Getting Rid of Limiting Beliefs in 30 Minutes

Steven Aitchison
Written by Steven Aitchison

Our beliefs literally shape our reality, your reality is totally different from mine and it’s really down to our beliefs. Your reality is also different from your partners, work colleagues, your kids, people round about you. Your reality is unique to you; the thing that make you different are your beliefs about the world.

This can have a positive or negative impact on your life. It’s important to look at your beliefs and reshape them if required.

Most beliefs are generalisations that has been developed from what we have been told or learned since childhood. These beliefs have transferred to adulthood and have the power to destroy or save us.

Think about the mothers and fathers who have lost sons or daughters in tragic circumstances and they go on to campaign, so no other parent has to suffer how they have suffered. Their beliefs get them through the tragedy of losing their own children. I can’t think of anything worse than losing your own child, their beliefs have got them through that and through their campaigning they have help thousands or other parents and children.

When working on my own program Alter Your Jacket, I have a module on beliefs and wanted to interview someone prominent in the field of beliefs.  In a strange twist I read a post by Steve Pavlina about a guy named Morty Lefkoe who claimed he could eliminate beliefs in around 20 minutes.  A few weeks after reading Steve’s post Morty contacted me as he had read several of my posts about beliefs and wondered if I would be interested in a guest post.  Isn’t that amazing; serendipity at it’s best.

Morty wrote a great post Is The Lefkoe Belief Process a Fraud

A Call with Morty

Morty and I kept in touch over the last few months and last night I had the privilege of a video call with him to work on one of my own beliefs.

The session lasted for 1 hour and I can honestly say it was a strange but very enlightening 1 hour.

At first I was asked a few questions and we came up with one of my limiting beliefs which was ‘I will never be able to earn as much money as I feel I am capable of’.  After asking a few questions and looking at that belief more closely we ascertained that the belief really translated to ‘I am not good enough’.  Morty asked me to say “I am not good enough,”
out loud, which I did and felt very strange about saying it.  It felt as if it was the truth, somewhere inside of me.

After going through an easy cognitive journey through my past, I was able to mentally rid myself of the limiting belief that ‘I am not good enough’.

The other, more important, discovery for me was what happened after the belief was eliminated.  Morty asked me a few questions about myself, my reality and my inner self and it blew me away, I don’t think I will look at life in quite the same way. I don’t think the impact will be fully apparent until a few weeks as I go about my normal business.  I went to bed at 10.15 last night, turned the lights out at around 11pm and could not get to sleep.  So I got up and worked a little more until 1am as I had enough energy to do so and am sitting writing this post at 5.25am, so I am still reeling at the impact of Morty’s call.

Morty went on to explain that although I was able to rid myself of 1 limiting belief, what often happens is that more limiting beliefs will come to the surface, so there may be 5, 10, 15 or 20 beliefs that piggy back of the original belief.

I don’t recommend many things on CYT but I would definitely recommend trying the free sessions that Morty is offering at his site.

You Can Eliminate A Belief for Free by Visiting This Site

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  • I think you would find a technique called Matrix Reimprinting very interesting. I had worked on my own limiting belief of ‘not good enough’ for a number of years and reduced it significantly but in 20 mins with MR I managed to get rid of it and the repercussions have been amazing. Other people’s attitudes and behaviour towards me has also changed – as I no longer attract confirmation of ‘not good enough’ into my life.

    I use MR for all kinds of issues (on myself and clients) including phobias, confidence issues, pain and trauma, as well as limiting beliefs

  • Our conditioning from childhood shapes our beliefs and are deep rooted in our subconscious minds. These beliefs are responsible for what we think and the actions we take. We are totally responsible for what shows up in out lives, and if you aren’t getting what you want in your life, it’s because of some limiting beliefs that need to be unlearned and some new empowering beliefs need to replace them.

    Thank you for this blog post!

  • I have read a lot of limiting beliefs. I have also tried some techniques that helped me to achieve what I want. But I still have a problem to stay on the right path. So I hope your blog will help me to learn more.

  • […] How To Change Your Beliefs and Create New Possibilities By Morty Lefkoe Leave a Comment TweetShare About Morty LefkoeMorty Lefkoe is the creator of The Lefkoe Method.  His weekly blog on how beliefs run our lives and how to eliminate them can be found at Join the forum discussion on this postWhen it comes to changing our life Some people are convinced we create our own reality by focusing on what we desire with strong emotion. Others are just as convinced that that idea is New Age nonsense.  But regardless of which position is valid, it is unquestionably true that we literally create new possibilities in our lives—a brand new reality—by eliminating limiting beliefs. […]

  • Dear Steve

    The most important paradigm that you have offered and which has made it the most important one I have ever come across is what you said about working on your belief systems rather than working within them. Whatever we resist will persist. So one must try to create new belief systems and the old limiting ones will become inoperative. One does not become positive by removing negatives; it is simply by becoming positive that the negatives vanish. If the opposite is true this is also true. All we require is the base of self approval for installing new beliefs. Really great.Coupled with some success in releasing limiting beliefs your suggestion of working on the new belief system is truly amazing

  • It truly is amazing how great we feel when we get rid of lies in our minds. The truth really does set us free and lies bind us like chains. It’s a constant battle and sometimes we may even find ourselves stuck in the process but we need to keep believing in empowering truth. When we believe, the inspiration comes and we are able to really move forward with our actions.
    The part about one belief having sometimes 5 or 10 piggy back misbeliefs is so true. It’s like once we allow one lie to come into our minds a whole bunch start to form. So keeping our minds focused and grounded on the truth is essential to our success.
    All the best,
    .-= Eren Mckay´s last blog ..Frog baby shower party supplies and decorations =-.

  • Brain is amazing “tool”, literally you can tell your brain what to think about. If you are positive and happy everything is going well. Opposite if you feel down you can tell your brain “hey everything is gonna be ok” and it will work. I got my online philosophy degree recently and I think this changed my life forever. I am more positive and energetic than ever before.
    .-= Kate´s last blog ..You can earn an online philosophy degree =-.

  • Congratulations Steven on you journey and the courage to share it with us. As you have discovered eliminating limiting beliefs is easy simple. In experience working with clients it’s resistance to removing the beliefs that’s tough. After all many of us have had limiting beliefs for such a long time that have become a part of us. So when they are eliminated there is a fear of who will I be without this belief?
    By using NLP, Time Line Empowerment and shamanic “techniques” a person can simply and easily eliminate a disempowering belief and replace it with an empowering belief…as you have experienced.
    Great job! And thanks again for sharing.

  • Hi!
    I think your point about the piggy backing beliefs is really important. I do a lot of EFT and it always surprises me how a belief or negative memory I thought was gone comes back when it’s attached to another memory. The intensity isn’t usually there, but I know it’s still an issue playing underground. And following through on that with tapping usually proves it true.
    I love trying out different techniques and am looking forward to giving Morty’s method a try.
    Thanks for sharing, Val
    .-= Val´s last blog ..Jun 13, Starting Soon – Wellness Revolution Telesummit =-.

  • Steven,

    I did try Morty Lefkoe’s method and it did work for some beliefs and for some I still feel there is sumthing missing. But, like you, I also think that it is worth giving a shot.

  • We have learned so much the past fifteen years on how the brain works and all that knowledge has let to techniques that can speed up the rate of changing or healing dramatically.

    I have experienced exactly what Morty described – more limiting beliefs surfacing as I change an existing thought pattern. Someone I know once compared it to an onion. You pull off the top layer, but there is another layer underneath, and that layer may be a little stronger.
    .-= Leisa Watkins | Wealth, Wisdom And Success´s last blog ..Are Your Dreams Guiding You To The Wrong Shore Line? =-.

  • Steve: That sounds pretty fascinating and like you had a great experience. I am definitely intrigued. I think it is so interesting that we really can have limiting beliefs and really have no idea how much they are holding us back until we bring them to the surface and dissect them. I will definitely take a look at Morty’s site because I can’t imagine anything better than having a real way to eliminate and chip away at all limiting thoughts and beliefs. Thanks so much for sharing your story. You are always good about pointing people in the right direction and I will by all means be following this piece of advice.

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