Changing the Frequencies of Our Thoughts

Brain Frequencies
Steven Aitchison
Written by Steven Aitchison

Is it possible that different types of thoughts have different frequencies, just like a radio station? I believe the answer to that is that to a degree they do, however it’s not the thoughts that emit a frequency it’s the brainwaves, which are directly controlled by thoughts and emotions.  That brainwave frequency is then transmitted into the world, so to speak.  Others pick up on the frequency, or vibration, and are attracted to it or repelled by it depending on their frequency at a particular time.

Brain FrequenciesFor example when you are in a bad mood, for whatever reason, your thoughts are generally negative, you might not want to be around people.  Your thoughts are creating emotions of ‘go away’ to everyone around you, your behaviour is then affected by your thoughts and emotions.  Your body language will tell people to stay away from you or to leave you alone for a bit.  Others will pick up on your brainwave frequency, vibration, subconsciously, and stay away or they will talk to you, trying to give you some of their energy and lift your energy.

If we can manage to control our thoughts, we are effectively controlling our emotions, which in turn is controlling our behaviour.  If we control our thoughts and behaviours we are effectively controlling our mind energy and the frequencies of the brainwaves we are sending out to the world.

Thoughts and attraction

We’ve heard a lot about the law of attraction.  I think the use of the term has become overused and therefore misunderstood, subsequently it has not been taken that seriously.  However if we use the model below to show how our thoughts can attract like minded people and events into our lives,  I think we can take it a little more seriously:


From the above model we see that your mind energy attracts others with the same mind energy, or close to it.  I believe your mind energy is literally touching others, a little tap on the shoulder saying ‘hey, there’s this guy over there who has the same energy as yours, maybe worth speaking to him.’ Or ‘there’s a woman in the room who is thinking a lot about her financial situation, you might be able to help her.’

What we are thinking a lot about will produce different brainwave frequencies.  So, if you’re thinking a lot about your financial situation with a positive frame of mind, that frequency will touch others who may be able to help you in some way.  If, on the other hand, you are thinking about your financial situation in a negative way, those thoughts will produce a different frequency and you will touch others who could make your financial situation worse.

The ladder of vibration


A lot of us will never get off the fourth rung of the ladder and that is possibly due to not believing in the concept of thoughts as being able to create frequencies and energy.  If you can suspend belief and start directing your own thoughts in a positive and higher way, then you will enjoy more of the things you want in life.

Catching negative thoughts, low level energy thoughts, is like weeding the garden; one weed at a time and tended to every single day.

Would love to hear your thoughts and stories on the ideas above.

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  • I keep hearing that positive thoughts have a higher vibration frequency than negative ones. Where is the scientific verification? Has anyone measured brain frequencies during “positive” thoughts and compared them to “negative” ones? It is scientific fact that the more beneficial brain frequencies are the lowest ones in the Alpha and Theta range. What are the frequencies of that new car you want to attract and how do you put out that frequency?

  • I want for my boys and me to experience:

    -SUCCESS (including financial freedom, career fulfillment)

    _WISDOM/ENLIGHTENMENT (including total understanding of the truth and recognition of wrong/darkness)

    -I want my twin boys heart, support, and unconditional love towards me always.

  • Hi Steven. Just came here. Awesome blog. All the above make perfect sense. Is there a way to actually scan brain wave frequencies and phase?
    Many thanks.

  • Hi Steven, I have been following you for a couple months now. I like what your doing, keep up the good work. This blog hit me hard, I have been thinking this also. I am a electrical engineer by school standards, a business owner by trade and a life learner by choice. Our bodies are nothing more that one big electrical signal and I believe that we can send these signals just like a two way radio, we just have not adapted our minds to be able to tune into the right frequency and trust it.

  • Hi Steven,
    While reading through your post I immediately identified what you were talking about. I have done the Myers Briggs personality test and discovered that I am INFP. I can feel exactly what other people are feeling just by being around them. This is not a fun ability to have because I also am very empathetic and if they are feeling pain I will feel the pain with them. If they are anxious I have to work to not let their anxiety influence my feelings. I feel everyone’s pain and it gets to be a bit too much sometimes for me. I love people and animals. I even feel the pain of a stray dog in the street – LOL.
    I will get really sad when I watch the news too – so it’s been almost 3 years now that I’ve taken the news out of my life. Anyways I just wanted to say that I really love the visualization that you gave here for something that I intuitively feel when I’m around others. Excellent article – as usual.
    All the best,

  • Wow thinking negative has become away to avoid the fact that what you dream of wont come true…… I don’t believe that’s true but time and age has made me incorporate this thought habit … I have hardly any true support in my efforts towards achieving my goals.. I have been fighting the negative expectations of my family and friends for too many years …. Now my thoughts have gotten weak with that belief that i can truly live that dream life which is not far fetch…. I want to learn how to change and control my thoughts and reverse negative frequencies…. Steven Aitchison please give me advise I am a musician in a competitive industry

  • Everything in our world (and beyond ) is energy.

    Weather we want it ro not, we’re constantly a vessel of energy,
    always emitting and recieving new amounts of it.

    The kind of energy we surround ourselves with will help us or slow us down
    This means that all our friends, family, relatives share their energy with us constanly!

    One way of testing your surroundings – tell them yoru dream!
    If they will encourage you – you’re on the right path
    If they go like: “what’s wrong with you?” or “oh, forget it”
    Then you can make your own conclusions about the kind of energy you’re recieving…

    All best regards!

  • My wife and I were talking about this very thing a while back and came up with a funny comparison. If thoughts are energy, which I believe they are then they have to be absorbed. These waves are used to fuel peoples thoughts, the more people think the more energy produced. What about the lazy folks that don’t use their minds much? I guess just getting fat from stored energy. And if that is so we could round them all up from their couches and TV land to use their energy. I can imagine all of these wasting people and their minds in a field similar to where you would find big wind mills, running on large hamster wheel type units. Essentially harvesting their wasted thought energy to further fuel the universe and those who want more thought power.

  • Wow Steven, really good stuff here – I’m surely gonna check this site more often! On my blog I’m planning to educate (mostly polish) people about the ways they can keep their brain in shape:) It might not be the most popular topic on blogs, but I think it’s really, really important! Have a good day!

  • Hi Betul. There are over 570 articles on this blog and about 20% of them are on the topic of ‘How to Change Your Thoughts’. I think there’s some crackers in there that will help you, just have a peek in the ‘archives’ page, hope that helps.

  • Hi Steven,
    I truly believe in the law of attraction but really feel irritated when we are told to change our thinking without being shown how to do it. I do not think you can just say “I have decided to change my thoughts” without hitting the door of the subconcious mind. I think what we should be told or taught about is how to open the door to the subconscious. Maybe, you could enlighten us a little bit more about this issue. Thank you.

  • Does Wayne Dyer know you’re using all his material? This is all in his 3 more recent books, verbatim…word for word.

    • Zach, I don’t like that accusation at all and was going to delete your comment altogether, however decided not to. I love Wayne Dyers work and have not copied it. The ideas are a total mish mash of hundreds of books I have read about the mind, thoughts and energy. Wayne Dyer’s thoughts on this are a mish mash of hundreds of books he has read. However, to say that my post is ‘verbatim….word for word.’ is a lie, please don’t come to the blog and accuse me of plagiarism as I take my blog seriously and more importantly have more self respect than to plagiarise.

  • Hey Steven,

    A lot of truth to your words man! Really liked the article! I definitely agree with the statement that our brains ’emit’ different waves, depending on our emotions and the way we feel. Controlling those waves and in turns our emotions is something that can make a huge difference in our relationships with other people. ‘Learning’ to actually control them unfortunately is not at all an easy task and a handful are those that can do it. Really liked your ladder illustration example. I agree with you that most people are around the fourth and maybe even the third step. Going further is not up to everyone’s potential.

    • Hi Daniel. I think we all have the potential, it’s whether or not we chose to develop that potential that makes the difference.. Thanks for your comments Daniel, always appreciated.

  • I love this article. The power of thoughts never ceases to amaze me. The energy you describe is very true. Even at an instinctive level across species it can be felt.

    I love watching Cesar Milan. He finds some poor dog that is out of balance and immediately starts off with displaying a strong and stable energy. From there the dog’s emotions immediately start balancing, and then the behavior shapes up as well.

    If it can work for dogs, why can’t it work for us?

    • Hi Bryce. I have never seen Cesar Milan, but will check him out. I think the human-animal connection is fascinating and we could learn a lot about energy studying this interaction.

  • Hey Steven,

    I’m not one to get all “woo woo” with things that can’t really be “explained.”

    But from my experience, everyone I know who have been successful have had some sort of “law of attraction” going on in their life.

    I fore-one believe that there is such a thing as frequencies that we as humans send off, I also believe to some extent, that everyone is in a way, psychic.


    Anyway, hope all is well with ya!


  • Hey Steven. This is an interesting post, and I’m hoping you can offer me some further guidance on it.

    You say “that brainwave frequency is then transmitted into the world, so to speak. Others pick up on the frequency, or vibration, and are attracted to it or repelled by it depending on their frequency at a particular time.

    I’d love to read more about any research behind this idea. Are you aware of any studies that actually demonstrate this phenomenon?

    Thanks in advance – David.

    • Hey David. I am not aware of any studies demonstrating this, however I am also not aware of any studies demonstrating the phenomenon of being able to close our eyes and picture things in our mind, there’s a lot science can’t explain at the moment.

      • Yes, but the ability to close our eyes and picture things in your mind is self-evident. You can actually sit at your desk and do it, so that proves it.

        On the other hand, to say that people actually pick up on your brainwave frequency and are attracted or repelled by it … well that is not self-evident.

        What’s pretty clear is that some people are sensitive to the moods of other people – they can tell, for example, when someone is happy, sad, angry, frustrated, stressed, etc.

        But are they picking up on brain waves frequencies or something else, such as one’s body language?

        It would be good to know that sort of thing, wouldn’t it? Especially if you are advising people how to live a happier, more meaningful life.

        It sounds good to hear that if we think good thoughts, good things will happen to us. So, if I can just think positively about my overwhelming debt, for example, maybe my thoughts will radiate out into the universe and attract someone who will come along and help me resolve it.

        I like that. It’s so much easier and feels so much better than something like getting a second job or cutting up my credit cards or dealing with my shopping addiction, or creating and sticking to a budget.

        I’m not questioning the value of optimism or positive thinking. Studies prove the value of that practice. And you can see it in your own life. The more optimistic you are about a goal, the more effort, persistence and passion you’ll put into it. And it’s the effort, persistence and passion that makes the good things happen (i.e. achievement of your goal).

        But does that have anything to do with the brain wave frequencies you are projecting into the universe? I would love to see just one study that has even tried to measure such a phenomenon.

        I realize I’m coming across as confrontational, and you may not want to publish my comment. But these are important issues, so I hope you will have the courage to engage the conversation openly and reasonably.

        • FYI, here’s a more cogent perspective on this idea:


          So, in the end, you really don’t need to leap down the quantum physics rabbit hole and buy into the existence of some Law of Attraction.

          If you want to, that’s fine. But, it’s really so much simpler than that.

          Repeatedly visualizing a goal as if you had already attained it conditions you to believe it’s possible. Over time, as that conditioning takes root through repetition, your belief in success leads you to act differently on many levels and take actions you’d never have taken.

          Those actions increasingly deliver results and inspire you to believe your vision is attainable on a deeper level. Which inspires even more action. And, as people around you see you not only succeeding, but becoming more confident, they will respond to that confidence, too.

          It’s all very concrete.

  • Steve,

    This is a great post with some nice examples above. I really believe that our emotions and feelings produce a frequency that can be felt by others and impacts our environment. There are certain people who really do light up a room and improve the moods of others, and I think this more than just their personality. I also think it’s interesting that dogs are able to sense peoples’ energy and gauge their emotions. In general, our thoughts and beliefs shape who we are and this is plenty of reason to think about what we want and who we want to be, and not about what we are afraid of and don’t want to happen. Thanks for sharing!

  • I love this article. I really appreciated the concept of the energy ladder.
    I believe that as most people come to understand the reality of this they will also come to understand that “reality” as we’ve known it before is much more fluid then we’d ever believed. Everything is really.

    The idea of thoughts as pockets of energy makes just about anything possible and nothing concrete at the same time. I’d like to share an article I wrote about perception and the importance of how we tell our stories.

    I believe this is all about changing the frequency of our thoughts.

    Thank you for sharing.


  • Steven,
    This is really fascinating! I find it a much more user-friendly approach than many discussions of the “law of attraction.” I agree that we emit vibrational energies and that touch one another for better or for worse.

    A few thoughts come to my mind. What is the meaning of “outer directed” as opposed to “inner directed?” Generally, I find the opposite to be the case. We are focused outwardly, lost in thoughts and projection, and need to bring our mind back home. Bringing the mind back to center is the purpose of basic meditation.

    You said: “If we can manage to control our thoughts, we are effectively controlling our emotions, which in turn is controlling our behaviour.” I think that’s true to a great degree. However, there are some experiences that bypass the cerebral cortex and go directly to the more primitive centers of the brain. Meditation can be an effective means of working with these states.

    Thanks for this excellent explanation.

    • Hi Sandra.

      Thanks for adding more info to this post with regards to meditation. I think meditation has many benefits, not least the lasting effects it has on our brainwaves and subsequently our lives.

  • Steven – very nice to see an article on the topic of energy and vibration.

    I find it interesting that we can have a “bad feeling” about someone, or say that she has a “good vibe” or he gives me the “creeps”? Curious how we can feel tired or exhausted when you are around certain people, or a dog and a bumble bee can sense fear? Those are all examples of a dimension we cannot see but is just as real as those we can.

    So yes, in response to several of the commentators, “attraction” is real, whether we understand it or not.

    Some attract a steady stream of unfortunate circumstances and unlucky events into their life, while the “lucky ones” continue to bring good fortune, happy circumstances, and fortuitous events into their life.

    My only minor gripe is with the overly simplistic definitions of the rungs on your ladder. I would love to see a more thoughtful description of each rung in one of your subsequent posts.

    I appreciate your wonderful blog.

    • Hey Contrarian. Thanks for your comments. I know what you mean about the rungs of the ladder. If I am being totally honest these were the ideas that came to mind when I was writing this and I didn’t polish it in any way.

  • Hi Steven. Another great post. Meditation is a very useful way of changing frequency from Beta (alertness, our day-state) to Delta (deep, dreamless sleep or detachment, ie towards the energy creator or transcender of material things). For me there is little (if any) doubt that we are spiritual, energy charged beings but our vibrational purpose or skill has been lost as the paradigm has shifted too much and we have lost our link to the Energy Source/ God the Creator. Your weed analogy reminds me of the Parable of the sower – you need also to make sure you fertilise the ground and don’t forget the bird netting.

    • Thanks Stephen. I’d have to agree with you regarding meditation being a great way to slow our brainwaves down. Meditation is an inward looking process, but has the benefits of having an after effect in that you can still be in a calm, meditative state after you have finished meditating, projecting this state of clamness out to the world.

      • Hi Steve! I am quite new to all of this, but extremely interested. My question to you is do you have any tips on how to meditate? I never have and honestly don’t even know where to start. Does my environment have to be completely quiet? Is there a certain position i should be in? Should i chant or pray? There’s just so much to try to analyze it seems overwhelming!

  • Wow! You have really broken this down and analyzed it forwards and backwards! I am a big believer that we emit energy and attract according to our thoughts. Call it LOA or whatever you want. I am opposed to the commercialization of this concept and the over simplification of it on an unconscious level. To me, that is not at all what it is about.

    I know, when you change your thoughts and take control of them and your perspective, it changes your world. I know also that, when you begin to behave and believe differently, different people and situations come into your sphere.

    Whether it is because you are sending out different vibrations or because you are putting yourself in different situations and acting differently…who knows? Maybe quantum physics will answer this one soon.

    Regardless, it works!

    • Hey Debbie, thanks for your comments I really appreciate them. I know this works in my world and it’s fun showing others how it can work in their world too. I think the key is to explain it in a real way and demonstrate it as much as possible.

  • I enjoyed your post. Is just like this quote I like.

    Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become your character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.

    Great post steve.

  • Hi Steve

    I found your post very interesting. I am usually a pretty positive person. I am becoming more aware of the various thoughts I am having. I am able to reframe some of my thoughts so they focus on the positive. As a result I find that there are less negative people around me.

    I am turned inward more than most people. I really picked up on the inward/outward dynamic. I never really thought about thoughts and vibes being inwardly or outwardly directed. I will try projecting my positive thoughts more and see what happens.

    Sometimes when I am out and about and feeling quite positive stranger will look at me as if they know me and smile or say Hi. Perhaps they are picking up on my good vibes…………or perhaps I am just giving other more eye contact then usual.

    • Hi wayne, I used to be exactly like you as well, always turning inward to the safe haven of my own thoughts and my own world. It’s such a dramatic change to project your thoughts and feelings outwrd, it can be quite scary at first, but worth pursuing. Let us know how you get on.

  • I swear by the law of attraction. The more I have been using it the bigger and stronger it seems to become.
    It seems like a hell lot of hard work initially to work on changing your thoughts. In fact we are so used to being in that negative thinking mode that it comes to us spontaneously instead of the other way round. No wonder we attract AND spread negative energy.
    I’ve been having so much fun since the time I took control of my thoughts. I’ve liberated myself from this deadly word called “expectations”. I love to create my world every single day. Imagine waking up in the morning and knowing that you can create your day without thinking or worrying about what you or your life were before you went to bed. I think there is a strong role played by having FAITH…to simply believe and to surrender. It seems to be a magical ingredient.
    I love the power that has been given to us…the power of co-creating our world just by managing our thoughts …and all it requires is “Belief”.

    • Ho Shabnoor. What a brilliant comment, I share your sentiment as well, and I think thousands of others do as well. Beliefs are the pillars that build our lives and it’s one of the most important concepts to grasp if we are to believe that we can change our lives for the better.

  • Thanks Nea. I don’t like how they have made the whole ‘thought-energy’ area a bit of a laughing matter, but I do know it works and believe in the power of thoughts as energy.

  • Hi Steven. I really enjoyed this post. As you know I’m a true believer in Law of Attraction (not the commercialization of it). I believe that thoughts are indeed energy and that changing your life is dependent upon changing the vibration of those thoughts. Your post is right on point and I love it!

    • Yeah Nia, this was indeed a great post. Know something, Esther and Jerry Hicks have been teaching this for years. You can also raise your vibration by meditating. It’s a situation where you clear the cluttered vibration and give space for new vibration to come in :)

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