Life Coaching

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Life Coaching

Over the years I’ve come to realise that everyone can benefit from coaching, whether it be life coaching, business coaching, or technical coaching.  Coaching raises our inner game to another level  and helps us to ask the tough questions we wouldn’t normally ask ourselves.

As a life coach I help you to identify the areas of your life that might be causing you to be out of balance.  When you identify the areas that you want to work on, then it’s time to work on outcomes for each area.

For example all the areas in your life might be working great, but you feel that you don’t get to spend enough time with your family.  I would help you to identify what other areas of your life are eating into your family time, and help you to set mini goals to achieve your overall outcome of spending more time with your family, without lowering the quality of the other areas in your life.

Sometimes we limit ourselves and cap our potential. Many talented people develop the belief that they are destined to remain in their current situation.  This is usually the problem.  Life coaching helps you to break negative belief patterns and set challenging aspirations.

Life Skills Coaching

Values are a key aspect of coaching.  Coaching will encourage you, motivate and support and sometimes challenge you.  As your coach I want you to succeed, but only you can do it.

You have all the answers when it comes to your life, as your life coach it is my job, to guide you, and ask the right questions, however tough, to help you reach your outcomes in life.  You

I will work with you over the telephone, via Skype, or I will call you at home.  You will agree to actions and assignments which will be reviewed and your progress monitored. You may receive material via email to support and enhance your tailored coaching programme which will be unique and personal to you. Life coaching is what you make it. If you wish to set and achieve goals and become everything you are capable of becoming.

How coaching will help you

  • Help you identify obstacles in your life
  • Help you to prioritise what’s important in your life
  • Set outcomes to move your forward in life
  • Look at ways to get you ‘unstuck’
  • Set actions and assignments that you will agree on
  • Ultimately move you toward your outcomes in life one at a time.

A few things you need to know

  • Make no mistake that this coaching is in no way about me, it’s about getting you to where you want to be in life. To do that you have to take action, when you do that you will be a lot closer to your goal than you would have had you kept on doing the things your were doing.
  • For a coaching relationship to work we have to be honest with each other and feel comfortable in being honest so if I think you’re not pulling your weight I will tell you and similarly I would expect the same from you.
  • You will be going outside your comfort zones when you work with me and I will be giving you homework that challenges you. Going outside your current comfort zones ensures that you are growing, growing as a person, and growing toward your goals in life.
  • It’s really in my best interests for your to succeed so i will do all I can to help you when I know you are being genuine and trying as hard as you can.

Here’s how it works

  1. Click on the drop down box below to either have a one off session, 4 week or 8 week session
  2. In the secure PayPal form which follows, you ask your question or tell me what you want to know, and pay for your spot.
  3. I write you back and we set up a time for us to talk.
  4. When that time comes, we do our thing and we rock it and you come away from it brimming with answers, ideas, know-how, and next step.
  5. Return to step 1 and repeat as necessary.

Life Coaching



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What clients have said

“There were two aspects to this session I had with you that stand out for me. One is the really insightful suggestions you made. I know they will make a big difference to me and my blog — and my life too — going forward.

Chris Foster – TheHappySeeker.com

“Thanks Steve for the rapport that you developed with me, and of course for all the advice and assistance in dealing with improving my work habits and attitudes over the last 8 weeks. You gave me a real insight into myself and my issues, which has really helped me.

Kyle H – USA

“Thank you so much, Steve, for the great blog coaching session today. You clearly spent a lot of time before our session familiarizing yourself with my blog and thinking about how I can improve it. Your advice, suggestions, and the resoureces you provided were spot on. I absolutely anticipate BIG improvements to my blog as a result of our session.

I also really felt heard and valued during the session and in our conversations. You didn’t just give canned advice, you always considered my goals and my passions around the blog.”

Amy Johnson – DrAmyJohnson.com


“Steve: I just want to thank you for the blog coaching session. It was so helpful and gave me such a good perspective of all the things I need to focus on and make sure I am doing. I am such a believer that there is no need to recreate the wheel and there is so much that can be learned from bloggers like yourself that just have a wealth of knowledge. I completed all of your specific suggestions for growing my blog and they all worked 100%. I have seen a significant increase in my subscribers and commenters weekly based on the advice you gave me. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom. I will definitely be back for more :)

Sybil Alternaview.com