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How to Become Certain That You Will Reach Your Goals

I received another email this morning asking me how I keep motivated when I don’t know if my goals and dreams will ever be reached.  Well, instead of writing about it, which is what I had planned to do, I thought I would make a video.  So here is the video I made off the cuff, no rehearsal or script :)

How to Become Certain That You Will Reach Your Goals


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  • Steven, I can relate to your first product flop AND the incredible learning experience of going through the motions and figuring out how to optimize the entire process. That feeling of validation you discuss in KNOWING you’re on the right path is success in itself.

    I’m not kidding when I tell you that your video kind of gave me “goosebumps” because I think as publishers, we all go through this arc of emotions together. What keeps ME going is the ultimate payoff of seeing this dream come to fruition AND help others at the same time reach their same potential.

    I’m new to your site here but I can tell you that I’m already a big fan of yours. Thanks for sharing your passion and making it so contagious for your reader. Take Care!

    Jason recently posted.. How to Treat Social Anxiety – Mindset Mastery

  • Some suggestions I have that I use to stay motivated to reach your goals are:
    1. Brainstorm
    2. Use pictures/vision board
    3. Remind yourself what your goals are and feel what your life is like
    with your goal achieved.
    4. Take a break from work – the time away may not seem productive, but you
    will come back with a fresh view.
    5. Plan and adjust your plan as you move forward.

  • Hi Steve,

    I believe that doing what you love is paramount to achieving outcomes. When we love what we do, we believe in ourselves completely. We expect that we will be successful since we are being true to who we are.

    Thanks for sharing your inspiring video!


  • Sorry Stephen but I don’t like videos. I very rarely watch them although I watched this one. I much prefer the written word because I can read and then, if necessary, skim through. If it’s important then I will want to go back and check on certain points and this is much easier with the written word, especially when you can do a search.

    However I do recognize that doing a video is probably far easier and less time consuming for you than writing it out. Also your video is not absolute crap. In fact it’s very good and the off the cuff style works well for this type of topic. It won’t work for, say, a step by step analysis of some kind.

    I have heard about having a passion for what you do before. This is only part true. When you realize your passion can be, in the extreme, making money, then you can achieve the motivation to research a subject you have no active interest in. Remember some passions are not and never can be profitable, which is fine if you are not after money for your efforts. Also, if you are after money, the question ‘how can I best help my readers?’ becomes very critical. Making money does not automatically imply you are trying to scam anybody.

    I have tried visualization regularly and it’s difficult. I can’t ‘see’ any pictures in my head and thought the phrase ‘see it in your mind’s eye’ was just a phrase. Apparently this isn’t true and I am in the minority.

    People, you included, say to keep trying, but I think there’s a problem with this. I’m not talking about giving up entirely, but when are you justified in giving up one approach and trying another? It obviously depends on what you’re doing and some people will say just keep on going until you get results while others say try it until you find whether it works or not. I find this confusing.

  • AWESOME! I like the video idea!!!
    i like the visualization idea. i used to cut photos out from magazines and stick them into a collage to remind me of things i’m trying to achieve. seeing it gives me motivation to keep going!
    NOch NOch

  • I think the ultimate answer comes in one word: PASSION. You must be passionate about what you’re doing Steven. Your blog and work reflects how passionate you are. Only Passion can keep you going in tough times as well as in good time.

  • Steve Hello from NY:

    I got some well needed support from your video. Keep doing this off the cuff it comes across better in the Video format.

  • Really enjoyed your video Steven.

    It got me thinking of how I keep myself motivated. I like to adopt attitudes of learning and curiosity. If I’m constantly learning, then at some point the learning will have ended with my goal being achieved. Being curious just adds to the desire to learn and figure out a way to achieve what I want.

  • Steven, this is such a great video. You’ve really inspired and supported me in this journey. You’ve always been a guide on the path ahead for me, and I love to see the progress and passion you’ve had on the path. 15 hours a day is worth it when you’re doing what you love!

    • Hi Steve.

      Thanks for your kind words, I really appreciate it. You’re doing great things in the blogging world and it’s great to see how far you’ve come.

      You’re totally right, 15 hours is well worth it as it doesn’t feel like work.

  • You can never be 100% certain that you will reach your goals. The best you can do is face the uncertainty boldly and persist forward in spite of it.

  • I’ve worked on two blogs, one that is very new, but I completely understand the importance of staying motivated! I think it is the true key to success.

    I typically use visualization for my motivation. I remind myself why all this work is worth the time and energy. Great job with the video!

    • Thanks for your comments Angeleen.

      Two blogs? a lot of work for you :) So I guess you” have to stay focused and motivated at all times. Keeping your eye on the outcome at all times is critical here and the time and energy is indeed worth it.

  • Great idea to shoot a video instead of writing it out. Your days are as long as mine. :)

    I don’t believe in failure either. When something of value is created people will buy it.

    • Hi Justin. The days are long, but they are so much more exciting :)

      I think with product creation it’s about getting your readers involved from the very start, that way there is much more chance of success, and you create something that readers will value.

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