How To Gain The Benefits Of A Full Night’s Sleep In Under 30 Minutes

Written by Liudas Butkus

Feeling tired and sleepy? Can’t think clearly anymore? Clearly what you need is sleep, but what if time is a luxury and you have a deadline to meet? Then you can’t really enjoy a quick nap and get all the benefits that come with it like improved productivity, greater awareness, increased energy levels, etc. Or can you? Yes, you can – without coffee or drinking a can of RedBull. What I have in mind is taking a power nap, which is a much healthier choice.

What Is A Power Nap?

sleepA power nap is a quick nap of less than 30 minutes that revitalizes the body and mind, improves learning and awareness. It’s only 30 minutes, because after that your body goes to a state of deep sleep and waking up from that state would make you even sleepier. So, not oversleeping is very important and that’s definitely to our advantage, because time is what we don’t have right now.

How Do You Take a Power Nap?

From my personal experience I can say that taking a power nap isn’t easy. The biggest obstacle that I faced was to actually fall asleep. I’m one of these people that has a hard time falling asleep; I could basically lay down for 30 minutes and not fall asleep at all.

If you have the same problem then you may want to calibrate your alarm clock a bit and set it to ring after 35 minutes or so, but you don’t want to risk putting it more than 35 minutes in case you fall asleep very fast. Then you would go into deep sleep and you would feel even sleepier than before.

Also, you should try out sleeping for different periods of time to see how you feel after, because you might feel better after 20 minutes of sleep rather than after 30… or maybe a 10 minute nap works best for you. Experiment with it.

Sharpen The Saw

What if you don’t have 30, 20 or even 10 minutes to spare? Every second is precious and you can’t waste a minute, because you have a super important deadline?

Let me tell you a story:

A man was busy sawing a tree for 4 hours. He was tired, all soaked with sweat.

Another man walked by and asked, “Why don’t you sharpen the saw?”

“Don’t got time for that, too busy sawing,” he replied.

Sounds silly right? He definitely would finish the job faster if he would just take a few minutes to sharpen the saw, but he just doesn’t see the obvious.

The same goes with power naps. If you say you don’t have time for a nap, you are saying you don’t have time to sharpen the saw.

Ask yourself is it better to work unproductively for hours, or just take a little bit of time off and take a power nap to work productively afterwards?


I highly recommend you to replace your coffee or energy drinks with a power nap. All that caffeine is tapping into your energy reserves and you don’t want to empty them out. A power nap restores your energy naturally, having only positive results on your body and mind.

Try taking a power nap and share your experience in the comments below.

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    • Maybe you aren’t that tired after all.
      Or if you have hard time getting to sleep try the counting exercise I mentioned before. Go from 10 to 1 and repeat.

  • When I first tried power napping I slept too long and would wake up more tired than I was before. It would take me a while to get back into the swing of things. I learned that quick, short naps are very powerful. I wake up fully refreshed and energized. It takes a little practice, but once you know your body and how long to nap for, you will be very grateful for power naps.

  • I think one thing I have found when it comes to power naps is that my regular habitual sleeping cycle wants to kick in and then I find it difficult not to completely fall asleep.

    I found a solid 20 minutes of mindfulness meditation helps much more, from my own personal experience.

  • How I wish I could nap like that, but i can’t even fall asleep in under an hour! I can lie awake for more than an hour before finally getting to sleep, so I avoid napping during the day other wise it’s even worse! Pity because I hear it’s very beneficial.

    • If you have trouble getting a sleep try out a technique I already mentioned to count from 10 to 1 over and over again. It works very well for me :)

  • That seems interesting… I used to think Power naps arent good for health. But seems I was wrong…. going to try that for a week.

    Hope to see some good result 😀

  • Hi Luidas
    counting sheep is good fun sometimes when we need to sleep quickly.But it does sometime happen that the sheep get frisky and start prancing what do you do?
    Dont count sheep in that case.The best thing is to start counting your blessings one by one.Immediately.What follows is bliss zzzzzzzzzz….

  • So true Liudas. Some people think that napping is a sign of laziness or lack of focus. In my experience, I find that when I give myself a 30 minute nap in the afternoon I am much more focused and can easier achieve my goals.

    • Hi Justin,

      Well, in some cultures napping is a thing. For example in Hispanic countries it’s called siesta.

      Great keep up that napping practice :)

  • I like the saw metaphor and the suggestion to experiment with it. I know that for me it’s like 20 minutes or I start feeling tired after waking up.

    • Yeah, when doing power naps definitely don’t oversleep, because you will likely feel so tired that you will get back to sleep again 😀

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