start, whatever you’re reaching for is totally doable.

  • Thank you, Michaela.

    My passion has always been sailing–we would live aboard for 91 days every summer, and cruise the Great Lakes. We loved the water, the wind, and the community surrounding boating. Coming home, however, was a tremendous let-down.

    I had a job I didn’t like, so that I could pay for a house I didn’t want, in a town I’d rather not live in. I realized this last winter, and didn’t return to my teaching job after school let out in June. Instead, I found a new position 1200 miles away, in Houston. We got rid of 90% of our possessions, signed the deed to the house over to the bank, and never looked back. We’re living in an apartment right now, but we plan to bring our sailboat down the Mississippi next summer and live aboard full time.

    It takes steps, to get to the point where your life and your passion are one and the same. But it is infinitely worth it!

    • What an inspiring story Bethany! Good on you for leaving behind the life you didn’t love to live you dream! It sounds absolutely amazing.

      I agree, it is infinitely worth it no matter how hard you need to work to get there! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this :)

  • Hi Michaela,
    I agree that passion is something vital for our growh.And i also say that passion is all about action.
    We may feel fired up,zealous,and gunning for success yet it is only action that has the ability to elevate us.
    Inaction ,and the slumbering comfort it offers is very inviting.
    Yet accepting this very comfort and inactivity itself is the beginning of your pact with disappointment and failure.Procrastination and postponement are good friends of inaction .But they don’t travel with you on the road to success.The road to success is lined with a lot of action. Action borne sometimes out of zeal ,but more often out of discipline;yet action it always is.That is why the diligent guy is frequently found strolling along “success boulevard”.

    • You’re right Mona, action is the key! Not doing anything is tempting and comfortable but it won’t get you to where you want to be.

      I couldn’t agree more, it’s all about diligence and doing the right things day in day out, sometimes for many years, before we can truly be successful in living our passions.

  • Rome was not build in a day? 😉

    The more I read posts like this, the more I think that we wouldn’t have these problems if kids simply pursued their passions in college/right after college instead of waiting to be miserable with a boring/mundane life.

    • Yes I agree Sebastians, if kids pursued their passions right away we could stop much of this suffering! But I think also, sometimes it takes being in the wrong situation and living the wrong life to realise that it’s not for us. I for one didn’t realise I wanted to pursue the creative life when I was in college. It was only once I was out there working that I realised the corporate world wasn’t for me and that I needed to switch tracks. Often we can’t know these things in advance.

  • I agree with you. When you start following your passion, generally you feel relief. You’ve just started, and that’s ok, but at least you feel you’re doing something. And this little something grows bigger and bigger everyday and you being to feel proud of what you’re accomplishing. I think that the most important thing is to take the first step: wheter it’s starting a new course, do your new job only in the weekends (my best friend is a make up artist and she started like that), start studying…you know it’s a great step. And then this first step is followed by a moltitude of other small steps that takes you to the point of living the life you wanted to create. In conclusion there’s always space for improvement and positive change. Many people feel trapped. It’s an illusion. We have the power, we can choose. And you’re an example of it.
    Thak you for your article 😉

    • You’re right Deborah, taking the first step is the most important part. Even if it is a small first step it has a huge flow on effect. I definitely agree with you that feeling trapped is generally an illusion – we all have the choice to improve thing if we wish.

      Glad to hear you enjoyed this post :)

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