Why advertise here?

Change you thoughts has a loyal following of readers who visit regularly and trust the recommendations of myself, which is the key factor. I will not advertise anything I have not bought myself and liked it. I take my readers trust seriously and will not do anything to jeopardize this.

Stats for 2011 (January 1st – June 29th 2012)

Unique Pageviews: 1,000,466

Unique Visitors: 730,002

Page Views: 1,142,643

No of Articles/Pages: 600+

AlexaRank: 50,000

RSS: 33,000 daily RSS readers according to

Stats for June 2012

Unique Pageviews: 151,647

Unique Visitors: 112,996

Page Views: 172,713

No of Articles/Pages: 500+

AlexaRank: 50,000


Demographics for CYT

The image above shows you the demographics for CYT.  When you see a green bar you’ll know that there are more people in that particular category.  When you see a red bar, it means that group is under represented.  So from the data above we know that readers from CYT are predominantly aged 35-54, mostly female, with some college education and browsing from home.

Ways to advertise


There are 3 main ways to advertise with CYT:

  • Advertise on the main blog

  • Advertise on an individual post

  • Advertise in email newsletter

Advertise on the main blog


There are currently 6 ad placements for 125×125 banners.

Each ad costs $125 per month.

Buy Ad space now, ad space can be cancelled at any time.

Advertise in email newsletter

Email is perhaps the best way to advertise your product.  There are of course different types of advertising in emails:
  • Banner ads
  • Solo e-mails

Banner Ads

In each edition of the newsletter, which goes out every time a new blog post is published, you can place a banner ads at the left side of the newsletter or at the bottom of the newsletter.

Each newsletter is opened by around 15% of recipients (around 2000 readers, from a total of 14,000 e-mail subscribers) so your banner will be seen 1,500 times each time the newsletter is produced.

How to buy an email newsletter banner ad:

Simply choose which banner you would like and click on the subscribe paypal link below.  You can pay on a monthly basis or a yearly basis.  If you choose the yearly basis you will get two months free advertising.

If the ads have already been taken I will refund your money immediately.


Banner 1 Bottom of every Newsletter – $300 per month


We no longer offer the side banner as we have found that the bottom ad banner works much better and gets a higher CTR on it’s own. 

Solo ad e-Mails

A solo email is an email sent out by me to my list advertising your product.  The best way to do this is to write your email as if I am writing it to my list and put 3 links to your product, one in the first paragraph, one in the middle and one at the end.

I will not send anything out if it is not personal development related so no ‘Make money now.’ offers will be accepted.

I will guarantee you 1000 clicks from my list, if I don’t get 1000 on the first email I will send out another one until 1000 readers have clicked on your link.

Tracking your solo ad

You can do this one of two ways:

I will send you a screen shot from my aweber account as soon as 1400 clicks have been reached.

Sign up for something like BudURL which is a great click tracking service for a low cost.

How much is a solo ad?

A solo ad will cost $700, which is $0.50 per click. Only one solo ad per week is allowed.

How do I send you buy a solo ad?

You can buy a solo ad by buying from the paypal link below.  As soon as I have received payment I will send you an email within 12 hours and ask for a copy of the email you wish to send out with the links in it.  When the email goes live I will send out another email to confirm this.

Buy Your Solo ad now

Contact me with any questions

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