5 ways your pet can change your life

Steven Aitchison
Written by Steven Aitchison

5 Ways your pet can change your life

Many people have pets and they are treated as are part of the family. I have a little Lhasa Apso dog called ‘Trinity’ (after the character from ‘The Matrix’). She is a little yelp but the most lovable dog ever. Trinity is part of our family and has changed out lives in many ways. Her personality is bubbly, excitable, loves strangers (pisses all over them most of the time with excitement).

It’s not only dogs that have great personalities it’s all pets, however Dogs and cats are the most common type of pet that people own.

There are programs all over the world called Pet assisted therapy, Animal assisted therapy and they are helping people with a host of illnesses and diseases.

pet_change_lifeHow our pets help us

  1. The most obvious way our pets can help us is to give us company. Pets are company to thousands of people all over the world. People, who would not otherwise have anybody around them, rely on their pets to show love and to receive love.
  2. Our pets can distress us. The very act of stroking your pet can de-stress us as well as giving energy to your pet. In the articles below it has been shown how stroking pets can lower our stress levels.
  3. Our pets as energy givers. I have come in many times from work drained of energy only to be jumped on, licked all over, pissed on a few times, from a little dog who says ‘it’s great you’re home, I’m so excited to see you’, and then my wife comes home and jumps on me, licks me all over, pis…….. only joking. My dog gives me energy when I have none.
  4. Pets have been shown to be great for children with autism, adults with Alzheimer’s, and other brain related disorders. As I said before they give people energy, they show unconditional love, and don’t really expect anything in return, except some food, some water, walking and a little love.
  5. Pets can give us something to focus on, which helps with concentration, it can help to fight depression, it can help people with disabilities, and they are energy givers, love givers.

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  • I agree. Every day my pets provide me with wonderful new experiences. My dog gets me out and about, my cat makes me laugh and I love taking care of them. I just wish everyone would appreciate pets like you. So many people in my neighborhood have dogs who they ignore most of the time and barely give any attention.

    Cougar Woman’s great blog post..Cougars – Get Ready to Party!

  • I truly agree with you.Especially when you are sick, immobility or bed ridden, it really bring such a release and peace to have a dog beside you when nobody can accompany you all day long.Dog can be your faithful “life companion”.

  • Pets make great companions and have the ability to give you that unconditional love that you would have thought impossible. I have also found playing with my dog has become a great stress-relieving activity for me.

    When my son first brought home Porter, our lab/terrier X, my wife, daughter, and I were not exactly thrilled about it. In fact, my daughter refused to leave her room for the first week or so.

    2 years later, Porter has become as much a part of the family as anyone else. My daughter, who hated him, is always trying to bring him along to family gatherings. This year we’re even gonna give him his own stocking for Christmas. :)

  • Jenny I would agree with you here. We bought our son a dog to get over his fear of dogs and it worked a treat and we have a new family member. I think animals are a great companion and they give off such good energy.

    Thanks for visiting.

  • Adopting dogs was the best choices that i have ever made, animals are the greatest because they don’t judge, but they love ALL who love them and take care of them.

  • Amazing what these little ones can do for us. I got four dogs (also had a cat, but had to leave it with my ex). They’re an eternal source of tenderness and love.

  • Great post! I’ll add…and pets can make us laugh. There isn’t a day that goes by when my husband and I aren’t laughing about something our Maltese puppy Snowball does. And when we had a cockatiel named Smudge, we not only laughed…but were amazed at her smart personality!

    Thanks for the post.


  • My dog makes me laugh. She has lots of “funny little ways”. The other week she decided to sit inside the fireplace, luckily there isn’t any fire installed but it did look really weird. It’s a bedroom fireplace so it’s really narrow, she barely fitted inside.

  • I enjoyed this post and I agree with it. As the owner of two dogs, I can’t tell you how calming my dogs have been. When I’m stressed, I spend time with them and I feel better. Thanks for the post.

  • I thought I knew my husband. I have been an exclusive cat owner for nearly all of my life. My husband said he preferred dogs (but our lifestyle wouldn’t allow for them). When I took on caring for an abandoned puppy, my husband admitted his mother had done all the training and caring for the dogs in his life. He actually considered dogs and cats to be animals upon which humans project human emotions and motives. Made me totally look at him in a different view—and now I understand why he can’t abide cat hair on the duvet cover…and I understand why the cats pester him—they enjoy it.

  • Pets are awesome! Couldn’t imagine my life w/o’em! Growing up I had nothing but German Shepards. The wife has had just about everything, dogs, cats, birds, gerbils, ferrets, it’s nutz.

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